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The information on the slide came from an interview with Sarah Evershed from MWG Entertainment. It is regarding the industry and webisodes specifically.

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Sarah Evershed from MWG Entertainment

  1. 1. Sarah Evershed Interview From MWG Entertainment by Cara Marsh
  2. 2. + Focus: • MWG is an internet studio that produces original, high-definition web series for distribution via broadband, mobile and multiple digital platforms • We collaborate with top talent in the online media world to create web series that target the underserved female audience • Our content appeals to women who want engaging, smart and compelling programming that they can identify with
  3. 3. + Types of Web Video:  Amateur – uploading for family viewing, vlogs, or displaying emerging talent  Webisode –Evershed’s definition is “scripted episodic series that is on a semi-regular basis with a minimum of 3 episodes”  Viral Video – usually only 1 video  Professional  Corporate
  4. 4. + Sarah’s Beginning: “I’m excited to be part of the early generation of web video.” – Sarah Evershed  Started as a reality TV producer (Tory & Dean in Love)  Was part of a video game documentary on Discovery (she was an intern at the time)  Made content for Current TV for a 1 ½ years  Moved to L.A. to pursue production  Met with a contact from Smog TV regarding the job at MWG Entertainment. Smog TV contact was someone she met through Current TV.
  5. 5. + Webisodes:  MY TWO FANS is an episodic web-series following the life of an average single female woman, KATE MAXWELL. Set in Los Angeles, we watch as Kate rebounds from a broken heart with the help of her two biggest fans: FRANKLIN and TEDDY.  ROAD TO THE ALTER is the story of one man’s journey through Weddingland. In a series of interviews and on-location videos, all shot in a mockumentary aesthetic, the audience is invited to watch the planning, negotiating, and taffeta napkin selecting very serious business. Our hero, SIMON, is the young groom trying to negotiate this ride with all the reason he can muster. ROAD will tap all the humor and insanity inherent in that oldest and most sacred of human traditions, the wedding.  Currently in production: CAMERA OBSCURA.
  6. 6. + Job Responsibilities: Sarah Evershed’sday holds these responsibilities: Check emails Upload all content Check social networking sites  Makes sure sponsors are happy  Pulls analytics  Create relationships with platforms Maintain brand integrity Maintain relationships with platforms Get sponsors Presentations to schools like the Art Build pitches for shows for platforms Institute of California – San Francisco like YouTube
  7. 7. + About MWG Entertainment:  MWG = the president’s initials (Max Goldenson)  Creating new webisode “Camera Obscura”  President wanted a female focused web entertainment site  President is passionate about women’s issues  VP of Development decides what projects to do and decides the scripting  Evershed gets some creative say in “Camera Obscura”  4 people in the company
  8. 8. + Sarah’s Ai Experience:  Presented to the Digital Film & Video Production class about MWG Entertainment on June 2, 2009  Presentation relates to general idea of class and to genre research: the webisode  Met Marc Smolowitz (class instructor) during Marc’s last week at Teletopia  Came to present to class because she knew Marc
  9. 9. + Competitors:  Jemini Division  Electric Farm  Evershed does not actually view them as competitors, however, because there aren’t a lot of female focused webisodes out there. Everyone is still trying to figure out a good business model for making money, so once that happens, then the competition will begin.
  10. 10. + Methods for Keeping the Audience:  Evershed believes that audiences want low budget, anti- corporate web video (like Jemini Division).  She believes that great web video still makes people feel like they could make webisodes as well.  Higher production quality + low budget = good web video
  11. 11. + Advice:  Make webisodes: no matter sponsor could fit into the video what  Have a distribution plan in  Don’t feel tied down to raising place: does platform want solo money distribution?  Have a well formulated plan  Think about web content as well. Give viewers more  You can make a name for interaction like blog, contests, yourself because studios are games, etc. searching for talent  Keep length to 3 minutes to  Keep audience in mind and stay maintain audience’s attention focused on it  She suggests TubeMogul to keep track of multiple platforms  Always think about how a