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Esip Jan 09


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The Goal for the NASA SensorWeb is no more than two degrees of separation from anyone (from a domain we can trust) in the World. This sets the vision for our OWS-6 demonstration in April.

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Esip Jan 09

  1. 1. 2 Degrees To SensorWeb ESIP Federation Meeting, Jan 7th, 2009 Washington DC Pat G. Cappelaere 1
  2. 2. 2 0 0 NASA SensorWeb 8 ✓ California Fires ✓ Myanmar Cyclone ✓ Zambezi Flood... Support Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Efforts Provide End-Users Customized Data They Can Use To Make Decisions In the Field 2 A NASA ESTO Technology Project With OGC Standards
  3. 3. Cross Domain SensorWeb Joint DOD/Civilian SensorWeb Support For Disaster Assistance Droughts Hurricanes Fires Floods 3
  4. 4. SensorWeb Goal 2008 • Moore’s Law Of SensorWeb • Double Assets Every 18 months • Double Products Every 18 months • Double Users Every 18 months 4
  5. 5. SWE 5
  7. 7. Another Way to Redraw It SERVIR/CATHALAC Red Cross NGIT USGS IKHANA MODIS NASA SensorWeb DOD SPOT GMU JPL AFRICOM GEOSS RCMRD Hubs NOAA Users CA Firefighters Services Sensors 7
  8. 8. Small World Network The Law of The Few: Connectors, Maven and Salesmen 8
  9. 9. On April 7 1994, quot;Kevin Bacon is the Center of the Universequot; In 2007, Bacon started a charitable organization named The trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is based on the concept of the small world phenomenon and rests on the assumption that any actor can be linked through his or her film roles to actor Kevin Bacon Every Actor has a Bacon Number! 9
  10. 10. Every Scientist has an Erdös Number Scientists and mathematicians have been calculating their Erdös number for years. Paul Erdös was the Kevin Bacon of mathematicians, having published more than 1400 papers with numerous collaborators. Anyone who was a co-author with Erdös has an Erdös number of one. Their collaborators, in t