---------------1. WHATs NEW---------------A list of changes in recent versions:3.7.0:         * Added more translations to...
* [API] CancelListener is now a real event listener. This caused         changes in all datasource preview workers.3.6.1-G...
* [BUG] PRD-2640: The Welcome pane did not have a keyboard handler  on the tree and thus never allowed the user to open th...
* [BUG] PRD-2573: Translations in the publish dialog were missing and           thus showing the error dialog on publish p...
invalid index used in addressing offsets.* [BUG] PMD-DataSource and XPath datasource did not update text from  the query-t...
parameter specified a hierarchy. There are situations when multiple  hiearchies use the same key (and Mondrian is configur...
* [BUG] PRD-2367: Date-Parsing was using a rather relaxed parse-algorithm         and thus increased chances to mess up th...
pageformat has been changed must offer a explicit "none" option. This           is the same as closing the dialog via Canc...
New reports created by the report-designer now always include a  empty "translations.properties" file, which matches the d...
The parameter-dialog now also has settings for relaxed        parameter-validation and for hidden parameters.      * PRD-2...
* [BUG] PRD-2078: Opening reports with datasources that containeddatasources         that accessed unreachable hosts might...
* [BUG] Removed the creepy "tuning" of JNDI names by searching for a          backslash. If you dont want a backslash in y...
The reports are nonetheless unlayoutable, but at least the user can          now safely recover from the error and gets a ...
* [BUG] PRD-1988: Some work towards a better list-UI. The modified UI        now behaves less weird with multi-selections ...
* [BUG] PRD-2202: Named-Parameters for Kettle-Datasources was broken.         * [BUG] PRD-1986: Added some minimum-sizing ...
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Change log

  1. 1. ---------------1. WHATs NEW---------------A list of changes in recent versions:3.7.0: * Added more translations to previously hardcoded strings in the report designer and reporting engine. * Refactoring: Moved EllipsisButton down to LibSwing. * [BUG] PRD-2474: The array cell editor should have icons for its add and remove buttons. * [BUG] PDI-2840, PRD-2555: ResourceBundles must be loaded with the classloader that was used to load the library. * [BUG] PRD-2475: Parameter did not have a valid datatype computed in the metadata. With this fix, all parameter properties are available in the column metadata layer. * Increased the size of the left panel in the report-design-wizard by 10 pixel for SWT rendering. * The field-selector in LibFormula-UI now also shows icons for all the fields and thus makes it possible to differentiate between parameter formulas/expressions and datafactory fields. * [BUG] The structure tree cell renderer failed hard if it encounters datafactories that have no metadata. * [BUG] PRD-2639: Config-Editor shows all entries for a module in a seemingly random order and thus makes it hard to find the correct key to edit. * Schema-Definition contains parameter * Indexed access * parameter-encoding is configurable * Count by page renamed * Imagemap support added * Settings dialog in PRD * Publish Dialog cleanout * JDK 1.6 - JTabbedPane now a standard JTabbed pane with better MacOS support * PRD-2502: The build system now splits all lib-directories into internal and external directories so that dependency management inside a IDE becomes a bit easier. * PRD-2667: Update all startup scripts so that they contain either a JDK 1.6 reference (MacOS) or at least contain a warning that from now on JDK 1.6 is required to run the report designer. * [BUG] COMMONS-75: Mnemonics can be a empty string and must not fail. * [BUG] PRD-2684: In the parameter editor, the default-value should accept its input in the same format as given in the parameter dataformat text-field. In addition to the fix for PRD-3.6.1-GA, we now have a couple of new settings to control the default format strings for date/time and numeric types.
  2. 2. * [API] CancelListener is now a real event listener. This caused changes in all datasource preview workers.3.6.1-GA: * [BUG] PRD-2698: Previewing a report with parameters failed without a sensible error message if the parameters encountered an error. The plain-text preview did not even query for parameters and failed instantly when mandatory parameters were defined. * [BUG] PRD-2714: Using the select-all menu-item or the Menu+A shortcut also selected the page-band and thus did not allow to move elements around. * [BUG] PRD-2680: The list of supported output formats is now a list provided by the reporting engine. This reduces the chances of having invalid properties defined in this field. * [BUG] PRD-2433: Importing XLS files with irregular cell structures failed with a NullPointerException. * [BUG] PRD-2694: The shift-key as drag-selection enabler behaved badly as it was only recognized if the band editor had the focus. * [BUG] PRD-2699: The parameter editor dialog did not display the defined values for query, column-id or the display-value column if the database connection could not be established or if the referenced query was not found in one of the connections. * [BUG] PRD-2661: Th PreProcessor sample in the report-designer must use the correct SampleData connection. * [BUG] PRD-2684: In the parameter editor, the default-value should accept its input in the same format as given in the parameter dataformat text-field. If no format is given, the canonical ISO format is used. * PRD-2337: The generated MacOS bundle should have a user-friendly name. "Pentaho Report Designer" is so much better than "report-designer". * [BUG] PRD-2660, PRD-2659: Creating Kettle objects by invoking the public no-arg constructor generates invalid objects that cause errors in Kettle later. We have to manually match our object with one that is provided by Kettles many public arrays, and then use the Kettle object (that has been initialized by some arcane magic or a spell of a dragon or so). This bug caused weird errors in the JDBC and Mondrian datasourc editor, which uses Kettle as metadata backend. * [BUG] PRD-2587: Need to disable HTML rendering, as this does not work in tables. Backported the GenericCellEditor to LibSwing.3.6.1-RC1: (2010-04-29) * [BUG] PRD-2637: A ClassCastException occured after the last report has been closed. This was caused by a invalid model/ tree path given while trying to restore the now invalid expand-nodes state. * [BUG] PRD-2633: The document-metadata editor must treat empty textfields as null values so that we remove empty titles from the report.
  3. 3. * [BUG] PRD-2640: The Welcome pane did not have a keyboard handler on the tree and thus never allowed the user to open the reports by hitting Enter.* [BUG] PRD-2629: The various "Close" operations did not handle user-cancel requests properly and continued to close reports without permission.* [BUG] PRD-2628, PRD-2631: Save and Save As did not properly update the resource keys of "definition-source" and "content-base" and the assigned resource-manager to the possibly new prpt location. Therefore all bundle-internal resource references were lost and saving or running a modified report with embedded images or embedded resources failed.* [BUG] PRD-2633: The wizard needs to clear the document metadata when materializing a report from a template.* [BUG] PRD-2581: Group-header and -footer labels were not initialized correctly and thus grossly misbehaved.* [BUG] PRD-2599: The default-value editor in the parameter dialog was not updated correctly when selecting a new parameter class or when switching between single-selection and multi-selection parameter types.* [BUG] PRD-2614: Due to invalid internal events fired at the worst times we ended up creating resource keys that could not be embedded into the PRPT file when the report is saved. Thus saving the report failed.* [BUG] Cleaned out the Help->System Information dialog so that all the entries there are sorted.* [BUG] Removed some unnecessary libraries that were brought in via IVY.* [BUG] PRD-2608: The metadata dialog did misbehave when it was resized and did not remember the last location of the XMI files it loaded.* [BUG] PRD-2604: A invalid attribute name was used when writing wizard-specification documents. Therefore loading the report later did not restore the name.* [BUG] PRD-2603: Removing extra template groups when generating a report from a wizard-template was not working properly.* [BUG] PRD-2597: The Display-Title for tabs and window-title-bar in the report-designer was computed in a wrong way.* [BUG] PRD-2496: A Date-CellEditor did not allow <null> values and thus it was impossible to unset a previously defined default value.* [BUG] When the first Group did not define a name, the group-selector in the table-editors became impossible to use.* [BUG] PRD-2453: When saving a report, we have to update the content base property of the report, so that relative paths can be resolved in the UI editor.* [BUG] PRD-2547: Copy&Paste of banded subreports converted the subreports into inline-subreports.
  4. 4. * [BUG] PRD-2573: Translations in the publish dialog were missing and thus showing the error dialog on publish problems failed with a MissingTranslationException. * [BUG PRD-2520: Moving elements in the editor behaved badly as soon as a border was set. The layouter did not take borders into account and thus all subsequent operations produced bad results. * [API] PreviewParameterDialog in the engine now only accepts MasterReport objects, as they are the only ones that can carry external parameters. * [BUG] PRD-2561: The field selector in the style table was always empty, as the report designer context was never set. * [BUG] PRD-2540, BISERVER-4129: When publishing a report with non-ascii characters in the name, the report name was corrupted on the server. The server automatically recodes all HTTP-requests to the local system encoding and thus may break the encoding given by the report designer. * [BUG] PRD-2541: A invalid attribute was written when trying to define the group-totals-label. * [BUG] The Welcome-Pane showed empty directories as report files and subsequently tried to load them when the user double clicked on them. * [BUG] PRD-2493: Page-Align dialog did nothing after being confirmed by the user. This dialog is shown after the page format changed. * Pentaho Reporting now uses Kettle 4.0 and Mondrian 3.2 to be in sync with the latest BI-Server release. * Added a "report-designer.properties" file in the resources directory to make it more obvious for users where to put report-designer related configuration settings. * [BUG] AGILEBI-213, PRD-2460: The report-design-wizard should not show the environment variables or parameter fields in the field selector. * [BUG] PRD-2467: Templates used with RDW should have data connection defined as JNDI Sample Data * [BUG] PRD-2453: Resource linking always stored absolute paths in the generated resource-key. We need to prefer relative paths so that publishing or moving a report along with its images does not break the report. * [BUG] PRD-2446: Top-N-Analysis.prpt sample report was broken. * Updated all copyrights to the year 2010.3.6.0: * [BUG] PRD-2435: Parameter messages must be localizable. * [BUG] PRD-2431: Date values were not editable in the table-editor and as default values in the parameter editor. * [BUG] PRD-2362: Search was broken in the product documentation viewer. * [BUG] Preview of data in the OLAP4J DataSource dialog did not work. * [BUG] PRD-2424: Reading text from CLOBs was not working due to an
  5. 5. invalid index used in addressing offsets.* [BUG] PMD-DataSource and XPath datasource did not update text from the query-text area if the dialog was closed using a mouse, while the text-area had the focus.* [BUG] PRD-2417: Expressions to compute query-name, query-timeout and query-limit did not have access to the subreport-parameters.* [BUG] PRD-2409: There was a deadlock after editing a attribute or style expression due to a invalid sequence of events being fired.* [BUG] Trying to load images when IO-Errors or other unexpected errors happened during an asynchronous loading process could result in a deadlock. The AWT does not report the error state to the ImageObserver in all cases. We therefore now have a time-out for such cases.* [BUG] PRD-2413: A removed/changed datasource can lead to a NullPointerException when editing the datasource. This would render the edit-operation invalid, as a invalid tree-path was computed.* PRD-2421: Updated the JavaHelp documentation.* AGILEBI-146: Various layout fixes in the report-design-wizard* Changed the default-configuration for the inline editor of fields so that multi-line can be edited a lot easier. Use SHIFT-ENTER to begin a new line.* PRD-2406: Added the ability to compute the default value of a parameter. During the computation, the values of other parameters is undefined and can be null.* [BUG] PRD-2388: Kettles internal variables were not fully initialized. We have to manually maintain the file-name of a transformation, as we use our own loader mechanism.* New formula-function to convert a string into a date with more control over the conversion operation. PARSEDATE([field]; "pattern"; "locale"; "timezone"); PARSEDATE([field]; "pattern"; "locale"); PARSEDATE([field]; "pattern");* [BUG] PRD-2360: Deleting all connection definitions from the JDBC datasource-dialogs instantly recreated these connections on the next start of PRD. We now initialize the preconfigured connections only once after a fresh installation.* [BUG] PRD-2401: LineSparklines did not save/parse the "Last-Color" property.* [BUG] Parsing dates in LibFormula used the 12-hours time format, and thus failed on many valid Timestamp and Time parse operations.* [BUG] PRD-2397: Parsing old *.report files failed when color-properties were used in functions.* [BUG] PRD-2396: Editing a value in the side-panel and selecting a other element or expression while the cell-editor was still active transfered the edited value to the new selection.* [BUG] PRD-2358: Mondrian parametrization was not working properly. The
  6. 6. parameter specified a hierarchy. There are situations when multiple hiearchies use the same key (and Mondrian is configured to accept unqualified member names) that a random hierarchy is selected resulting in invalid or unexpected query results.* [BUG] PRD-2395: The lookup for bug-fix 2358 was broken.* [BUG] PRD-2400: The fix for PRD-2054 uncovered an other issue and broke the pagebreak rollback/commit functionality. Reports affected by that error could skip the printing of several rows of data.* [BUG] PRD-2228: On subreports with sticky page-headers in their parent reports, we did not use the correct set of data, and thus these headers showed invalid values or just <null>.* The default shell-scripts for Windows and Unix now pass all extra parameter into the report-designer.* Parsing environment properties into arrays is now a generic feature and no longer limited to the "roles" array. To make that work, the environment mapping must have the "-array" suffix. Thus a mapping for "roles-array" will read the property "roles" and parse it into an array.* [BUG] PRD-2054: Page-Start event were fired in an incorrect order and thus messed up functions that depend on them (like the RowBandingFunction).* [BUG] Crosstab rendering in PRD was broken and thus the editor did not show the defined crosstab.* PRD-2387: Mondrian dies if it hits invalid roles. We therefore provide a filtering architecture that can provide either black- or white- listing capabilities for roles.* [BUG] PRD-2383: External changes to report-elements did not update the side-panel tables and thus the tables showed outdated values.* New formula-function: PARAMETERTEXT The function converts values into text that is suitable for creating parametrized URLs. The function encodes parameter values via URLEncoding. This encoding can be disabled via a function parameter if needed.* [BUG] PRD-2380: Editing Page-Spanning reports did not work as the PRD-rendering fed in invalid values.* Parameter values that are Dates or Numbers are now compared with a more relaxed algorithm and thus all equivalent values are accepted.* The parameter editor dialog is now reorganized to make it easier to create parameter.* Invalid values and validation errors are now shown in the Parameter-UI.* Both Mondrian and OLAP4J Datasources can now use the ${parameter} syntax for parametrization. Be aware that you have to valid the parameter properly as this kind of parametrization can lead to MDX-injections from malicious users.* New formula-function: IFNA This function is a shortcut for IF(ISNA([field]); <value>; [field]).
  7. 7. * [BUG] PRD-2367: Date-Parsing was using a rather relaxed parse-algorithm and thus increased chances to mess up the parse-result. * PRD-2273: Editing values on multiple elements is easier now. Instead of showing <null>, we now always show the value of the first element that has been selected. Edit+Enter transfers that value to allelements. * PRD-2279: Re-enabled the alphabetical list view in the attribute and styles tables. * PRD-2276: A floating field-selector dialog has been added that makes it easier to drag fields into the report. It should also reduce the need to switch between the structure and data tabs. * [BUG] PRD-2358: Excel page-header and footer attributes were not correctly declared and thus never used. * All well-known Report-Environment properties show up as fields now. This way, they can be used as parameters in datasources or functions without having to resort to formula-parameter or expressions. * [Internal] Refactored the side-panel code so that it is less error prone and less complex. * PRD-2357: Opening a report now automatically hides the welcome-pane. * [BUG] PRD-2350: The crosstabbing did not work when a dataset was not fully normalized. * PRD-2355: After growing tired of searching for the functionality to make crosstabs show up in PRD, I moved this setting into the Preferences dialog and put a large warning around it. * [BUG] PRD-2356: The Insert-Crosstab action was not active on relational groups. * [BUG] PRD-2353: Crosstabs failed if executed as a subreport. * PRD-2343: The chart editor no longer shows the expression names or the "datasource" properties. The system manages these properties automatically now. * PRD-2352: The parameter-UI now honors the data-type when converting Strings into Dates or Numbers so that the correct sub-type is returned. * PRD-2084: Parameter now have a "data-format" attribute that can be used to format and parse input in the UIs. Be aware that this property is a UI only property and that values on a URL still need to be specified in the standard ISO format. * [BUG] PRD-2333: The distribution shipped with a bunch of invalid jars that are neither required nor requested. We now filter thesedependencies out. * PRD-2278: We now remember the size and position of the swing preview dialog in PRD. * [BUG] Page-Setup did not trigger a repagination and thus it had no visible effect. * [BUG] PRD-2348: The alignment options dialog that shows up after a
  8. 8. pageformat has been changed must offer a explicit "none" option. This is the same as closing the dialog via Cancel. * [BUG] PRD-2277: Most dialogs now react to the "ESC" key and act as if the "Cancel" button has been pressed. * [BUG] PRD-2262: Richtext parsing was wrong. It did not honor block-layout elements like paragraphs and thus messed up the line-breaks. * [BUG] PRD-2341: Invalid data in a JNDI connection definition rendered reports uneditable. * PRD-2345: We now ship with a sensible Mondrian-configuration. * [BUG] PRD-2344: XY-AreaLineChart did not work properly. * [BUG] PRD-2340: There was no <html::onmouseout> attribute declared in the metadata. * [BUG] PRD-2282: The selection in the tree and the focused root-band-editor were easily out of sync. Now we do our best to keep the focus in sync with the trees selection. * [BUG] PRD-2322: The "anti-aliasing" style-key was not persisted. * [BUG] PRD-2259: The row-layout was messed up and caused IllegalStateExceptions when the vertical-alignment was set to "middle" or "bottom" and there was extra space to distribute. * [BUG] PRD-2324: A illegal offset caused that we never printed the page-footer in the table-pageable-mode. * [BUG] MacOS integration was broken as mutliple application-listeners on the same application do not work well. This caused "open" events to be swallowed. * PRD-2323: The sample-database is now a inmemory database and thus doesnot require any file-access at all. * [BUG] PRD-2325: Exports of Excel-Sheets with HREF-target text longerthan 256 characters caused errors on export. Excel has a hard limitation of 256 characters per string-literal. If we encounter such overly longHREF we now ignore the HREF declaration. * [BUG] PRD-2321: Current working directory was not detected correctly ifit contained spaces. * BISERVER-3765: Updated MySQL driver to 5.1.7. * PRD-2272: Create a default entry in the bundle for localization. This gives a nice little guideline for new users and matches the new default from the configuration. * PRD-2250: Introduced Sensible defaults for localizable reports. Report-resource-bundles now default to "translations" within the bundle. This default can changed via the report configuation.
  9. 9. New reports created by the report-designer now always include a empty "translations.properties" file, which matches the default for the resource-bundle. Additional languages can be added by creating additional "translations_<lang>_<region>.properties" files.* PRD-2303: Allow users to specify the files that should be opened at startup on the commandline. At the moment, this does not work for Mac users using the Finder or the application-bundle.* PRD-2300: Env-Properties are now available as fields. Roles as array are now there as well.* Added some trim() calls to the query string to make the static-datasource easier to use.* PRD-2296: XYLineAreaChartExpression added. The expression was contributed by Roman.* PRD-2267: Updated the assembly for PRD to include sampledata and updated the default simple-jndi properties file to find that sampledata with a relative file path. This will remove our dependence on having a running sampledata database to demonstrate the samples.* PRD-1091: Added two new properties "categoryTitleFont" and "categoryTickFont" so that the font size and style of the category axis can be configured independently from the other labels. The old x-font is now known as "label-font" as it is the most generic font and serves as defaults to all other fonts. x-font now maps to "categoryTitleFont" and the new x-tick-font maps to "categoryTickFont".* PRD-2212: Added OLAP4J (Advanced) and Mondrian (Advanced) datasources. These datasources work exactly as the SQL (Advanced) datasource by allowing the query to be computed by a formula.* PRD-2266: BSH and BSF-expressions now also have access to the full expression runtime via the "runtime" bean.* PRD-2234: We now have a printingsystem-independent page-setup dialog.* Auto-Submit for parameters is now an attribute on the master-report.* Arrays can be normalized (converted from internal Sequence-type to Object[]) now, so that they can be used safely outside of a formula. TypeRegistry now also accepts java.util.Collections as sources for array and sequence objects.* UI beautification for Metal-PLAF: Now all button-panes define a minimum spacing between the buttons, so that they look at bit better.* Added support for SQL-date types for parameters. In addition to java.util.Date, we now also support java.sql.Date, java.sql.Time and java.sql.Timestamp.* PRD-917: Pie-Chart shadow-color and shadow-offset can be configured for both PieChartExpression and MultiPieChartExpression.* PRD-2207: Formulas can be used in parameters now. There are two formula types: Display-value computation for lists, and for all parameters a post-processor.
  10. 10. The parameter-dialog now also has settings for relaxed parameter-validation and for hidden parameters. * PRD-2224: Relaxed the editor to be active on both *.properties files and files with a mime-type of "text/plain". * PRD-2235: CSVARRAYFUNCTION added. This function converts an CSV text into an array of strings. * Added a new demo report showing the use of report-preprocessors * PRD-2066: Providing a default log4j.xml so that editing the logging is easier. You can find this log4j.xml file in the resources directory of your PRD installation. * Parameter-Support added to OLAP4J (except for members and sets) * PRD-2077: Applied Pedros patch and thus added set-member support to Modrian datasources * Config-Description-Editor now accepts the AbstractBoot as firstargument, and therefore can edit other projects as well. * [BUG] Formula Designer now warns on invalid formulas. Formulas missing the equals sign or an valid context-selector are correctly detected as invalid. * [BUG] Added a sensible default configuration for EH-Cache to the report-designer. * [BUG] ReportEnvironmentDataRow no longer fails on missing roles * [BUG] Mondrians OLAP4J driver fired a UnsupportedOperationException on non-implemented functions causing CellSet#close() to fail. * [BUG] PRD-2317: NPE on close of resultset and statement * [BUG] NPE on accessing childs of LibFormulas Term if the formula was not initialized with a context. * [BUG] Writing legacy-mondrian datasources failed due to invalid tagname * [BUG] PRD-2274: Finally we also cache the datasource objects we get from JNDI. * [BUG] PRD-2309: Horizontal-BarLine chart was not working, setting the "horizontal" flag had no effect. * [BUG] Fixed a NPE in CategorySetDataCollector when the series value was null. We now ignore rows in that case. * [BUG] Pentaho Metadata Data-Factory: DatabaseMeta object contains empty strings, and thus the JNDI authentication fails (as empty string is not null, which would be the indicator to use the default user and password). * [BUG] Added a very verbose warning to the LocalizedStringConceptMapper if a translation is requested by cannot be found. Hopefully that helps people to realize that we cannot display friendly names if they provide models with missing translations.
  11. 11. * [BUG] PRD-2078: Opening reports with datasources that containeddatasources that accessed unreachable hosts might lead to a hanging application. This is caused by a firewall that does not send "host-not-reachable" messages back, which tricks the connection into resending packages until a timeout is reached. Enabled the offline-mode in the menu and added the dreaded security manager. PRD now understands two new command line options: --offline (or -o for short) and --with-offline-mode-security-manager to enforce offline mode at startup and to force the installation of the security manager (for those who need it). The offline mode will still allow you to connect to "localhost". * [BUG] PRD-2308: We now ignore trailing semicolons (and only a single traling semicolon) when a formula is parsed. This fixes a issue with old PRD formulas where the beast would always add a semicolon to the formula, although this was invalid in the first place. * [BUG] PRD-2307: JDBC Statements were never closed explicitly. Now we close the statement as soon as the resultset is closed. If the result-set-tablemodel mode is "simple", the statement and resultset are closed as soon as the data has been copied out of the resultset. The resultset-mode can now be configured on a per-report basis. * [BUG] PRD-2306: Attribute-Expressions were not inspected, as we looked for them in the wrong spot. * [BUG] FormulaUtil must remove the formula-context before parsing the formula. * [BUG] PRD-2304: PRD may open in a unusable location when working with multiple screens and single screen configurations. We store the location of the application window when exiting the application, but when restoring the location on the next startup, we do not check whether these bounds are actually valid. * [BUG] PRD-2289: Text-Function needs to use the format string of the second parameter. For completeness, also added the message-function to make use of the Java-MessageFormat system. * [BUG] PRD-2222: Field-Selector Window was to small to be usable. * [BUG] PRD-2071: Datasource security settings must be runtimeconfigurable Mondrian uses a "role" property to define the security level a user has. There are no commonly accepted rules on where the value for the role comes from, so we have to stay flexible by allowing the role to come from a field (sourced from a parameter, for instance). A similar problem set applies to JDBC user and password properties. SQL, Mondrian and OLAP4J datasources now have a new new security dialog to define these mappings.
  12. 12. * [BUG] Removed the creepy "tuning" of JNDI names by searching for a backslash. If you dont want a backslash in your name, then dont specify it. "Auto-Correction" of user input is way to close to rewrite-on-publish functionality for me to feel compfortable. * [BUG] PRD-2291: Excel import failued due to NegativeArraySizeException, if we encountered row-records without cells. * [BUG] PRD-2287: Fixed a age-old issue with subreports. This alsoaffects reports in PRD 1.7, 2.0 and 3.0. Reports with nested subreports sometimes affected the advanced flag and thus tricked their parent reports into thinking that the end of the report has been reached. The report then skipped all subsequent content except the report-footers. * [BUG] Tab-naming in PRD did not take the bundles properties intoaccount. * [BUG] Fixed some coding errors in the CloseableTabbedPane. It did not override the "insertTab" method that really handles the tab-adding and thus ran into troubles if any of the other addTab methods were used. The implementation also always assumed that all icons were CloseTabIcons, but this is not true in all cases. * [BUG] PRD-2285: Unable to delete String-styles or string-properties by setting an empty string. * [BUG] PRD-1876: Inline-Editors must stop editing when they loose focus. * [BUG] PRD-2265: The static sheetname was not read in on parsing reports and thus was always empty. * [BUG] PRD-2219 Unable to run a parameterized report on the BI server. however, it work in RD. Numeric parameter values were validated using an overly strictalgorithm which rejects values based on their class-type, even if they had the same numeric value. * [BUG] LibFormula: Use compareTo(..) method to compare big-decimals, as it does not create an extra big-decimal instance. * [BUG] PRD-2006: Stacked-XY-Chart (non-timeseries) failed. * [BUG] PRD-2031: OpenFromRepository can now only open valid files. The dialogs confirm-action wont allow illegal files or the selection of folders anymore. * [BUG] PRD-2261: Data-XML and Data-CSV outputs were broken due to a classcast-exception * [BUG] PRD-2249: No data-band was printed before the details-headerband. Swapping the no-databand and details-header printing fixed this bug. * [BUG] PRD-2251: Master-Reports style- and attribute-expressions were never evaluated. * [BUG] PRD-2260: DocumentMetaData function is very verbose. * [BUG] PRD-2033: Fatal layouter errors no longer kill the UI-thread.
  13. 13. The reports are nonetheless unlayoutable, but at least the user can now safely recover from the error and gets a sensible error message explaining the issue. * [BUG] Array-Editor dialog now follows the standard layout fortable/list dialogs. * [BUG] PRD-2209: Was unable to delete more than one parameter when usingthe context-menu of the data-structure-tree. Now lets get rid of the DeleteParameterAction and use the ordinary DeleteAction for it. * [BUG] PRD-2206: Implemented a new PageSetup-Dialog that is independent of the printing subsystem. If you really want to go back to the old way, you can reenable it in the configuration. * [BUG] PRD-2247: Loading the bundle (for getting the metadata) failed. Therefore no metadata was available in the report. * [BUG] Added translations for report-pre-processors * [BUG] PRD-2245: Parameter-expansion fixed for callable statements. * [BUG] PRD-2246: Callable statements should not have parameter- expansion for array-parameters * [BUG] PRD-2242: add of InvalidFunctionCategory class to be used with DefaultFunctionDescription when a problem occurs while loading function category class * [BUG] PRD-2236: Not all buttons had a tooltip. This made it hard to tell what those funny pictures in the various dialogs actually do. All actions now have a short-description property set. * [BUG] Kettle and Mondrian: Browse-Dialog must use the parent-dialog and not the parents parent dialog as parent. * [BUG] PRD-2239: move of DivideOperator.divide() to a more findableclass (NumberUtil class). It is also remove a dependecy between the packages function and operator. * [BUG] PRD-2243: Missing metadata for NormalizeArray formula function * [BUG] CSVTEXT description was incorrect. * [BUG] PRD-2233: Raw-Images are now stored as deflated bitmap data. This makes the PDF a bit smaller. * [BUG] PRD-2231: URLs given as strings are now correctly loaded when used in a image-element or image-field. * [BUG] PRD-1709: Edit-Groups changed to match mock-up. * [BUG] PRD-2056: Metadata was wrong for lineTickLabelFormat property. * [BUG] PRD-2230: Subreports with pre-processors (includes charts and wizard-aggregation) did not activate the pre-processor if the initial visibility was set to false. * [BUG] ExpressionEditorPane: Opening a dialog without passing the parent is a receipe for disaster later down the road.
  14. 14. * [BUG] PRD-1988: Some work towards a better list-UI. The modified UI now behaves less weird with multi-selections and uses the same mouse-operations as any other JList one encounters in the UI. * [BUG] PRD-2220: Resource-Writer fixed. Images added in banded subreports were not correctly serialized into bundle-files. This sometimes corrupted the files. * [BUG] PRD-2216: ValueFunction: wrong FunctionCategory was returned * [BUG] PRD-2210: PublishSetting-defaults are now only stored in the configuration. Use "report-designer.properties" in a suitable location to override the defaults. * [BUG] We now use hovering buttons to keep the clean appearance of the UI, while at the same time giving the user feedback that the funny pictures are actually buttons that can be pressed. * [BUG] Chart-Expressions isItemsLabelVisible for a java.lang.Boolean object confuses the Bean-Inspector. Make it a "getItemsLabelVisible" or parsing the XML files fails. * [BUG] PRD-1702: The property-editor-dialog had no title. Nowe we set a generic title for the property-editor-dialog. * [BUG] OLAP4J: Removed the catalog-file-textfield, as it interferes with the properties defined in the connection itself. * [BUG] Connection-Definitions in the JDBC and Mondrian datasource editor were not removed until we called flush on the parent. * [BUG] Fixing the error-reporting of the JDBC dialog to use the standard Exception-Dialog. * [BUG] Filtered out the INFORMATION_SCHEMA of HSQL, as this schema-selection dialog starts to anoy me. * [BUG] PRD-537: Changes to the Unit did not trigger a repaint in the lineals. * [BUG] PRE-533: A empty formula no longer causes parse-errors. If neither class nor formula are given, we create a empty formula- expression instead. * [BUG] PRD-2067: To make mondrian cache the schema, we have to make sure we always pass the very same instance of the DataSource to Mondrian, as Mondrian uses the system-identity hashcode for caching purposes. We now actively cache the datasource-objects that were returned from the JNDI system and actively cache the datasources that were created manually. * [BUG] LibRepository: Fixing a stack-overflow caused by a looping data structure. Instead of comparing the bundle-key, which contains a reference to the bundle-loader, we now compare the underlying repository, which is equally correct. * [BUG] PRD-1939: ItemLabelVisible flag is now a tri-state between true, false and undefined. This way, we can have a sensible default behaviour that is different for each chart-type even when switching between chart-types in the editor.
  15. 15. * [BUG] PRD-2202: Named-Parameters for Kettle-Datasources was broken. * [BUG] PRD-1986: Added some minimum-sizing so that text-fields dont look so horrible anymore. * [BUG] PRD-2072: Caching was not working correctly for loaded resources causing numerous stale entries in the cache. * [BUG] Mnemonics and keystrokes are no longer mandatory. If thetranslation contains an empty string, we just skip that part. * [BUG] PRD-2073: Reworked the Date-Input so that the text-field isactually used for monitoring changes. Also cleaned up the UI so that we now use buttons for what is used as buttons (as labels are not accessible via keyboard). Fixed the date-chooser-panel so that the today-button also fires a property-change event. * [BUG] PRD-2076: Disabled metadata defaults for Mondrian and OLAP4J, asit is fairly uncommon to have a formatstring-property in a query. This change only affects the defaults created by PRD, you can still enable metadata handling by setting the flags to true in the elements attributes. * [BUG] PRE-531: Quote-handling inside references was wrong. Quotes werenot safely stripped off. * [BUG] PRD-2070: Report-Designer needs to pay special attention when inserting subreports or bands, or we create invalid content. * [BUG] PRD-2070: Metadata-parser had a bug that prevented the container-flag to be set. * [BUG] Date- and NumberFields had no checks for invalid format-stringsand thus crashed on errors. * [BUG] PRD-2036: Report Wizard loses state when changing template fromwinter to pentaho * [BUG] PRD-2058: Report Wizard: date formatting causes report to fail to preview. * [BUG] PRD-2053: Report processing failed with an IllegalStateExceptionas PageFooter sections cannot be reused interally when we believe they are empty. * [BUG] PRD-2240: Refactoring; move of NumberSequence to its parentpackage3.5.0: * Report-Designer was rewritten from scratch. Please refer to the JIRA system at http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/PRD to see a list of changes made to the Citrus-Releases.