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Maharashtra fire act


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Due to various fire incident in Maharashtra govt of Maharashtra Introduced fire Act in 2007. This act lay down various parameters which should be followed to safeguard against the fire accidents. these rules are separate from Building code.

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Maharashtra fire act

  1. 1. Maharashtra Act of III of 2007
  2. 2.  The Act is Called Maharashtra Fire Preventionand Life Safety Measures Act, 2006 It is applicable for whole Maharashtra It is in addition to National Building Code ofIndia 2005
  3. 3. Chapter- II1. Owner should provide Fire Prevention and life safetymeasures in buildings. Minimum Fire Fighting System to beprovided2. NOC not to be given if rules are not complied3. The owner could give certificate to CFO of Area as per formattwice in a year. i.e. Jan & July4. Preventive action are given to CFO to remove, risky item frompremises after giving reasonable time to owner. CFO can usePolice force for Same.5. Power of Inspection: CFO Can inspect any remises after giving3 hours notice.6. The CFO can give notice regarding Fire Prevention and lifesafety measure deviation. Will give time to take correctiveaction.7. CFO can seal the premises of non- compliances of notice, canrecover expenses even by selling the land8. CFO can order the sealing of building
  4. 4. Chapter- IIILicensed Agency9. CFO may grant any person/ association a license to act aslicensed Agency for the Purpose of this act.10. Licensed Agency to carryout work of providing Fire Preventionand Life Safety measures.
  5. 5. Chapter- IVProvisions Relating to Levy, Collection and Recovery of Fire Service Fees11. Can levy Tax on the Building as per given schedule.Rates will be different Building as per Act and Schedule.12. Authority should follow preliminary procedure beforeenhancing or reducing enhanced fee.13. The annual fee will be imposed at the rate of one percent ofthe minimum fees specified in the respective columns of thepart- I & II14. Assessment will be done for new Building and Fee will beimposed. In case of completed Building before the date ofcoming into force of this act, no fees shall be levied under thischapter.15. Exemption is granted on any building vested in or under thecontrol or possession of the central or state govt or anyauthority.16. The state Govt can issue notification to enhance the fees forpurchase of equipment, hiring manpower, recruiting newpersonnel etc.
  6. 6. Chapter- VDeals with Director of Fire Services18. Appointment of Director, other officer and staff to assistDirector19. Deals with Powers and duties or functions of director20. Power of Director to enforce performance of dutiesChapter- VIThe chapter deals in Provision regarding Fire Officers and FirePersonnelSpecial Fund Called “ Fire Protection Fund” will be constitutionwhere all fees imposed and collected under this act will becreditedChapter- VII
  7. 7. Chapter- VIII26. The CFO CAN REQUISITION Fire Fighting Property for anyorganization near by during Fire for extinguisher the fire.27. Power of CFO and “Director on occasion of Fire can remove,close any street break into or through, ask for water supplyby closing for other use, act as Police in absence of Police.28. Can draw water from any source29. Can hire agency who is supply fire extinguisher services30. Can open training Center
  8. 8. Chapter- VIII36. Deal with offence and penaltiescan be punished not to less than six months but which mayextend to three years and with fine Rs. 20,000 to 50,00037. Offence under Sub Section (4) of Sec 3 and sub section (4) ofSection (8) shall be cognizable and non bailable.38. Offence by Companies45. Any Building/ Property having height of 30 meter and aboveused fora. Hotelb. Hospitalc. Businessd. Mercantilee. Mixed occupancy or whateverkind or purposeShould appoint Fire Officer orFire Supervisor
  9. 9. • Capt Rajeshwar Singh, Trainer• B.Sc., M.A. [ English Literature],Diploma in Automobile Engg., EMAE [SA],MBA [HR], Diploma in T&D [ISTD]•