4 objectives nicole caratozolo


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4 objectives nicole caratozolo

  1. 1. Nicole D. Caratozolo4 Objectives 1) After reading the story, students will be able to recall the events that took place by describing them to the class. Teacher will call each student up one by one to turn to a page in the book and describe one thing that happened. 2) After reading the story, students will be able to discuss in small groups, of up to three students, why sharing is important. After they share, they will each draw, on a sheet of paper, a picture that illustrates sharing. 3) After students have completed their pictures they will be able to sit in their groups of three and choose their favorite part of the story; while discussing it they should tell why it was their favorite part within their groups. 4) After all activities are done, in their groups of three, students will choose one student’s favorite part and role-play that part of the story for the class. If the students choose too, they can use the rainbow fish that they have already completed in class and use them as puppets or visual aids when they act out their favorite part.