AdvertorialWITH SO MANY VARIABLES, FLEXIBLE WEED CONTROL IS KEYFarming is a complex business, and “Capreno provides the lo...
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Capreno Corn Herbicide_2012 Man vs. Weed Advertorial Series Wisconsin


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Capreno® Corn Herbicide delivers season-long control of more than 65 grass and broadleaf weeds, including glyphosate-resistant weeds. John Vehrenkamp, a farmer in Ettrick, Wisconsin, uses this particular corn herbicide despite the wide variety of soils, multiple tillage methods and challenging ground. Capreno® provides long-lasting residual of any post-applied corn herbicide.

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Capreno Corn Herbicide_2012 Man vs. Weed Advertorial Series Wisconsin

  1. 1. AdvertorialWITH SO MANY VARIABLES, FLEXIBLE WEED CONTROL IS KEYFarming is a complex business, and “Capreno provides the longest- Glyphosate resistance is a majorJohn Vehrenkamp knows that fact lasting residual of any post-applied threat in most growing regionsall too well. corn herbicide. Plus, Capreno now, and Vehrenkamp wants to beVehrenkamp farms about 3,000 can fit the way you want to farm proactive. “I’m fortunate,” he said.acres of corn, soybeans and some or adjust to the unexpected, with “We do grow Roundup Ready corn,hay near Ettrick, Wisc. He works the ability to apply it from pre- but since using Capreno, I haven’twith a wide variety of soils, multiple emergence to V6, as well as alone noticed any trouble at all withtillage methods and challenging or in a tankmix. It can be used on any weeds.”ground, including steep and rolling Roundup Ready , LibertyLink or ® ® On some steeper or moreacres. He therefore relies on his conventional corn crop; as well as challenging acres, he uses Caprenocorn herbicide program to be field corn, seed corn or corn grown with atrazine and glyphosate foreffective and efficient. for silage. It features an excellent three modes of action in a season. crop rotation profile.” “If one doesn’t kill the weeds, the That freedom really resonates at other will, and the combinations have planting, said Vehrenkamp. “You been working well.” have a bigger window of application To learn more, contact your local in case you get behind, if you get Bayer CropScience representative wet weather. There’s not an exact or visit moment you have to put it on.” Up north the planting window is small, and in a Recognizing Agriculture’s Lasting Heritage wet year, even smaller.John Vehrenkamp, Ettrick, Wisc Capreno herbicide, the longest-lasting “We’re limited on our herbicide of its kind, has partnered with days up here, so if I can the American Farm Bureau FoundationVehrenkamp looks for “the big get the planting out ofthree” – great weed control, crop for Agriculture to further recognize Century the way, I can worry Farmers and the lasting heritage of Americansafety and flexibility. For him, about spraying and otherCapreno® herbicide fulfills each agriculture. The program, available at fertilizer applications,of those needs. afterward. I think in the celebrates the contribution of century farmsVehrenkamp’s weed species vary end for me that pays to the lasting heritage of our nation. Thegreatly, with main culprits being dividends on yield at the site includes profiles of farm families thatlambsquarters, velvetleaf, ragweed, end of the year.”pigweed and crabgrass. have worked the land and kept farms in That flexibility carries their families for more than 100 years.“And foxtails,” he added. “Capreno over into applicationcontrols them so well that you kind too, Vehrenkamp said. “On behalf of Capreno and Bayerof forget you’re out there to get “Sometimes herbicides CropScience, we’re excited to partnerthem, too.” can have good weed with the American Farm Bureau Foundation control, but if not applied for Agriculture to make this programCapreno postemergence corn at the right time or over- possible,” said Jeff Springsteen, Caprenoherbicide delivers season-long lapped a little, you see herbicide marketing manager. “Bayer Crop-control of more than 65 grassand broadleaf weeds, including damage to your crop,” Science constantly strives to deliver innova-glyphosate-resistant weeds. he said. “It’s hard enough tions, whether it’s developing a top-performing to grow a crop, you don’t crop input or supporting a useful, educationalVehrenkamp switched 100 acres want to spend money to website. This online resource is a greatfrom Laudis® herbicide to Capreno hurt it. That’s another big opportunity to honor the lasting heritage ofin 2009. “We had used Laudis, plus for Capreno.” agriculture and the future of farmers.”which worked really well, but whenit came with Capreno, it basically He also appreciateshad the same kind of weed control, that Capreno is avail-but longer residual effect and the able in low-use-rate packaging.same great crop safety. So, we “You know you can grab one jug,tried Capreno two years ago, and and it’s enough for a tank load,”then last year it did really well he said. Vehrenkamp can useagain [on all our corn acres]. I plan Capreno alone, but he also takesto use Capreno again next year.” advantage of its great compatibil- ity with products like atrazine andAccording to Bayer CropScience glyphosate when needed.product manager Jeff Springsteen,Bayer CropScience LP, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Always read and follow label instructions. Bayer, the Bayer Cross, Capreno, Laudis andLibertyLink are registered trademarks of Bayer. Capreno and Laudis are not registered in all states. Atrazine is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Roundup Ready is a registeredtrademark of Monsanto Technology LLC. For additional product information call toll-free 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937) or visit our website at FINAL MECHANICAL R1 24743 12 SHRB CAPRNO Advertorial_R01.indd Date 1-30-2012 Time 8:45 AM by mz Printed At 100% 400 E Diehl Rd, Naperville, IL 60563-1342 Job info Production Info Approvals Sign Date P > 630 505 1100 F > 630 505 1109 Job 24743 Prod Mgr M. Hull Client Bayer CropScience Due to Prod 1/20/12 Acct Service Product SHRB Vendor Classic Color Division CAPRNO Ad Production Info Creative Art Element Advertorial Ad Title TBD Live Prod # 24743-1 Job Title 2012 Capreno Creative Copy Trim 6.556 in x10 in Bleed Advertorial Production Mgr Pages Shipped By Classic Color Folded Size Insertion In AgriView Proofreader Compliance Copy N/A 130070 130070AD1_r2_24743.indd