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How to Create a Viral Infographic by Capsicum Mediaworks


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Create an awesome infographic with the help of these tips. Check out the 27+ Secrets about creating a Viral Infographic at a glance.

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How to Create a Viral Infographic by Capsicum Mediaworks

  1. 1. 27+(Secrets) on How To Create an Awesome Viral Infographic It's Good To Be Original11 It’s good to be original Include More Visuals and Less Info 2 Make it Big, Not Gigantic.3 Pack a Punch with the Headline 4 Use your own imagination and research, to design your infographic so that it sets a benchmark for yourself or your organization. Impress your audience with minimum text and maximum visuals, and include relevant and important text in the form of pointers. You need to be smart about what to include, and what to exclude in your infographic, and design it accordingly. A killer headline which gets the audience’s attention and compels them to open your infographic immediately is absolutely necessary. INFOGRAPHIC TIMES BREAKING!!! INFORMATION NEW!!! Only Target Relevant/ Popular Topics TRENDING NOW #TALKINGCAT #PIZZAAAAAA #BUZZWORDS #CATVIDEOS Make sure you only choose topics which are popular among the masses, so that your infographic gets noticed by the right people. JUST RIGHT TOO BIG! TELL A STORY Share your experiences or results in the form of an infographic, by visually representing them in the form of appealing stories. 5 Maintain a visual and cognitive flow Maintain a hierarchy of text and a logical flow of your visuals, so that readers can go from one point to another seamlessly. 6 Don't Forget to create an Outreach plan 7 Create a viable outreach plan which includes sending personalized emails, and sharing it on related Facebook groups, among other things. Think outside the box Your infographic needs to be extremely unique, and must contain new and more information than other infographics of similar topics. 13 404error not found 12 Keep No Room For Errors Check for errors in spellings, grammar, design, colour, font, facts, statistics, etc, and only move ahead after the infographic is error-free. 15 Add your company’s LOGO 16 Stick to one style throughout 18 Choose a Readable Font Type and Size 17 21 14 Highlight/Focus On the Important Bit Anything you want your audience to notice and appreciate most, should be given a special visual appeal so that it stands out. 19 Divide the Infographic in Sections/Parts 20 include a section for sources COMPANY LOGO sources Make Sure Your Design Complements the Tone of Your Content Generate a Strong Emotion Through the Infographic Show Data in the Form of Graphs and Charts Provide a Call- To-Action Button Release a Social Media Copy Along with a Press Release Submit Your Infographic to Infographic-Specific Directories Make the Infographic Interactive PROMOTE IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA Share it extensively on your social channels and add social sharing icons under the infographic, so that others can do the same. Put extra emphasis on the design elements, and include keywords into the accompanying text to create an SEO-friendly infographic. 23 Take care of SEO 22 make use of available tools Design your infographic with the help of free tools like, Canva, Pictochart,, etc. 8 9 Get your facts right! Double check everything from independent resources and make sure you only gather data from reliable places. Create a Wireframe of Your Infographic Use a wireframe to devise a visual plan for your infographic and decide the position and length of your text and graphics. 10 11 Don't Forget to Research About Your Target Audience Research around what your target audience likes and then plan your infographic around those topics to make sure it gets appreciated. All the information in this checklist is error-free and reliable to the best of our knowledge. However, Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP shall not be accountable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of following these instructions. We are not liable for any manufacturing in the referenced software or services stated in this work. Unless clearly mentioned, we receive no commissions or payments from the respective suppliers or owners of the software and services mentioned in this checklist. We only publish information about the workings of certain third-party services, but we do not endorse or support third-party services or products and are not responsible for the functions or authenticity of these services. Disclaimer: Sources: - - - - - medium=email&utm_content=USD&ref=email - - - - Brought to you by Capsicum Mediaworks A Digital Marketing Agency 13% 31% 45% 77% 24 25 27 28 29 26