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Safe Night is a mobile service that allows the community to respond to urgent needs for shelter.

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  • National Network to End Domestic Violence’s (NNEDV) 2011 Domestic Violence Counts California State Summary:
  • found emergency shelter or transitional housing.
  • Unmet requests for services. Up from the 614 requests that came in during the same survey in 2010.
  • Or 66% of those unmet requests were for emergency shelter or transitional housing.
  • reported many reasons for being unable to provide services.
  • An individual makes a request for help.A DV staff member assesses the request and determines shelter is necessary. A shelter staff member looks for available shelter space.If none is available they use a text based system to send out a beacon asking for help.Supporters, who have downloaded a smart phone app, receive a notifications.And have an immediate opportunity to pay for a hotel room to serve as temporary shelter.
  • Or 66% of those unmet requests were for emergency shelter or transitional housing.
  • FundraisingIntroductions----- Meeting Notes (11/21/12 12:56) ------ Hospital intake- Miami for people coming out of jail; good use- Capture detail and then tell them they don't have room for them- Overfull for family system is a local hotel- be careful to not negate the value of a wrap around services; keep it at the gap- raise the consciousness of communities about the issue
  • Heroes by videoplaceboisnot
  • Safe Night Overview

    1. 1. SAFE NIGHTUsing mobile to help domestic violenceorganizations meet emergency needs
    2. 2. I have an agenda.
    3. 3. I want you to believe we can use mobile phones to build virtual shelters.
    4. 4. First, some numbers.
    5. 5. All from a single day:September 15, 2011.
    6. 6. 5,363 Individuals receivedservices from domestic violence agencies in California.
    7. 7. 2,822People found emergency shelter or transitional housing.
    8. 8. 924Requests went unmet.
    9. 9. 612 Of those unmet requestswere for emergency shelter or transitional housing.
    10. 10. We believe we can help.
    11. 11. Safe Night will meetemergency needs by crowdsourcingfunding for temporary emergency shelter.
    12. 12. Assisted by technology,community can bridge emergency need andstable funded services.
    13. 13. We are focused on asingle problem within the larger issue.
    14. 14. 612Unmet requests were for emergency shelter or transitional housing.
    15. 15. But we have other,behind the scenes, goals.
    16. 16. CommunityEngagement!
    17. 17. Systems integration!
    18. 18. Data!
    19. 19. This a partnership.
    20. 20. We have support.
    21. 21. But we still need more help.
    22. 22. Source: Heroes by videoplaceboisnot
    23. 23. Thank you!Marnie Studios-
    24. 24. Caravan Studios is a division of TechSoupGlobal, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.