Final reflections


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  • Final reflections

    1. 1. Reflections a collection of thoughts and quotes
    2. 2. Salient Points
    3. 3. I work best in groups when...
    4. 4. Make time for reflection in my daily schedule, perhaps a gratitude journal.
    5. 5. When it is our own project or lesson, we see it as if it were just inches away from our face.  But when the others in the Critical Friends Group looked at the same project, they could see it at arm’s length. ~Drew
    6. 6. Proof that it feels like I've been at #klingsi10 4ever, in a blog post I just wrote "in the first few weeks" and we've only been here 7 days
    7. 7. So today I didn’t really learn the 49 ways to be a better teacher, but I sure learned that I need to be cognizant of honoring my own students as learners and to respect the fact that they may know more about how they learn best than I do.
    8. 8. Not so sure I’m the extrovert I thought I was
    9. 9. squares with my beliefs
    10. 10.   It shouldn't be a privilege to access the door of your own mind ~Teacher Liz
    11. 11. Change is a process, not an event. ~PRK
    12. 12. Looking at the world through a diversity lens.
    13. 13. 1% rule...change things1% at week so it adds up. ~Chef Gary
    14. 14. Still Circling
    15. 15. Trying to figure out how to translate what I am doing here at #klingsi10 so it would work at my school.
    16. 16. How do I make my classroom a safe place that honors everyone?
    17. 17. How can I affect change in my school without making too many waves?
    18. 18. How can our department all move in the same direction without sacrificing each teacher’s individuality?
    19. 19. I am feeling way outside of my comfort zone, but I am plowing through.
    20. 20. Whenever I am pushed out of my comfort zone, great things happen.
    21. 21. I am ready for great things to happen.
    22. 22. Photo Credits • Boat Reflection by Jesper Hauge • Introvert & Extrovert Narcicism by alphadesigner • Mothers Meeting by Skinnyde • A course for nowhere by Wet Sun • Soul Searching by gaspi*yg • Cliff Jumping by Dennis Barnes • Honk!!! Honk!!! Honk!!! by Denis Collette!!! All photos licensed • under Untitled by miss_butterfly • one percent by The Truth Abou • Happy Mother’s Day by Mr Clean 1982 Creative Commons • Big Magic - Grosser Zamber by Maggi_94 • The World Inside the Lens by dirkmvp41 • Rainbow by Jakerone • The Reason for not Having a School Uniform by theirhistory • School by Jason Tromm • Board Meeting by CW Ye • Red Triangle by xcode • Little Green Squares by Mister V • Squared Blue Circle by zen