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Travel Arrangements


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A manual for Administrative Profesionals

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Travel Arrangements

  2. 2. Travel Arrangements - Carmen Fischer 2IntroductionPlanning a trip for business or pleasure involves different tasks. Depending on the size ofthe organization or the type of business travel arrangements can be made through aTravel Agency or directly on line.
  3. 3. Travel Arrangements - Carmen Fischer 3 Travel AgencyDefinition of a Travel Agency:A travel agency is a retail business that sells travel related products and services to customers onbehalf of suppliers. These suppliers include: • Airlines • Car Rentals • Cruise Lines • Hotels • Railways • Sightseeing tours • Package holidaysIn addition to dealing with ordinary tourists most travel agencies have a separate department devotedto making travel arrangements for business travelers . Some agencies represent foreign travelcompanies allowing them to have offices in different countries other than where just the headquartersare located. Every country has different type of agencies for specific markets and all the agencieshave in common that they operate on a commission-basis meaning that for every service provided acharge of a certain percentage is expected.ServicesMost of the travel agencies provide travel reservations, booking accommodation, car rentals, traveldocumentation, and foreign currency puchases.
  4. 4. Travel Arrangements - Carmen Fischer 4Benefits in using Travel Agencies • Reduce the travel arrangement workload because they have instant access to all travel related data • Offer excellent advice on all travel services • Knowledge of exchange rates, suitable clothing, travel insurance and climate conditionsHow to select the right Travel Agency?All agencies are controlled by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, a self-managed, not-for-profitcorporation, responsible for administration and enforcement of the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002and Ontario Regulation 26/05 on behalf of the Ontario government. The legislation governs all of theapproximately 2,500 travel retailers and travel wholesalers registered in Ontario. In addition, TICOadministers an industry-financed Travel Compensation Fund. This is a perfect source to verify thereputation of an agency because all travel agencies must have a registration number that you can findon the TICO website This organization regularly publishes a revocation list of agenciesthat are not in compliance with the Act. There are other factors that are important to take intoconsideration such as the size of the organization and the scope of services. The internet and socialmedia are important tools for research when looking at the reputation of a travel agency. Select atleast three agencies and make an appointment with a counseling agent to compare fees, terms andreferrals.
  5. 5. Travel Arrangements - Carmen Fischer 5 Booking directly in person or on lineWhen the administration staff is responsible to make the travel arrangement there are different resources with carrierson the internet for no fee. Start by doing your research in the internet and check two or three airlines to compare faresand schedules. The most convenient way to make a reservation is over the phone because you can ask as manyquestions as you wish with the flight operator. Tickets are prepared when payment has been made or credit has beenestablished. The following is a list of information that you will be required to have handy when making a reservation: • Name(s) of the traveler(s) • Dates and preferred time of travel • Departure and airport arrival time • Class of service – First Class, Executive(Business) and Economy • Method of payment – Credit Card • Type of flight – Direct, scheduled, connecting flight, charter • Frequent flyer plan/air miles #– Consult companies policies before registering with these programs. • Timeframe for confirmation and cancellation • Luggage allowance • Check – in time at the airportFor locating the lowest airfares go to and for hotels and flight information for business travelers goto . Additional information can be found,,,, Getting to and from the airportThere are services provided by taxis and limousine companies at the airport and there are also airport buses thatoperate from the major hotels. A useful resource is checking in the internet in the website
  6. 6. Travel Arrangements - Carmen Fischer 6 Rental CarsSome companies quote unlimited distance rates and others a flat fee plus a charge per kilometer.Reservations made in advance are important to compare rates. It is important to obtain all theinformation that is included in the daily or weekly rental fee. You can find rental car companies at Hotel AccommodationsBefore making a hotel reservation it is important to find out the number of people who are going to betraveling, the type and size of room ( single, double, twin or suite) length of occupancy and arrivaland departure date. Always keep in mind the policies of the organization regarding travel budgets.There are many ways of reserving hotel or motel accommodation: • Large hotel chains provide toll-free telephone numbers, online booking websites and fax numbers for travelers. • A travel agent could arrange reservations • An airline company might arrange discounted accommodation at designated hotels if the staff travels with that airline.Ask about a group rate or corporate discount and the extras offered such as continental breakfast ordiscount coupons.
  7. 7. Travel Arrangements - Carmen Fischer 7 Itinerary and ReservationsOnce you have made all the necessary reservations prepare an itinerary for the traveler and send it bye-mail and print a copy for your records. Attach a copy of the itinerary sent by the airline and hotelincluding information regarding the travel documents required such as Visa and passport. Prepare anitinerary template that looks like the following: Itinerary for John Reyes Montreal April 1 – April 6, 2012 Date Departure Information Location Sunday April 1, 2012 Oakville United Taxi pick up at: To: Pearson International Airport 2:00 p.m. (14:00) 555 Speers Road Terminal 1 Oakville, ON 5:00 p.m. (17:00) Leave Toronto To: Montreal Dorval Airport Air Canada Flight # 130 6:30 p.m.(18:30) Arrive in Montreal Taxi to Four Seasons Hotel Reservation #:V122 Check-In Friday April 6, 2012 Taxi pick up at: Taxi from Hotel to Dorval Airport 4:00 p.m.(16:00) Four Seasons Hotel 6:00 p.m.(18:00) Leave Montreal for Toronto To: Pearson International Airport Air Canada Flight #:190 Terminal 1 7:30 p.m.(19:30) Arrive at Pearson International Taxi to home Airport Terminal 1
  8. 8. Travel Arrangements - Carmen Fischer 8 Travel expenses reportOnce the people are back from their trip they will require to submit an expense report that looks likethe following templateName: John Reyes Title: Marketing ManagerDepartment: Marketing Dates: April 2- April 6, 2012Purpose: Annual Marketing Conference in Montreal Transportation Date From-To Own Car Taxi Paid by Receipt # Cost April 2 Hotel- x Credit 567 $20.00 Conf. Card Center Accommodation , Meals and Other expenses Date Hotel Amount Accommodatio Brea Lunc Dinner Other Receip Paid Name n kfast h expens t# by e April Four $30.00 x 3256 Credit 2 Seaso Card ns April Four $ x Credit 6 Seaso 500.00 Card ns
  9. 9. Travel Arrangements - Carmen Fischer 9 Travel Arrangement Notes• Open a file for each business person who is travelling• Have websites available for airlines and hotels for quick reference• Have travel agencies, rental car and airlines contact information.• Have links for customs information in your favorites.• Pay attention to details and make traveler aware of bringing all original receipts for expense reimbursement and policies regarding maximum expenditures.• Be aware of special needs for the traveler• Confirm all booking and reservations one week before the trip• Keep updated all new information regarding the itinerary with the traveler.• Remind the traveler to submit the expense report with his signature upon his return
  10. 10. Travel Arrangements - Carmen Fischer 10 References• Travel Industry Council of Ontario• Pitman Office Handbook – Joan I. Campbell 5th Edition• The Travel Detective – Peter Greenberg• Internet Explorer