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Personal Brand Plan


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My personal brand plan

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Personal Brand Plan

  1. 1. + Cara Eng | !e Brand How I plan to create & sustain my online brand
  2. 2. Goals +   To develop an online presence that reflects my personality, ideation process and professional potential   To allow my brand to evolve as I do
  3. 3. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES + . Creative . No professional direction yet Personal SWOT . Professional . High expectations . Strong communication skills . Quiet learner . Quick to learn . Strong minded . Detail oriented . Low professional e-presence . Diverse interests/adaptable . Takes on large amounts of . Motivated work OPPORTUNITIES THREATS . Develop professional goals . Everyone else with an online for specific markets brand (aka the competition) . Make professional . Falling behind the social connections through Humber media train . Learn new audiences/ . Diverse interests hinder markets due to broad ability to connect with niche interests markets My strengths are representative of my diverse interests and abilities, whereas my weaknesses reflect my lack of professional direction. Opportunities are vast and threat are indicative of the ever-changing virtual market.
  4. 4. Current online presence +   Professional Brand
  5. 5. Key Messa$s + My online brand should represent the following personal characteristics to create a virtual visual of who I am:   Professional   Open-minded   Unconventional   Kind   Hard working   Original   Creative   Dependable   Ready   Willing   Quality   Adaptable   Proactive   Multi-faceted   Quirky
  6. 6. Objectives +   To create a professional brand plan   Determine professional market   Ensure brand plan evolves to suit professional plan   To create a greater online presence   200 Twitter followers by January 2010   Bi-weekly comments on a professional blog beginning Nov 23, 2009   Blog 3x a week, & market the blog with the use of social media beginning immediately   10 blog followers by January 2010   To position myself as a e-savvy individual with the ability to utilize the Internet to maximize my potential   Revitalize my brand as it changes with new social media
  7. 7. Strategies + A brand is only effective if people know about it.   Update and review RSS reader to be relevant and current to my brand and interests   Participate and interact with virtual communities   Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn discussions etc.   Utilize new social media to further project my brand & maximize opportunities   Vblogs, podcasts etc.   Participate in networking opportunities & stay connected via social media
  8. 8. Channels & Tactics +   Refined daily routine   Twitter search: specific to professional market of choice   RSS reader   Actively use current social media   Participate and engage in the tools I hold accounts with   Utilize new social media   Develop a vlog to accompany my current blog   Create a weekly podcast   Find and utilize at least one new social medium each month   Brand my current tools   Ensure all social media intersect with my primary brand tool: my blog   Update e-mail signature & social media to include blog and other brand tools   Include social media on personal business cards
  9. 9. C%tical Pa& + Participate  Define brand and niche  Evolve brand  become an expert/leader/guru Action Action Date Promote my current e-brand Begin immediately with consistent msging, blogging Define professional direction by Begin mid-November choosing market, generating knowledge and leadership Engage new followers By January 2010 Utilize new social media By December 2009 Sustain e-brand Forever