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Fame lesson 1


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Fame Lesson 1

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Fame lesson 1

  1. 1. Fame Lesson 1 – Music
  2. 2. Learning Objectives:• To know how to deliver a good musical performance• To understand how to read music from TAB, Drum grids and chord charts
  3. 3. Great performancesFill in the first part of your performance worksheets
  4. 4. Great PerformancesFill in the second part of your performance worksheets
  5. 5. What makes a good musical group performance?• Instrumental Skill level• Timing (Rhythm)• Presentation Skills• Attention to Dynamics (How Loud / Soft)• Timbre (quality of sound / Combined Sounds)• Tuning (In tune)• Fill out the 3rd Part of your worksheet
  6. 6. Reading the Resource Packs Lyrics are read left to right Chord changes are written above lyrics Letters in bold = Chords Lyrics split song into sections
  7. 7. Reading the Resource Packs DRUM RhythmsWhat is the drummer’s Job?Count out loud to startPractise pattern 1 then move to 2Use body percussion to startRight hand on Knee –HiHatLeft hand on knee – SnareFoot stamp – Bass drum
  8. 8. Reading Guitar TAB Chords 1 2 3 Frets / SPACES HIGH STRINGS LOW
  9. 9. Reading Guitar TABHIGHLOW Numbers refer to spaces
  10. 10. Reading Guitar TAB Beginners Play only 2 strings at a time Horizontal lines = strings Numbers = frets numbers Thicker strings at the bottom of the diagram
  11. 11. Reading the Resource PacksSame as guitarHorizontal lines = stringsNumbers = fret spacesThicker strings at the bottom ofthe diagram
  12. 12. Reading the Keyboard Charts This version of Adele’s “Someone like you” has been transposed to be easier to play on guitars and keyboards Read charts carefully
  13. 13. Practice• In pairs/Threes• Share a guitar/ Keyboard / Drum part / vocal• Practice the chords for Adele’s “Someone like you”
  14. 14. Plenary• What do you have to consider to deliver a good musical performance?• How successfully can you read music from TAB, Drum grids and chord charts?• Next Lesson…
  15. 15. Group Peractice of Adele’s “Someone like you”• Groups should be people you can work well in• 4 or 5 - Voice, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums• Pick an instrument/voice• Practice your parts individually• Practice playing together• Do one section of the song at a time• Listen to each other• Work together