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ILX Group's LT13 session - Delivering Learning Excellence through Improved Competence


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Delivering Learning Excellence through Improved Competence - read through the session delivered by ILX Group at Learning Technologies 2013 in London.

Wednesday 30th January 2013
Theatre 4 11:45 - 12:15

Eddie Kilkelly, Chief Operating Officer, ILX Group

We will be taking a look at the business benefits of improving competencies across the modern organisation, and the importance of supporting this learning programme with digital tools to accurately report on its success, and ultimately ROI on the training investment.

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ILX Group's LT13 session - Delivering Learning Excellence through Improved Competence

  1. 1. ••••••
  2. 2. Financial Headlines• Revenue up 5% to £13.47 million• Software revenues 57% of total (2011: 51%)• Operating profit £1.01 million (2011: £1.73 million)
  3. 3. Two Basic Project Needs.
  4. 4. How do you choose your Project Teams What performance do currently? you expect from them and how do you know Which competences do if it is possible? you possess and which do you need to What Would make the single biggest develop? improvement to projectAre your training performance?programmes aligned to thedevelopment need? Howdo you know? Can you afford to spend time on training that you don’t need? Is your team the best it could be?
  5. 5. Understand the current levels of competence. Benchmark your teams against each other and agreedAccurately focus on the targets.learning needs at anindividual and team level. Build training programmes that are timely, flexible, efficient and self Minimise disruption to sufficient? projects across your portfolio. Build highly effective project teams based on an Embed a Learning understanding of competence. Culture within your organisation based on individual targets.