Lbf grant 2012--draft


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Lbf grant 2012--draft

  1. 1. LBF Grant ApplicationQuestions regarding this application must be received by email no later than November 16, toguarantee a response. Technical questions regarding this application should be sentto lbf.application@gmail.comIn order to promote a love of reading, the goal of the Laura Bush Foundation (LBF) is to provide booksand reading materials to the school libraries and students that most need them. Consequently,funds are available only for library books and magazine/serial copies and subscriptions.The Laura Bush Foundation is unable to honor requests for staffing, shelving, furniture,equipment, software, videos, classroom book sets or any kind of book guides, tests orexams. The Foundation makes grants of up to $5,000 to update, extend, and diversify the bookcollections of the libraries that receive them. All LBF grants are made to individual schools rather thanto school districts, county systems, private organizations, foundations, or other entities. Only oneapplication per school is allowed per year. Only schools where a minimum of 80% of the student bodyqualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch (FRL) program are eligible to apply. Because researchdemonstrates a clear relationship between family income and a student’s access to books, the LBFgives selection preference to schools in which 90% or more of the students receive free or reducedlunches and are likely to have the fewest books and reading materials at home. All applications mustbe made on-line through this website. We cannot accept applications that are faxed, e-mailed, ormailed in print form. The LBF will notify you that your application has been received through an e-mailmessage sent to the address you provide in the application itself. Please be sure that you completelyfill out the application. We are unable to accept applications that are incomplete and must eliminatethem from consideration. We anticipate that recipients will be identified and awards will be madebefore the middle of May, 2013.Important: Please read Frequently Asked Questions( and the Scoring Rubric( sections on this website before fillingout the application and please use Internet Explorer to complete the form.The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries is a fund of the Community Foundation for theNational Capital Region, an IRS approved 501 C (3). For general questions regarding the Foundation,please contact Alicia Reid at I: CONTACT INFORMATION & AGREEMENTSThe first thing we need is to know how to contact you at your school. This allows us to getin touch with you to confirm receipt of your proposal, to send an inquiry should there be a
  2. 2. question about your application, to pass along any important announcements, or to sendyou additional information or material if the need should arise. Please tell us:1. The schools name: Upchurch Elementary School2. The name of the school district or governing organization: Hoke County Schools3. The schools mailing address:Line 1: 730 Turnpike Rd.Line 2City: RaefordState: North CarolinaZip Code: 283764. The schools telephone and fax numbers (please use 10 digits, no spaces or hyphens):Phone: 9108751574Fax number:5. The schools email address. This will be used for notification if you are funded. Be sure to double-check that it is correctly entered: The principals name:Last Name: SoutherlandFirst Name: Shannon7. The name of the person filling out this application:Last Name: TaylorFirst Name: Caramy8. The title of person filling out this application: Media Specialist Candidate9. The telephone number of the person filling out this application (please use 10 digits, no spaces orhyphens): 910875157410. The email address of the person filling out this application. We will send an email to this addressto confirm receipt of the application:
  3. 3. 11. Is the person filling out this application also the person responsible for the library operation in theschool? No, but I am working closely with the media specialist as I complete my degree.12. What percentage of your student body is eligible for free and reduced lunch (FRL)?Secondary schools may submit verifiable FRL data averaged from all feeder schools.70%-80%13. Please provide NCES Information:A. What is your school’s NCES ID? 1234567Please see: if you need to find it.B. If this is a secondary school using data from feeder schools, please list all schools thatfeed into your high school, providing name and NCES IDs:N/A14. Which of the following best describes the school? If none of these descriptors fit, please write ashort description (25 words or less) under “Other”.Pre-Kindergarten-5th grade15. Which of the following best describes the school?Public16. How did you learn about the opportunity to apply to the Laura Bush Foundation for a grant award?Check all that apply.Library Grants Blog17. How much money (up to $5,000) are you requesting from the Laura Bush Foundation to fund yourproposal? Please use whole numbers only; no commas, decimals, or fractions: $ 2,00018. If your school is selected as a recipient of a Laura Bush Foundation grant, do you agreeto participate in the Foundation’s evaluation program? Yes No
  4. 4. 19. If your school is selected as a recipient of a Laura Bush Foundation grant, do you agreeto participate in publicity to promote the goals of the Foundation and for information fromthis application to be used? Yes NoPART II: THE HEART OF THE PROPOSALThis is the most important part of the application. We would like to have the most compellingexplanation of your students’ needs and the clearest description of your proposal that you can provide.Please answer every part of every question. We cannot appropriately evaluate incomplete applications.Important: Please read the Frequently Asked Questions and the Scoring Rubric sections beforeanswering the questions below.Please also remember that funds are available only for library books and magazine/serial copies andsubscriptions. The Laura Bush Foundation is unable to honor requests for staffing, shelving, furniture,equipment, e-readers, software, videos, classroom book sets or any kind of book guides, tests orexams.With all that in mind, please tell us:22. How many students are there in the school this year? 75023. How many books are there in the library collection? 1100024. How many books per student does that work out to? 1425. What is the distance to the nearest public library? Please choose one from the pull-down menu ofdistances: 5-10 miles26. Does your school have a certified school librarian? Yes NoIf your school does have a certified librarian, please skip ahead to Question Number 27.
  5. 5. If your school does not have a certified librarian, please describe the person who currentlyhas primary responsibility for the library and its operation.(A) Position Description: Volunteer Certified teacher Administrator Certified specialist in some area other than library media Aide or para-professional(B) Is this person full-time or part-time in the library? Full-time in the library Part-time in the library(C) What is this persons education and experience? No degree Bachelor’s degree Master’s degree or higherLibrary Media Training Has no library media training Has some library media training Is a qualified library technician Is currently in a library media certification program Has temporary library media certification Is taking on-line trainingExperience in the library job: First year responsible for the library 1-3 years experience responsible for the library 4 or more years experience responsible for the libraryOther Duties: Does the person primarily responsible for the library have a secondresponsibility in the school (e.g., classroom teacher, counselor, administrator, secretary,and clerk)?
  6. 6. Yes NoIf yes, please tell us what that responsibility is in 25 words or less:27. Does the person responsible for the library (certificated librarian or not) have support staff such asaides, para-professionals, parent/community volunteers, or other help? NoIf yes, please describe that help in 25 words or less:28. Please provide the following information concerning the budget for library books forthis year and the previous two years. Please use numbers only. Please no commas. (Referto the FAQ for items that are considered part of the budget for library books).(A) Total library book budget provided by the governing body for the 2012-2013 school year (thiswould include any monies allocated directly from the district as well as moneys allocated through theprincipal’s budget for the building). $ 0In answering this question, please remember that a “book” is a print or Braille bound volume or an audio-book on anaudio-tape, CD-ROM, or other digital format. For this definition, “books” are part of either the reference section or thecirculating section of the school’s central library collection.(B) Total library magazine/serial budget provided by the governing body for the 2012-2013 schoolyear (this would include any monies allocated directly from the district as well as moneys allocatedthrough the principal’s budget for the building). $ 0(C) Total money from other sources used for books or magazines, such as grants, monies from parentorganizations, an educational foundation, book fairs, other fund-raising activities, etc. $ 0(D) What does all of this work out to on a per-pupil basis for the year? $/pupil: $0/pupil29. Will the person filling out this application be the person responsible for carrying out the activitiesdescribed in the grant proposal plan below?No
  7. 7. If no, who will be responsible? Please list the name, title, and experience of each person who will haveresponsibility for implementing the proposal:Last name: ParsonsFirst name: KarenTitle: School Library Media Specialist30. Every school is unique. What distinguishes this school? Please particularly address anycondition in the school or community or anything else that demonstrates a unique andcompelling book need among the students in this school. Please tell us the school’sstory. Tell us the students’ story. Upchurch Elementary School is a dynamic place of learning. Located in Hoke County, theschool operates at a rigorous level of teaching and learning despite high levels of poverty and budgetconstraints. Although money is tight, students receive an exemplary education at a school that isrecognized for high growth. Despite the obstacles that teachers and students face, UpchurchElementary School operates on the ideas of fostering 21st century learning skills, promoting lifelonglearning, and building positive relationships with students, parents, and the community.This answer is limited to 500 words.31. The goals of the Laura Bush Foundation are to:(A) encourage and foster a love ofreading,(B) support student learning, and(C) make books available to students whootherwise would not have access to them. Which goal or combination of goals does yourproposal address? Each goal listed above is addressed by our school’s proposal. Encouraging a love of reading isone of the primary roles of the library. With new and popular books available, students can bemotivated to read, therefore fostering a love of reading. Supporting student learning is a daily activityfor the library. A new and improved collection of books will further support students learning byproviding students with the most up-to-date information. Lastly, many students have no books athome and have no transportation to the public library. Increasing the number of books in the libraryensures that all students have a variety of books available to them.This summary is limited to 100 words.32. If you were to receive a grant of up to $5,000, how would you use it? In other words,what is your proposal? What is it that you want to do? Who and what would itbenefit? Why? (In describing your proposal, please be sure of two things: (1) That you do notrequest anything other than books or magazines, and (2) that if your plan includes purchasing eBooksor any other electronic materials, be sure to tell us in what ways and how easily your students will beable to access them.)
  8. 8. The district initiative of Hoke County Schools is to promote and increase literacy amongstudents. Working in the library, I see the importance of a strong media program in promotingliteracy. In order to have a strong media program, books must be available for student use, not onlyfor reading for information but also for reading for pleasure. With the lack of a library budget, it isdifficult to provide students with the best material that is current and of quality. With this grant, ourlibrary would be able to purchase books to update the collection as well as to buy books that interestthe student body. With more access to reading materials that the students enjoy, literacy in UpchurchElementary will surely increase. With a love of reading, students are more likely to be lifelonglearners and will continue to benefit from the grant as they get older.33. What gave you the idea for this proposal? Working in the library, I see the demand for books. Students read for pleasure as well as forinformation and must have the appropriate material available. Because the library has not had abudget for two years, the quality and quantity of the collection is declining with little to no funds toreplace them. In order to foster a love of reading and promote student learning, an updated collectionis crucial for the library.This answer is limited to 100 words.34. How were the specifics of the proposal developed? Working in collaboration with the media specialist, I gather information about the currentcollection and budget. I then surveyed students and teachers on the needs of the library. Using thisdata and the county/school literacy initiative, I developed the proposal in order to increase literacy inthe school by promoting a love of reading and supporting student learning.This answer is limited to 200 words.35. If you do receive a grant to implement your proposal, how will you measure and evaluate itsimpact on the students, on the library, on the school? Students are assessed quarterly using district developed benchmark assessments in the areasof Reading, Math, and Science. The data provided from these tests will be used in part to measurethe impact of the grant on the school. Library circulation will be monitored to assess whether thearrival of new books has increased student use of the library. Teachers and students will be surveyedto determine their thoughts on the impact of the grant.This answer is limited to 250 words.36. What is your school’s Federal Employer Tax Identification Number? 123456789PART III: Principal’s Certification of the ApplicationSince the principal bears ultimate responsibility for a given school’s programs and operations, we needto know that the principal approves this application and certifies the accuracy of the information
  9. 9. submitted. Please ask the principal to electronically signal this approval by inserting his or her nameand the date approval is granted below. Thank you.37. I, ,hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided in this application and fully support itssubmission.I support this application to the Laura Bush Foundation and the project described therein. Further, Icertify that funds granted by the Laura Bush Foundation will not be used to supplant money normallybudgeted for the library program. I understand that these funds are to be used for supplementalfunding only and may only be spent for books or magazines.I also agree to have the information we have submitted be included as part of aggregated, anonymousdata used for research purposes.If our school is funded, I agree to participate in publicity to promote the goals of the Foundation andto submit an evaluation of the use of the funds a year after funds are received.Date:PART VI: ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONPlease remember that only this on-line application is official. We cannot accept any faxed, e-mailed, orprinted applications. Once you submit this application, it cannot be changed or retrieved. If additionalapplications are received from your school, only the first will be considered.Please look over your application one more time before submitting. Please double-check that you arenot requesting funds for anything except books -- that is, for hardbound print or Braille volumes, foraudio-books on audio-tape or CD-ROM, for e-books to be added to either the circulating or referencesection of the schools central library collection -- or for magazine/serial copies or subscriptions.Please also double-check that you have answered every part of every question. We are trying to builda profile of your school and its book needs. Unanswered items leave questions and reduce yourchances of receiving funds. We also recommend that you save your content information into your ownWord file before submission.Thank you for your interest in the Laura Bush Foundation. Best wishes for continued success in theimportant work you do. Required fields.