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Computer maintenance lesson 4


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Computer maintenance lesson 4

  1. 1. Computer MaintenanceChelsea Hynes
  2. 2.  Keyboard and mouse- you should clean your keyboard often, dirt, dust, hair,and food can accumulate, this can cause the keys to jam of malfunction. You canuse compressed air to clean your keyboard.A mouse with a ball can be difficult to move if the rollers are clogged. You shouldclean your mouse often to help eliminate jerky or erratic movement of the mousepointer. To clean your mouse remove the bottom cover of the mouse. Inkjet Printer/laser printer- After so much usage small deposits of dry inkaccumulate in your printer this can clog the printer’s ink jets and affect the printquality of the document. Laser printers should be cleaned when the print qualitydeteriorates or when you change the cartridge.
  3. 3.  Computer memory- one way to measure the computers power is by it’s memory. RAM ismade of small memory chips that form a memory module. These are installed in the RAM slotson the motherboard of your computer Adding RAM to a computer generally helps increase performance , speed, and usability. Everysystem has a maximum amount of RAM that it can support.
  4. 4.  Ergonomic keyboards- Allow for a more natural positioning of your arms and hands. Thesehave a smaller width, which keeps the mouse closer to you. This will reduce the reach and placesthe mouse in a more accessible position. Wireless Keyboard- reduces the clutter of unwanted wires and other cable problems andimproves mobility, If necessary you can move around with a wireless keyboard and not bebound to a desk.
  5. 5.  A variety of mouse devices are available, like wireless, optical, and combinations. Touchpads are another pointing device you can use instead of a mouse. This devices sencesthe position of your finger and then moves the pointer accordingly. Most notebook computerscontain touchpads, but these are also available for desktop computers.
  6. 6.  All computers slow down as you add and delete files, install and uninstall software, andperform normal activities. To eliminate these problems Microsoft comes with a set of utilitiesthe perform special functions. You use theses tolls to defragment hard drives, empty recyclebin, delete temporary files, and remove cookies. Disk defragmentation- When the computer is new the operating system, like WindowsVista, writes the file data in a set of side-by-side clusters. As the drive becomes clustered andspace becomes limited, Windows divides the data for newly created files into sectors Disk Fragmentation occurs when a piece of data is broken up into many pieces that are notstored close together.
  7. 7.  Sectors are stored in blocks of nonadjacent clusters, creatingfragmented files. Seek time is one of the more time-consuming elements in acomputers performance and can slow the speed of the processingcycle.
  8. 8.  Recycle bin is a holding area for files and folders before their finaldeletion from a storage device. A cookie is a small text file that a web site uses to identify a specificcomputer.
  9. 9.  Various application programs, such as those in the Microsoft Officesuite, create temporary files. This action is used for the following reasons: To free memory for other programs To act as a safety net to prevent data loss For printing
  10. 10. Generally, you can provide routine Maintenance . However you should notattempt some Maintenance procedures, here is a list of hardware maintenance orrepair that generally should be performed by a computer professional Replacing the power supply or opening the power supply case Replacing other electrical components Replacing the processor Replacing or adding a hard disk Replacing or adding additional RAM