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CAPSYS AXIOM - Laserfiche Edition


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Introducing CAPSYS AXIOM™ for Laserfiche users—a fully functional, single or multi-user, web-based document and data capture solution available in the convenience of a network appliance. All you have to do is take the appliance out of the box, plug it in to your network and start scanning. It’s that easy and it’s that convenient.

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CAPSYS AXIOM - Laserfiche Edition

  1. 1. EDITION Finally, a Complete Document Capture Solution Designed Exclusively with the Needs of the Line of Business Owner in MindI N T R ODUCING CAPSYS AXIOM™ a fully —functional, single or multi-user, web-based documentand data capture solution available in the convenienceof a network appliance. All you have to do is take theappliance out of the box, plug it in to your network andstart scanning. It’s that easy and it’s that convenient.Don’t let its small size fool you. With CAPSYS AXIOM,we have eliminated the implementation challengesto make the process of acquiring documents andinformation for your business quick and simple. Youno longer have to deal with complicated hardwareand software installation and configuration requiringcountless hours of support and planning from IT staff.With CAPSYS AXIOM, you can start achieving yourdesired business timelines and objectives in record time.Everything you need to begin capturing yourorganization’s vital business documents is pre- and viable information captured with the CAPSYS AXIOMinstalled on CAPSYS AXIOM and ready to go: CAPSYS network appliance to your preferred Enterprise ContentWeb-based Document and Data Capture Software, Management System.Microsoft® Windows Operating System, Microsoft SQLServer Express, and Backup Software. When the CAPSYS With CAPSYS AXIOM, we drive the complexity andAXIOM Network Appliance arrives at your facility, your high cost of ownership out of the document captureAuthorized CAPSYS Business Partner will help you solution. Now, you can finally focus on solving complexfine tune your individual document and data capture business problems—all while simultaneously achievingapplication needs—personalizing the configuration, so organizational productivity, operational efficiency andyou will be able to automatically upload the documents corporate compliance.
  2. 2. Small Form Factor, Superbly Packed withFeatures, Functionality and SimplicitySimply plug the CAPSYS AXIOM™ network appliance into your corporatenetwork and begin realizing the benefits of your own fully-featured,document capture solution. The CAPSYS AXIOM single or multi-user Document Capture Network Appliance includes batch scanning,document indexing, workflow process and data automation capabilities.Every CAPSYS AXIOM Network Appliance ships with: Pre-installed software—CAPSYS CAPTURE Software, Windows 7 Operating System, SQL Server Express, and Backup software Ability to connect to your corporate network using an industry-standard Ethernet cable Flexible Configuration Options: Single User and 5 Concurrent Capture User Versions No volume restrictions, no page click charges Anti-virussoftware Automatic scheduled backups EDITIONC A P SYS AXIOM NETWORK APPLIANCE S P E C I F I C AT I O N S :CAPSYS AXIOM Single User Network Appliance CAPSYS AXIOM 5 Concurrent User Network Appliance Black Mini ITX Case with built in 60W DC board Black Mini ITX Case with built in 60W DC board and external AC adapter for VIA/ Pentium M and external AC adapter Supports VIA/ Pentium M ITX motherboards ITX motherboards Jetway 1.66 GHz Intel dual core Atom D510 fanless Jetway Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Mini ITX Motherboard processor. Features 4 SATA (3 Gb/sec.) connectors, Gb. w/ PCI & PCIe Mini card slots for greater platform LAN, onboard DC power, and PCIe Mini Card slot for expandability as well as onboard GPIO, HDMI, VGA, wireless capabilities and DVI ports 2GB PC2-6400 DDR2 240-pin DIMM Unbuffered INTEL Core 2 Duo Mobile C2d P8700 2.53g 3mb 45nm 1066mhz Seagate® SCSI 320gb Momentus 7200.4 Sata 7200 RPM 16mb 2.5 in 4gb Pc2-6400 800mhz Non-ECC Ddr2 Sodimm Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Seagate®SCSI 320gb Momentus 7200.4 Sata 7200 RPM 16mb 2.5 in Microsoft SQL Server Express Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Backup software Microsoft SQL Server Express Anti-virus software Backup software USB Mouse/Keyboard/17" Color Monitor Anti-virus software Support options for Advanced Unit Replacement or return to depot USB Mouse/Keyboard/17" Color Monitor Support options for Advanced Unit Replacement or return to depotCAPSYS AXIOM release modules are available for the leading document management systems. For a full list of CAPSYS AXIOM release modules,please visit CAPSYS CAPTURE supports the TWAIN standard for image acquisition devices. C O L O R A D O H E A D Q U A RT E R S 6755 E A R L D R I V E , S U I T E 207 • C O L O R A D O S P R I N G S , C O 80918 M A I N : 87 7- 322 - 7 7 97 • FA X : 630 - 875 - 1101 W W W. C A P S Y S T E C H . C O MA B O UT CAPSYSCAPSYS™ is a leading provider of document and data capture software solutions designed to streamline the process of acquiring documents andinformation securely and efficiently. CAPSYS provides its affordable, easy-to-deploy, web-based document capture solutions via a thin client applicationrequiring no client software to be installed, upgraded or maintained. The company’s flagship product, CAPSYS CAPTURE Software, can easily andefficiently capture documents for organizations of any size, from anywhere, at any time, in both centralized and distributed document captureenvironments. CAPSYS’ solutions are offered both as a Software as a Service (“SaaS”), hosted in the convenience of our secure data center, as a traditional“on-premise” license purchase or as an easy-to-deploy, pre-configured network appliance. To learn more, call 877-322-7797 or visit© Copyright 2008–2011, CAPSYS Technologies, L LC. All rights reserved. The CAPSYS logo, CAPSYS CAPTURE logo and the CAPSYS AXIOM logo are trademarks of CAPSYS.All other trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners.