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SIGNET Electronic Systems is New England’s technology integration expert offering the Power of One source for efficiencies. Being New England’s largest Low-Voltage technology provider, we have worked with many hospitals, municipalities, government agencies, universities and businesses to provide them with complete mission-critical integration services that enhance Life Safety, Security, and Communications.

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SIGNET Electronic Systems Company Brochure

  1. 1. Founded 1974 One Source for All Mission CriticalTechnology Systems
  2. 2. O MMUNIC ATIONS • C • HE Y IT AL UR TH SE C CA • INTEGRATED RE C O M MU N IC A Founded TY T IO 1974 E AF NS S E F • LI AU • DI E OV ISUAL • SERVI C Mission Statement SIGNET’s mission is to provide our clients with innovative solutions and superior service that enhance life safety, security and communications. Core Values We highly value the four pillars of our success: our clients, our employees, our partners and our community. Clients We share an unwavering vision of a common goal: to ensure the satisfaction and success of our clients. Partners We value our partners; this value is demonstrated by our loyalty and by our commitment to conducting business in an honorable and reputable manner. Employees As our most valuable asset, SIGNET actively invests in the training and advancement opportunities of all employees. We recognize that their integrity, work ethic and performance are paramount to SIGNET’s success. Community SIGNET recognizes that it has a sense of corporate responsibility to the community by donating time and money to worthy charities and by providing a stable source of employment.106 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061 • 800-444-9614 •
  3. 3. Choose SIGNET for all your mission critical technology systems. We are the largest privately held systems integrator in New England. The Power of One is not just our motto, it defines SIGNET as the demonstrated leader in the design, installation and support of your voice, data and video communications systems. Our solutions are Capabilities flexible, scalable and are delivered on time and within budget for your mission-critical building system technologies. Market Technologies Expertise Service Communications SIGNET provides 24/7/365 emergency SIGNET understands that a stable, depend- response for all of your critical systems. able communications infrastructure is Periodic testing, maintenance, support critical in today’s business world and that and deficiency tracking, many required the system you choose should improve by local, state and federal codes, can help the way you communicate with your cli-Put the POWER OF ONE protect people and property while keeping ents, employees, suppliers, vendors and you in compliance. We can customize a satellite offices. From telephone systems, to work for you. preventive maintenance program tailored public address and voice evacuation, our to meet your budget while ensuring max- factory trained staff can ensure your busi- imum uptime and return on investment ness critical systems are fully functional of your critical communication systems. and scalable. Life Safety Healthcare Communications SIGNET has been delivering fire detection SIGNET is the largest provider of nurse and fire prevention systems to public and call systems in New England. We develop private facilities for over 35 years. Our integrated communication solutions that NICET-certified staff design, install and effectively impact staff productivity and service code-compliant solutions to meet therefore, have a positive impact on level your specific needs, whether it be in health- of patient care and response. Our fast and care, education, corporate, institutional, flexible patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff government or judicial facilities. communication revolutionizes the way patients and staff interact. Integrated Security SIGNET is recognized as a leader in deliv- Audio Visual ering the integrated solutions required to SIGNET provides technology systems for meet today’s quickly evolving security your AV and collaboration needs. From marketplace. Our ability and experience system integration to video conferencing, in integrating multiple systems into one distance learning, classroom technology unified platform can enhance your system and digital signage, our expert design team functionality and ease of operation. can enhance your multimedia experience with customized solutions and service to preserve your investment. Service • Life Safety • Integrated Security • Communications • Healthcare Communications • Audio Visual
  4. 4. Capabilities Throughout the entire lifecycle of any solution, SIGNET has the services and capabilities to handle projects of any size or complexity. Product Selection As the leading integration company in New England, SIGNET represents more than 300 manufacturers, translating into a wide variety of products developed to meet the specific needs of each client.Pre-Planning, Consulting, With the highest levels of training and industry certification, SIGNET engineers work and Engineering directly with developers, architects, and consultants from the earliest stages of a project through completion. Technology Lab SIGNET customers have the peace of mind in knowing that their systems are delivered fully tested and validated; we pride ourselves on meeting 100% of performance requirements without compromise. Installation Upon delivery, a SIGNET project team—comprised of skilled project managers, project engineers, electricians and technicians—ensures all installation schedules are met. Client Training Our SIGNET Customer Service Trainers meet with clients well in advance of systems installation to understand their needs and expectations. Upon installation, SIGNET provides customized on-site training to ensure optimum systems performance. Service and Support In addition to a one-year guarantee on all systems, SIGNET assigns a customer service team to each client, providing support for the life of the system. Around-the-clock Critical and Emergency Response, Remote Diagnostics, Technical Support, and Critical Component Stocking in addition to complete testing, maintenance and code compliance underscore our pledge to maximum customer service and support. Facilities and Resources With offices strategically located in Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island, and more than 65 service vehicles on the road, SIGNET has both local and regional resources to resolve issues swiftly, efficiently, and accurately. Service • Life Safety • Integrated Security • Communications • Healthcare Communications • Audio Visual
  5. 5. Market Expertise With an eye firmly focused on clients’ needs, SIGNET designs innovative and proven solutions for a broad base of public and private entities. Corporate Owners and managers of office buildings across New England turn to SIGNET for the technology solutions that define our commitment to excellence—from new construction to retrofitting an existing building, we are ready to respond and deliver.Institutional Police stations, correctional facilities, public safety, and transportation venues rely on SIGNET to provide the most technologically advanced life safety, communication, and security systems available. Education SIGNET recognizes the unique security, budgetary, and infrastructure challenges facing educational facilities today; as such we develop cost-efficient solutions to create the safe environment necessary to maintain the focus on learning. Healthcare As the largest provider of nurse call systems in New England, serving more than 120 hospitals, SIGNET is at the forefront in the design and delivery of solutions to reduce noise pollution, increase patient and staff satisfaction, improve work flow and develop communication systems that are cost-effective and state-of-the-art.Government Preparation for and response to an emergency requires the proper equipment and resources; without it lives can be at peril. SIGNET allows federal, state, and municipal institutions the capability to respond and protect through use of our proprietary life safety, security and communications technologies. Judicial State and federal courthouses require the most technologically advanced safety systems to monitor and protect the public. SIGNET meets the needs of today’s heightened security requirements with its proven protection solutions. Plus… Additionally, SIGNET is well versed in the needs of housing, non-profit, and worship facilities, and has extensive experience in military, retail, utility, and residential environments. 106 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061 • 800-444-9614 •
  6. 6. ServiceService is Our Roots Preventive MaintenanceSIGNET was founded as a service organization and has been helping Programsprotect people and property throughout New England since 1974. As a Eliminate unexpected costlylocally, family-owned and operated business, we understand the person- repairs and downtime byalized approach required to help maintain the highest levels of uptime securing a tailored maintenance programand availability of your complex systems, while meeting all local codes customized for you by our dedicated ser-and regulations. Additionally, SIGNET is a UL-certified service and testing vice agreement specialists. Periodic testingcompany. and maintenance, often code-required, will mitigate the risk of your investmentsA Name You Can Trust and will ensure that your systems areWe understand the importance of having a trusted partner. Every SIGNET compliant and operating at peakemployee holds a current security clearance certificate from the Department performance.of Public Safety and many are HIPPA and Reptrax/ Vendormate certified.Our technicians arrive at your site in a clearly identified vehicle, uniformed, 24/7/365 Responsebadged, OSHA certified, and CORI cleared. Emergencies don’t wait for business hours. Your criticalPower of One after-hours requests areOur highly trained staff can service all types of fire alarm, sprinkler, answered by a live operator who deliverssecurity, nurse call, communication, master clock, and audio visual the needed level of response to protectsystems, regardless of the size, complexity, or system manufacturer. your people and property around the clock. Monitoring Service We’re on the job when Find Out Why you can’t be. Our central station monitoring service is SIGNET is your one source for all mission-critical technology systems. certified by both UL and Factory Mutual Contact us today at 800-444-9614 or to provide you with the greatest level of protection. Professional operators are trained to identify incoming alarms and notify the proper authorities and individ- uals needed to respond. Service • Life Safety • Integrated Security • Communications • Healthcare Communications • Audio Visual
  7. 7. Fire Alarm System Services Nurse Call System Services Audio Visual System Services Our distinguished, NICET We understand that your From boardrooms to smart- certified technical team is patients are your clients. classrooms, large screen experienced with the rigor- Ensuring that your commu- presentation systems orous requirements of today’s complex fire nication systems are meeting the rigorous complex auditorium sound systems, wealarm systems from a wide variety of man- standards of patient care while being cost- recognize the magnitude of seamless per-ufacturers. From integration to acceptance effective, scalable and state-of-the-art is formance events and prompt meetingtesting, inspections, troubleshooting, and our highest priority. Our services include times. Entrust these interactive tools topreventive maintenance, proper operation remote diagnostics, critical component our professional technology experts in AVof your fire alarm system will ensure stocking, ongoing user training, and solutions and management, holding CTS®,unwanted false alarms. certification for facility personnel. CTS-D®, and CTS-I® certifications. Fire Sprinkler System Communication System Premise Cabling Services Services Why outsource various ele- Ensure that your systems are We don’t underestimate ments of your next project? trouble-free and meeting the the importance of your Our in-house installationlatest NFPA requirements. The depend- telephone, voicemail, and public address crew and RCDD, BICSI certified manage-ability of your system is reliant upon the systems. Whether commercial or educa- ment team has years of experience withintegrity of its supporting components. tional, these critical communication meth- all facets of premise cabling from network,Water supply degradation, fire pump ods can be the difference between your fiber optic, and all types of low voltageoperation, control valve closure, and business success or the welfare of your cabling and termination.occupancy classification changes are students. Whether your needs be produc-examples of everyday deficiencies that tivity or safety, from repair to parts replace- Consultative Servicesare critical to proper system operation. ment or system expansion, we are your Have questions? We have premier service provider. answers. Our expert engi- Security System Services neers can work with you or Trust your mission-critical Master Clock System directly with your developers, architects, security strategies to no one Services or consultants to help assess your needs but SIGNET. Our skilled It’s about TIME. Keeping and assist with component/feature selec-team is trained at the forefront of the latest everyone in your facility, tion, creating a complete, strategic imple-technology with best-in-class providers. campus, or district on time and in sync is mentation plan.Services include on-site and remote solu- critical. We are one of the few local com-tions to ensure uninterrupted protection panies with in-house expertise in the repairfor your CCTV, card access and intrusion of clocks and clock systems. We are ded-systems, giving you peace of mind. icated to supporting the unique needs for schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities. 106 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061 • 800-444-9614 •
  8. 8. Life SafetySIGNET’s fire detection and alarm Fire Detection and Prevention Servicecapabilities set us apart as the SIGNET fire detection systems are As a leading service provider in the lifeindustry leader. We have the tech- designed to provide the maximum in per- safety industry, SIGNET is distinguishednology and knowledge to deliver formance and value for any size building. by our scope, reach, and experience.high-quality fire alarm and mass Our solutions utilize technology to protect We can help you keep your facilities innotification systems in a wide the lives and livelihoods of our valued compliance with applicable codes.range of buildings, applications, clients, their personnel and property. From Our scheduled testing, inspection andand markets. educational institutions to office buildings maintenance services can help ensure the to the world’s finest hotels and museums, performance and reliability of your lifeUsing the strength and quality of the highly SIGNET’s technology consistently delivers. safety and property protection systems,respected Edwards System Technology including those from other major(EST) brand, we provide advanced solu- Carbon Monoxide Detection manufacturers. And, wherever you are,tions for customers throughout New With no smell, taste or color, dangerous we offer around-the-clock emergencyEngland. Plus, we complement our prod- amounts of carbon monoxide can accu- coverage, along with an extensiveucts with tools and resources to support mulate in boilers, engines, water heaters, inventory of replacement, engineers, building owners, oil burners and solid fuel appliances as aand local fire officials in the design, instal- result of poor installation, substandard Our technicians bring to your facilitieslation, service, and oversight of fire alarm maintenance or damage. Hazardous levels exceptional training in the completion ofand mass notification systems. of the toxic gas are also evident in con- all phases of Inspection, Testing and struction projects where extra duty insu- Maintenance. They also bring an all-SIGNET’s Engineering Department is con- lation and double glazing are incorporated. important, up-to-date understanding oftinually trained on the latest innovations SIGNET CO detection systems are de- the local and national codes that apply toin the life safety industry. Every engineer, signed to ensure the safety of all who work your systems. Their goal is to keep yourtechnician, and sales associate is NICET or live in the buildings we service. equipment at peak performance, yourcertified ensuring a high level of expertise facilities code-compliant.when it comes to design, implementation, Mass Notificationand testing of your critical systems. At SIGNET, our mass notification solutions are designed around one simple objec-SIGNET’s Central Station Monitoring tive—evacuating a building swiftly in theService provides 24/7/365 electronic sur- event of an emergency. Our proven voiceveillance for thousands of customers across evacuation systems ensure that occupantsNew England, and specializes exclusively receive clear, concise instructions whenon serving commercial, industrial, and imminent danger strikes.institutional clients. This ensures the high-est level of coverage for our customers,avoiding service problems associated withmass-volume “residential service” providers. Service • Life Safety • Integrated Security • Communications • Healthcare Communications • Audio Visual
  9. 9. Case Study International Place Boston, Massachusetts Products Challenge SIGNET’s fire detection and alarm systems International Place is known throughout New England protect people and property in countless as a prestigious location for Class A businesses. Boasting buildings and facilities throughout New 1.8 million square feet of total office, retail space, and England. From a single building to a large prominent restaurants. Chiofaro Management, one of New England’s most influential developers and campus environment with a network of operators of first class commercial space, contacted systems, our products protect every type SIGNET when International Place needed a plan for and size of operation. All of our solutions the replacement of their aging Autocall fire alarm are scalable and customizable so that you system, in the occupied 46-story high-rise building. never buy more than is required to meet The plan needed to balance the concerns of the local fire department during the transition which meant your needs. the building would have 100% system coverage at all times, while minimizing any disturbance to the building International Place tenants. The project also needed to bring new technology to the building by converting from needed to bring new conventional to an addressable system without excessive cost and project duration. technology to the building by converting a conventional system to SIGNET provided a solution that recycled the majority of the existing fire alarm system’s wiring infrastructure, an addressable system which consisted of the initiating device wiring on each without excessive cost of the floors. This allowed the devices to be replaced quickly and effectively with little disturbance to and project duration. tenants. Implementation began with the installation of the backbone for the new addressable system. Next, a cross-connect was created to establish communications between the old and new This allowed for a seamless transition as the new system took over the functionality of the old system. SIGNET’s approach to this complex project included replacement from the top down. As a result of an extensive pre-execution plan, SIGNET was able deliver the new system to the owner in a seamless manner. At no point in the project was the facility without a fire alarm system. The Boston Fire Department found SIGNET’s approach to be complete and comprehensive thus, not requiring a fire watch. SIGNET’s ability to produce an effective work plan and manage its union electrical subcontractor contributed largely to the success of this project. 106 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061 • 800-444-9614 •
  10. 10. Integrated SecuritySIGNET is recognized as a leader Video Surveillance Servicein the delivery of technology Creating a deterrent to crime is at the core As security platforms become moresolutions that protect lives and of video surveillance. At SIGNET we take technologically advanced, our valuedproperty for more than 35 years. pride in delivering the real-time local and clients can rest assured that SIGNET has remote monitoring solutions that give our the in-house expertise needed to maintain,SIGNET understands the complexities of clients peace of mind. And in the event update, support, troubleshoot, and repairdata and video networks and can design of unwanted entry, our technology their mission critical security systems andsolutions to conquer every IT and security provides the critical information necessary components. Leveraging our ownconcern, from integration with an existing to expedite investigations and evaluate Department of Public Safety and OSHAnetwork to the design and installation operational issues. Certified personnel, SIGNET offersof a fully independent system. SIGNET 24/7/365 security system emergencyreliably meets the challenge to provide Intrusion Detection response and remote system diagnosticworry-free security platforms that are Immediate notification of an intruder is services to ensure the uninterruptedflexible, scalable and delivered on time crucial to a security strategy. SIGNET’s protection of our clients’ key assets,and within budget. systems are designed to ensure instant personnel, and peace of mind. response for the protection of people andAccess Control property. Our expert design team fully Services offered include:Dependable and easy to use—there’s no understands that safeguard needs are • Off-Site System Monitoringbetter way to describe the card access and unique to specific buildings; as such we • Remote System Diagnosticsdoor control solutions offered by SIGNET. work to create the most cost-effective • Software Maintenance ProgramsOur skilled design team can implement solutions—from the simplest to the most • Technology Refresh Programssystems to satisfy the security demands sophisticated—to meet all security • Preventive Maintenanceof a wide range of facilities. And our challenges while minimizing and • Critical Component Stockingstrategic partners are technology leaders controlling nuisance. • Equipment Repairwho share the SIGNET commitment to • Equipment Replacementbest-in-class security products and • Cleaning and Adjustmentsystems. Service • Life Safety • Integrated Security • Communications • Healthcare Communications • Audio Visual
  11. 11. Case Study Rhode Island Judiciary Throughout the State of Rhode Island Products Challenge At SIGNET, our goal is to provide proven The administrators and security personnel of the technology for virtually every security Rhode Island Judiciary desired a solution to secure challenge. We recommend solutions based and monitor the multiple courthouse facilities throughout the state of Rhode Island. A courthouse on experience, application and client bud- is a challenging facility to secure due to the diverse getary concerns. We support every system nature of the people requiring access to different deployment with factory trained and cer- areas of the building and segregation of access between tified engineering and field services per- A primary goal those areas. This segregation is critical. Several of the sonnel. SIGNET partners with the premier facilities were built under new construction contracts platform and component providers in our for Rhode Island while others were renovations to existing buildings. A primary goal for this client was a homogeneous business including: Judiciary was a system for all their facilities. The client also had over 4,000 personnel with existing credentials; homogenous system re-credentialing was not an option. for all their facilities without having to SIGNET met those challenges and successfully re-issue 4,000 existing completed the deployment of a single access control and video surveillance security system platform at all personnel credentials. of the Rhode Island Judiciary Facilities. The ® of their existing credentials was successfully converted and imported into the new access control system; providing a seamless transition from their existing system to the new The new system provides the administrators and security personnel with a robust and flexible security system to control and monitor access to their facilities. The system allows the access requirements to be changed based upon the area of the facility, time day or threat level. This allowed administrators to specify areas that can be accessed using a card only, or a card swipe. As a result, photo IDs are then electronically presented to security for purposes. The system provides a single user interface to monitor access in and out of the facility along with video surveillance of the access points. SIGNET continues to support the Rhode Judiciary with an extensive long-term service and support agreement and further expansion of their systems. 106 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061 • 800-444-9614 •
  12. 12. CommunicationsSIGNET is dedicated to providing School Telecom/Master Clock Servicethe utmost in stable, dependable SIGNET understands the priority commu- SIGNET understands how vital your commu-communications infrastructure nication demands of schools. From hands- nications infrastructure is to your businessthat is vital in today’s business free intercom, one touch call-in to built operations and is prepared to offer outstandingworld. in master clock and atomic time, we have client care and support through our profes- a total classroom solution on a single sional, knowledgeable, and experienced Ser-Our products and services consistently system. IP system solutions are designed vice Department. From your first contact toimprove the way in which our clients for network simplicity and cost reduction, the final resolution, you will be treated as acommunicate with customers, employees, resulting in simplified maintenance and valued client and will have confidence thatsuppliers, vendors and satellite offices. reduced technical training with simplified your request is being handled promptly andSIGNET systems are custom designed remote system access over the Internet, with expert care. You will have peace of mindbased on the unique needs of each client. WAN or via modem. knowing that our technicians are factoryBy offering ongoing maintenance, testing, trained and certified.and upgrades, we can guarantee optimum Public Address/Pagingsystem performance for the present and Whether planned or unplanned, there are Services offered include:the future. times when it’s necessary to communicate • First-Class Client Response to large and widely dispersed groups within • Emergency SupportTelecommunication Systems a facility or campus. SIGNET’s paging solu- • Vendor Product Service Escalation AvailableWhile electronic technology has changed tions allow for quick and effective dissemi- • On-site and Remote Troubleshooting andthe way the world communicates, the nation of information and instructions for Diagnosticstelephone continues to be the most the orderly management of any event. • One of the Largest Fleet of Service Vehicleseffective means of contact with customers in New Englandand business partners. Incorrect call Premise Cabling • Dedicated Project Managers for Coordina-routing and disconnections are frustrating SIGNET can handle all infrastructure tion of Installationsand can result in lost business. SIGNET network cabling needs including: • Dedicated Training Staffprovides unsurpassed phone systems • Voice and Data • 24/7/365 Responsedesigned to improve the way organizations • CATV / Coaxial Cable • Customizable Maintenance Plans (Hard-communicate locally, nationally and • Telecommunications ware, Software, Labor)globally. From call center applications to • Wireless Access Points • IP Network Assessmentsvoicemail, from Voice over IP unified • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) • Free Dial Tone Review and Assessment tomessaging to call accounting systems, our • Integrated Security Cabling Ensure Proper Utilization of Phone Serviceapplication specialists can design the • Audio Visual Cabling • Remote Telephone Support and Diagnosissystem to fit any and all business • Building Automation Cablingrequirements. • Fiber Optic Cabling & Terminations • Fiber Fusion Splicing • Underground Cabling • Overhead Cabling • Complete Testing and Certification Service • Life Safety • Integrated Security • Communications • Healthcare Communications • Audio Visual
  13. 13. Case Study Central Maine Medical Center Lewiston, Maine Products Challenge As the world of technology constantly Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC) is a 250 bed evolves, your organization must partner tertiary medical center located in Lewiston, Maine. with a Technology Provider that has CMMC is a part of the Central Maine Medical family which includes the Central Maine Heart and Vascular experienced application specialists that Institute, Bridgton Hospital, Rumford Hospital and multiple can expertly recommend solutions from hospital employed physician practices located in 19 a vast array of technology choices that communities through central, western, and coastal Maine. best fit your needs. SIGNET’s philosophy CMMC was planning major additions to its campus, is to partner with world-class technology providing an opportunity for CMMC to review providers that meet these changing upgrading their NEC telecommunications infrastructure communications challenges with best-in- for enhanced features, better management, and migrate to Voice over IP technology to lower the total cost of class solutions, and a technical support center that stands behind what they sell, It was crucial that ownership, and upgrade the architecture to handle the increased traffic that would result from the expansion. by training SIGNET’s application CMMC’s upgrade/ It was crucial that CMMC’s upgrade/ migration be specialists and technicians. conducted without impact to existing operations and migration be patient conducted without Solution impact to existing SIGNET then developed a comprehensive operations and telecommunications upgrade/migration of five existing NEC 2400 PBXs. These encompassed over 5,000 patient care. extensions that were fusion networked with over 200 ACD agents using Agent Anywhere technology to the UNIVERGE SV8500 Unified Communications Enterprise (UCE) platform. IP phones and IP softphones were being deployed, a new web-based UCE Manager tool was installed, NEC’s Wireless MH160 handsets were provided, increasing coverage using CMMC’s WiFi network in the new ER and laboratory to effectively connect patients, staff and caregivers. SIGNET’s upgrade/migration approach and the implementation was a success in delivering the generation technology while preserving CMMC’s existing telecommunications investment. Overall, CMMC will be able to deliver enhanced services expected in the changing information healthcare environment while reducing the total cost of ownership of their telecommunications infrastructure. 106 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061 • 800-444-9614 •
  14. 14. Healthcare CommunicationsAs the largest provider of nurse call systems in New England, serving Service120 hospitals and even more long-term care facilities from Maine to As nurse call, integrated wireless phones,Rhode Island, SIGNET engineers the solutions necessary to reduce and associated software become more tech-noise pollution, improve patient and employee satisfaction, increase nologically advanced, our valued clientssafety, and shorten staff response time. can rest assured that SIGNET has the in-house expertise needed to maintain,Our products and system solutions are Duplex Intercom update, support, troubleshoot, and repairdesigned to meet the specific needs of There are times when a voice message must their individually tailored solutions.each healthcare facility with cost-effective, be delivered across an entire department. Leveraging our own factory trained,state-of-the-art technology and service The Stentofon® duplex intercom systems, Reptrax/Vendormate credentialed person-programs so vital to our healthcare available through SIGNET, produce the nel, SIGNET offers 24/7/365 on site emer-industry clients. voice required to get the word out in OR gency response and VPN remote system departments, labs, and radiology areas. diagnostic services to ensure no downNurse Call time, and facility peace of mind.Swift, personalized response is a must Wireless GPS Clock Systemswhen it comes to patients’ needs. As a SIGNET’s complete offering of GPS Services offered include:Rauland partner for more than 20 years, synchronized timekeeping solutions • Remote System DiagnosticsSIGNET offers the most technologically makes it easier for your staff members • Software Maintenance Programsadvanced and dependable equipment avail- to do what they do best—provide around • Preventive Maintenanceable, including the Responder®, an inte- the clock care to patients. When every • Critical Component Stockinggrated platform that combines traditional clock throughout your facility is synchro- • Equipment Repairnurse call functions with a variety of nized, workflow, efficiency, documenta- • Equipment Replacementadditional workflow and communications tion, and patient care improves. • Ongoing User Training Refreshtools to allow rapid response to patients • Hospital Personnel Technical Trainingfrom anywhere within the facility. Wireless Telephony Courses/Certification Doctors, caregivers, and technicians stayHospital TVs connected using SIGNET wireless phoneToday’s patients demand an interactive solutions. Calls are routed from nurse callviewing experience. HCI provides several instantly to the appropriate caregiver throughTV options: IPTV, and Digital TV with wireless phones that maintain patient con-built-in DVD player to inform, educate, fidentiality and promote a quieter environ-and entertain patients during their hospital ment. Additionally, mobile alerts and prioritystay. SIGNET provides a single source messaging are displayed and prioritized inoffering that brings hospital TVs and nurse order of criticality. Optional integrationscall together. with medical monitoring equipment make this platform an important life safety com- munications system. SIGNET has more experience deploying integrated wireless telephony than any other in New England. Service • Life Safety • Integrated Security • Communications • Healthcare Communications • Audio Visual
  15. 15. Case Study Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Yawkey Center for Cancer Care Boston, Massachusetts Products Challenge At SIGNET, we endeavor to be the most The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Yawkey Center for knowledgeable technology partner Cancer Care is a state-of-the-art, 14-story, outpatient possible, and we recommend solutions care and clinical research facility. The Yawkey Center based on experience, application and client adds 275,000 square feet of clinical space, has 130 exam rooms, 150 infusion bays, and numerous budgetary concerns. In order to succeed The Yawkey patient and family consultation rooms. The building in our goal of having a proven technology will serve as the model for cancer centers of for virtually every challenge, SIGNET Center for Cancer the future. partners with the premier platform and Care required their The Yawkey Center for Cancer Care required their solution providers in our business to nurse call solution to be highly programmable, offer ensure that we can embrace virtually any nurse call solution many custom call priorities, and well over a dozen challenge with a best in-class product to be highly partitioned nurse consoles and display panels per floor. The calls would be partitioned to the many solution. The world-class manufacturing programmable, offer workstations by call priority, room, location and partners represented by SIGNET include: department. many custom priorities, and well over Solution a dozen partitioned SIGNET provided Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with the Rauland Responder 4000 nurse/ nurse consoles and communication system. The system provided a facility- wide integrated network of over 1,500 nurse call display panels per floor. stations. Over 75 nurse consoles and display panels were installed to properly cover the “unconventional” floor plan design. Custom “Medical Response” stations were installed in the exam rooms, infusion bays and procedure rooms with specially programmed call processes and notification The Yawkey Center for Cancer Care is the largest cancer center in New England. Several weeks of clinical instruction by SIGNET’s professional trainer highlighted the systems capabilities to nursing management. a result, the system was expanded and enhanced by an additional ten percent. SIGNET also provided the same system solution, incorporated with wireless phones, to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s satellite facilities in Weymouth Milford, Massachusetts. 106 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061 • 800-444-9614 •
  16. 16. Audio Visual Photograph by Preston KellerSIGNET’s team of engineers, Comprehensive Audio Visual Servicedesigners, and installation special- Design & Integration Preventive maintenance to your digitalists are experienced in planning, We provide site inspections, user needs communication equipment often catchesexecuting, and installing the sim- analysis, CAD drawings, network consult- problems before they occur, saving youplest to the most complex audio ing, and infrastructure design. We repre- embarrassing and costly disruptions atvisual solutions. sent all major AV equipment manufactur- critical times. Our service plans protect ers and will select the components for our clients’ investments by providing themOur goal is to provide cost-effective solu- your system based on quality, functionality, with the hardware and software supporttions with close coordination throughout and appropriateness to your needs. Our and training suited to your companysthe planning, installation, testing, and installers are trained in the latest AV tech- exclusive needs and circumstances. Weacceptance phases of each project. nologies and our state-of-the art technol- ensure the maximum return on your ogy lab ensures that all rack-based systems investment while minimizing your totalUpfront planning for audio visual systems are fully-tested and functioning before cost of ownership.can drastically reduce infrastructure costs, installation.ensuring that the needs of the client are Services offered include:met, at a budget they can afford. AV Installation • We service almost any brand of audio, Includes shop fabrication, infrastructure video, control, and video conferencingOur staff of audio visual professionals preparation, equipment installation, equipment, regardless of installationinclude Certified Technology Specialists testing, and commissioning. vendor.(CTS)®, Certified Technology Designers(CTS-D)®, and Certified Technology Control System ProgrammingInstallers (CTS-I)®, as well as a team Our focus is on ease-of-use, and our pro-that is factory-certified on a wide range gramming services include user needsof products. analysis, touch panel design, shop and field testing, and on-site commissioning. User Training Includes training of your technical service staff and end-users.All custom audio visual control systemsassembled by SIGNET are programmedand tested in our 10,000 square foot testinglaboratory, which is also used to demon-strate system operation and train ourvalued clients before the systems arereleased to the field. Service • Life Safety • Integrated Security • Communications • Healthcare Communications • Audio Visual
  17. 17. Case Study UMass Venture Development Center Boston, Massachusetts Products Challenge SIGNET offers best-in-class products The University of Massachusetts’ plan for the 18,000 and service and believes in continuing square foot Venture Development Center included education to stay on the cutting edge space for laboratory research and the ability to record of the latest technology. This ensures and present results within the state-of-the art facility, our clients receive the latest information as well as, the ability to communicate with anyone in to make informed decisions about the world using digital videoconferencing via the internet. The space design included four wet labs, two their design. dry labs, a presentation room, two work space areas, a kitchen/coffee bar, and a display wall. The project required control and integration of multiple audio visual sources through the use of a single touch control unit located in each room. Several connection The project required types, manufacturer product changes, and different cable types created difficult challenges. An additional control and integration dilemma included the installation of the nine of multiple audio-visual wide, five hundred pound plasma display. A unique solution would have to be implemented not only to sources through the use get the display into the limited access building, but also mounted onto the of a single touch panel control unit located in Solution each room. SIGNET provided a state-of-the-art audio visual system including twelve 50” plasma screens, four 40” LCDs, eight Crestron touch panels including a wireless model, custom designed touch screen interface, twenty-four omni-directional ceiling microphones, sound reinforcement speakers, multiple PC input plates, two digital IP video conferencing codecs, four digital units and one of the world’s largest plasma televisions, a 103” model from Panasonic. Throughout this venture SIGNET’s project management team kept in constant contact with the end-user outlining progress and potential pitfalls, and acquired the information for the touch screen interface. Through the use of SIGNET’s vast resources and creative management staff, the plasma display was hoisted onto the third floor mezzanine with a crane while the installation utilized mechanical material lifts to elevate the display to the mount. The project installation lasted approximately nine months and was completed within the project deadline. 106 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061 • 800-444-9614 •
  18. 18. About SIGNET Message from A Great Place the President to Work How do the mission and the values Employees are our most valuable assets. of an organization evolve? My father We recognize that employee integrity, work launched SIGNET in 1974 and built ethic, and performance are the very foun- an organization that reflects his dation of the Power of One; we invest in humble beliefs and personality. My the recruitment, training, and advance- entire career has been cultivated at ment of expert team members and provide SIGNET and my responsibility is to a challenging and dynamic work ensure that SIGNET’s mission and environment. core values reflect the legacy of my father’s business philosophy. Our comprehensive compensation package includes: SIGNET’s mission is to convert new • Medical Insurance business relationships into long-term • Dental Insurance partnerships. SIGNET will not pursue one-time clients with no prospect of an • Basic Life Insurance ongoing relationship. We partner with clients who value and appreciate high • Optional Life Insurance quality relations. The culture at SIGNET is completely centered around creating • Short-Term Disability (STD) Insurance and maintaining high quality relationships with clients. • Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance • 401(k) Plan As important as quality client relations, I have learned over many years that there • Flexible Spending Accounts is more to growing a successful organization. I believe that a corporation has a • Employee Assistance Plan responsibility to support, educate and care for its employees. I believe that SIGNET • Financial Assistance must treat its vendor partners with honesty and respect. Finally, I believe that • Employee Referral Program SIGNET has an obligation to support the community around us. • Employee Discounts: Verizon • Employee Wellness As in any successful relationship there must be honest mutual respect. My major • Vacation responsibility at SIGNET is to continue the legacy of valuing relationships with • Personal Paid-Time Off our clients, employees, vendor partners, and the community. • Community Service: Paid-Time Off • Holidays • Helping Hand Fund Bradford S. Caron President and CEOHelping HandsSIGNET employees take great pride in • Friends of Norwell — Norwell Foodsupporting a wide range of charitable Pantry & Closetorganizations. Our Employee Community • Toys for Tots FoundationService Committee selects events and • West Side Benevolent Societycharities throughout New England where • American Red Crossour volunteer efforts help make a • Vietnam Veterans of Americadifference, including: • Dress for Success• Make a Child Smile Organization • The Greater Boston Food Bank• Arthritis Foundation • Special Olympics• Susan G. Komen 3-Day for The Cure • Boston Big Brother Big Sister Note: Photography on pages 2, 4, 5, and 8 courtesy and• Father Bill’s & Mainspring Foundation Copyright © 2010 UTC Fire & Security Service • Life Safety • Integrated Security • Communications • Healthcare Communications • Audio Visual
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  20. 20. About SIGNET We are New England’s technology integration experts offering our clients the power of one source for efficiencies. More hospitals, municipalities, government agencies, universities, and businesses trust their technology systems to SIGNET than all other technology providers in this area combined. Founded in 1974, SIGNET is the largest privately held system integrator in New England. We support our clients’ projects by providing complete integration solutions including design-build, installation, training, technical support and service. We are New England’s premier integrator of mission-critical technologies with offices located in Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island. We have strategic partnerships with industry leading manufacturers and suppliers, giving us the unmatched capability to provide solutions that are innovative, flexible, scalable, and state-of-the-art. Recognized for the development and delivery of multiple technology systems with a single, efficient point of contact. SIGNET—that’s the Power of One.Service • Life Safety • Integrated Security • Communications • Healthcare Communications • Audio Visual SIGNET Electronic Systems, Inc. 106 Longwater Drive • Norwell, MA 02061 800-444-9614 •