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OpenData Hackathon Vancouver- IMBY


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A Hackathon project created at iQmetrix in Vancouver creating opportunities for city residents to know what's going on in their back yard and give city officials feedback on it.
Created By:

Evan Willms
Brian DeJong
Joey Kudish
Ben Cappellacci
Paul Davidescu

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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OpenData Hackathon Vancouver- IMBY

  1. 1. IMBYOpen Data Hackathon
  2. 2. What’s going on in your back yard?
  3. 3. Issue Lack of accessible and personally relevantinformation on changes in your local community Limitations in Difficulties Antiquated information soliciting genuine communications discovery feedback channels
  4. 4. SolutionA web application that:• Pushes personally relevant information on infrastructure, city planning and real estate developments• Provides a channel for direct feedback to appropriate stakeholders
  5. 5. Product Demo
  6. 6. Naturalized location entryLocation based search features
  7. 7. Categorized selection of development typePersonalized content filters for relevant data
  8. 8. >Receive notification about relevant eventsPush focused information delivery
  9. 9. Draw from multiple sources of dataContent from open data collections
  10. 10. Encourages dialogue with the relevant city officialsGenerates an area for public opinion sharingFacilitates user community feedback
  11. 11. Shortcomings in Vancouver’s Open Data Zoning Change Development Applications Permit ConsultationsMachine accessibleMachine updated
  12. 12. Thank You