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Revolution In Self Captive Insurance


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Capstone Insurance Management, Ltd. (CIMA), which is both a licensed captive insurance manager and a licensed company manager, facilitates captive planning whether done in the U.S. or offshore. Today, CIMA is among the largest and most active captive managers in the state of Delaware.For more inforamtion visit us @

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Revolution In Self Captive Insurance

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  2. 2. Captive Insurance  The Captive Insurance is a multi tasking operation given to more number of business. They differ in some of the features from the normal concern.  All the risks associated with the finance are related to the policies and the claims.  Before you log into the company make sure that they offer the asset protection and other tax benefits.
  3. 3. Basic Captive Structure
  4. 4. Types Of Captive Insurance  Captives can be constructed in different types for wide range of risk and condition. Following are the types : Single Parent Captive Association Captive Group Captive Rent A Captive Agent Captive
  5. 5. Types Of Captive Insurance  Contd.,Single parent captive : Its a company of insurance formed to meet the initial risk of its non insurance affiliatesAssociation Captive : By this captive,members of the company owned by trade,industry or service can get benefited.Group captive : It is formed by group of company members which is created to meet the some basic insurance need.Agency Captive : It is a comapny formed by agency or mediator business people whom reinsure the risk of client by this agent captive.Rent A Captive : It is company who supply the captives to others for rent.
  6. 6. Captive Insurance Company  Captive Insurance company are the insurance company setup with the aim of risk management originate from their parents group.  The captive insurance company will guard your business from the hassles in the future.  The former will have more risk with the management for their exceptional service.  The insurer can claim for the losses easily with the things mentioned in the plans.
  7. 7. Captive Insurance company Deals  With Corporate  The captive insurance company serves the best for the corporate deals that keeps hold of the incentives and other benefits as follows  The sister concern can get the benefits through the single parent company.  Product liability have to be checked with the different agents along with the quotes.
  8. 8. Captive Insurance company Deals  With Corporate Contd.,  If you avail for all the types with the same company then the chances are more for the discounts.  The corporate concerns can make use of the risk secularization programs.  Always adapt for the flexible method that offers the captives.
  9. 9. Measuring Premium Amounts And  Settlements The Premium Amount which is settled to captives are deductible taxes by providing the terms and contract of insurance are reasonable and affordable. The qualitative profit is considered than the quantitative option along with the premiums. If you fail to pay back the returns then they will be associated with the different settlements. The independent agents are better than the person alloted by the company.
  10. 10.  Contact Us @CAPSTONE ASSOCIATED SERVICES LTD.Two Post Oak Central1980 Post Oak Blvd,Suite 1950Houston, TX 77056-3877Ph : 800-705-4014Fax: 800-705-4014Mail : info@CapstoneAssociated.comWebsite :