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Chapter 28


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Chapter 28

  1. 1. Web Content
  2. 2.  Blog- Used to post commentary, journal entries, video graphics, and other content. Wiki- Pages that give info and users are allowed to make changes to it. Social Networking- A method of online
  3. 3.  Podcatcher-A Program That releases podcasts, or online streaming of info. Peer to peer- Programs That Releases and shares files on the web. News Feed- a type of data that is
  4. 4.  Search Engine-Helps find information by typing in a subject. Index, Directories- Websites organized by categories. Keywords- Words you type in a search engine to help define a search. Link List- Numerous
  5. 5.  Shared Bookmark- A form of info that lets you organize and share favorites. Phrase searching- When a user uses quotation marks to define a search. EX. “LeBron James” Math Symbols- Plus and minus signs
  6. 6.  Boolean Logic- Adding (And, Or, And Not) To a search. Wild character- EX.* Used when you don’t know the correct spelling of something when you search. Related search- Asks questions that may lead to what you may
  7. 7.  Copyright- exclusive rights to something granted by law for a certain amount of years Trademark- companies usually use trademark to protect things such as logos. Public Domain-Was Someones patent is gone and there