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Wine tourism


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Wine tourism

  1. 1. Wine tourism.
  2. 2. Definition. "visitation to vineyards, wineries, wine festivals, and wine shows for which grape wine tasting and/or experiencing the attributes of a grape wine region are the prime motivating factors for visitors." Wine tourism is part of agri-tourism, and can also be a part of eco-tourism and of sustainable tourism.
  3. 3. Wine Tourism Web. Agri Tourism Culinary Wine Eco Tourism Tourism Tourism Sustainable Tourism
  4. 4. Agritourism Agritourism is the act of visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural or agri-business operation  for the purpose of enjoyment,  education  or active involvement in the activities of the farm or operation.
  5. 5. Ecotourism Ecotourism is  "responsible travel (Tourism which operates in such a way as to minimize negative impacts on the environment )  to natural areas  that conserves the environment and  improves the well-being of local people."
  6. 6. Sustainable tourism. Any form of tourism that  does not reduce the availability of resources and,  does not inhibit future travelers from enjoying the same experience.
  7. 7. Where in the world can you enjoy WineTourism? New world wine regions.  The US  Canada  Australia  New Zealand  South Africa  Latin America  Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean  Argentina, Chile and the rest of South America
  8. 8.  Old World wine regions.  France:  Burgundy, Northeast France, Rhone, Southe of France, Bordeaux and Southwest France, Loire.  Spain:  Northern Spain, East coast and the Balearic Islands, central and southern Spain.  Portugal (northern Portugal, southern Portugal and Madeira)
  9. 9. The Old World wine regions.  Italy (northwest Italy, Northeast Italy, Central Italy (Tuscany), Mezzogiorno)  Germany  Northern, Eastern and southeastern Europe
  10. 10. World top ten producers.
  11. 11. What are the motivations of winetourists? They can be different based on:  Age  Interest  Nationality.
  12. 12. The 10 major motivations. 1) to taste wine, 2) to gain wine knowledge, 3) to experience the wine setting, (e.g. meet the winemaker; tour cellars & vineyards), 4) to be in a rural setting (beauty of vineyards; learn about farming, agri- tourism),
  13. 13. The 10 major motivations. 5) to match food and wine--culinary tourism (food and wine pairing), 6) to have fun (wine festivals and events), 7) to enjoy wine culture (romance and elegance), 8) to appreciate the architecture, 9) to learn about the "green" aspects and eco-tourism, 10) to enjoy the health aspects of wine.
  14. 14. Wine and health: the French paradox. The French Paradox:  although the French and Americans have similar high fat diets,  the French have a much lower incidence of cardiovascular disease. This is maybe due to the protective effects of wine consumption, since the French drink much more wine than the Americans.
  15. 15. A new motivation of agri- and eco-tourism. Learn about:  grape growing,  sustainable practices,  assist with the harvest.
  16. 16. Why is there a growing interest inWine Tourism? Government or regional strategy to promote or increase wine tourism for the economic returns it provides. Growing interest in environmental issues (growth in agri- and eco-tourism that encompasses vineyards). Growing interest in dining and cooking. In some regions, increase in the number of wineries (US)
  17. 17. Number of Wineries in California andthe USA (from Year California United States2010 3,364 7,6262009 2,972 6,7052008 2,843 6,3682007 2,687 5,9582006 2,447 5,4242005 2,275 4,9292004 2,059 4,3562003 1,869 3,8732002 1,704 3,4692001 1,562 3,187
  18. 18. What are the benefits of WineTourism? Increased sales (at least 50% of the time, the visitor will purchase at least one item). Higher margins (direct sale). Visitor can provide direct feedback(the tasting room becomes a customer research lab). Increased revenues for stores, restaurants, hotels, and the local community.
  19. 19. Wine Tourism:the basics and the new trends.
  20. 20. Examples in Wine Tourism,the basics. RegionalWebsite& Brochure(
  21. 21. New trends. Experiential programs: participation in the grape growing or winemaking process  blending seminar,  winemaker’s boot camps (camp d’entraînement), ex. Hall Wines in Napa Valley. See article.  personal membership program and ownership opportunities. (activity on programs) Wine villages/education centers (includes the development of wine education centers or museums.)
  22. 22. New trends. Innovative wine events:  wine and wildlife,  wine and wool gathering festival,  wine and culinary tourism events, like wine and food pairing (Pasta and Wine Week-End) But also, especially in off-season:  a Murder Mystery Tour (visitors pick up clues at different wineries to unravel the solution to a crime)  Bargain bash (a "spring cleaning, garage sale" of wine and related items)
  23. 23. New trends. Unique tour options (off-the beaten track):  Take a jeep ride  Organic vine and wine tour (video)  Tractor ride through biodynamical farmed vineyards  Horse-back riding  Hot-air balloon ride.
  24. 24. New trends. Wine cruise with  On-board tastings  Visits ashore to taste great wines  Gourmet lunches and dinners with superb wines. In the Mediterrenean or…
  25. 25. Wine cruise. In the Galapagos islands and South America!
  26. 26. And why not…
  27. 27. New trends. New types of partnership: with golf resorts, spas, cooking schools… Innovative collaboration:  partner hotels and restaurants offering discount coupons for visitors to go to wineries and receive a free tasting or discount on wine.  Likewise, partner wineries will offer visitors coupons for the local restaurants and hotels.  It creates an atmosphere of warmth that is appealing to visitors.
  28. 28. Spa vinotherapy Caudalie 5 locations: Bordeaux Paris New-York Brazil Turkey, and Spain (video)
  29. 29. Wine tour operators based in the UK. Why not contact them to put your winery on their tour?
  30. 30. Wine tour operators based in the UK:Grape escapes.
  31. 31. Wine tour operatorsbased in the UK:
  32. 32. Gourmet on tour.
  33. 33. Winetrails.