Caravan Studios Update, TSG Staff


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This update was prepared in December, 2013 for TechSoup Global staff. Exact proposal amounts and potential partnership removed.

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  • http://caravanstudios.mindmixer.comCurrently on-deck:Late January Generator with CTA in South Bay. Cisco is an enormous supporter of theirs so I think there’s a real chance to get closer.Potential: Generator with Seattle City Club – nice connection to Microsoft in both location and issue area (civic engagement)
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  • First up? Privacy filter. Range is going to be free and I’d love to dig deep with some people to understand how we better engage with the nonprofit facing side of the app.SafeNight is going to have two primary revenue models: grant subsidies and org subscription
  • Prototype: Canoe
  • Caravan Studios Update, TSG Staff

    1. 1. CARAVAN STUDIOS Prepared for TSG Opportunity Mtg December 18, 2013
    2. 2. 1. Methodology 2. Products 3. Knowledge Areas 4. Fundraising
    4. 4. Generators • • 9 completed 58 opportunities for technology adoption presented Opportunities: • Provide training to run and facilitate Generators • Survey the field based on Generators
    5. 5. Design • Create prototypes for quick feedback Opportunities: • Structured event with youth-serving organizations and skilled mentors
    6. 6. Select • • Choose the tools with the largest potential impact. Build in partnership with community organizations Opportunities: • Connect to larger Net2 and TechSoup community, as well as corporate social responsibility efforts
    7. 7. Build • Support selected projects with funding, pro bono corporate efforts, and volunteerism Opportunity: • Develop a portfolio of supported products • Determine standard sustainability mechanism for individual products
    8. 8. Use • Make products available on Opportunity: • Extend the TechSoup platform to other solutions providers • Contribute data to the field
    9. 9. PRODUCTS
    11. 11. Resilient Cities Civic Engagement Emergency Shelter and Services
    12. 12. Resilient Cities • 4 Bells • Canoe Civic Engagement • Range • Canoe Emergency Shelter and Services • SafeNight • Range
    13. 13. Resilient Cities • 4 Bells • Canoe Civic Engagement • Range • Canoe Emergency Shelter and Services • SafeNight • Range Privacy Filter
    14. 14. FUNDRAISING
    15. 15. So far, we’ve gotten a lot of “No.”
    16. 16. We’ve gotten told No by: • Verizon Foundation (but please come back next year) • The Case Foundation (but please come back next year) • The Knight Foundation • Ycombinator • California Endowment • Bank of America
    17. 17. We’ve learned from the No. • People care about methodology or product, probably not • • • • both. We can do Generators in a more strategic fashion, aligning ourselves with organizations who can introduce us to new funders. Generators aren’t necessarily fundable by themselves, but they are an efficient way of us getting smart, getting to know a lot of people and getting introductions. We need to develop more relationships with people who are closely connected to funding. We need to better match the opportunity to who we are (as Caravan Studios and as TechSoup Global).
    18. 18. We think there are two kinds of asks we can make:
    19. 19. 1. Methodology 2. Product
    20. 20. Using that, we have over $1M under consideration.
    21. 21. Name Duration Type Decision IMLS 2 years Methodology March, 2014 Reimagine: Opportunity 2 years Product/SafeN March, 2014 ight Solutions for Good, Microsoft 1 year Product/4Bells Blue Shield of 1 year CA Foundation January, 2014 Product/SafeN May, 2014 ight
    22. 22. IN CLOSING
    23. 23. Caravan Studios is a division of TechSoup Global, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
    24. 24. We hope you will connect with us at: @caravanstudios and @techsoup