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Daily agri report by capital stars 24 feb 2015


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Daily agri report by capital stars 24 feb 2015

  2. 2. DAILY AGRI COMMODITY REPORT AGRI WRAP TURMERIC Turmeric April futures traded on a surged on Monday (5.00pm) at India's National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange(NCDEX). Turmeric spice incresed by -2.90% to 8824 level at NCDEX. Turmeric prices ended with gains on seasonal demand from north India and crop damage reports from south India. TURMERIC (APRIL) DAILY CHART TURMERIC (APRIL) TECHNICAL VIEW: TREND: MIXED TO BEARISH RESISTANCE 2: 9270, RESISTANCE 1: 9050, SUPPORT 1: 8700, SUPPORT 2: 8580. STRATEGY: SELL ON RISE
  3. 3. DAILY AGRI COMMODITY REPORT SOYABEAN The NCDEX Soyabean April futures sluggished by -0.15% in the last trading to close at 3385 level till Monday closing. Soyabean settled flat on profit booking after gaining as USDA trimmed US soybean production forecast, Moderate recovery in the International markets could pull the falling Indian rates also. Traders expect prices have fallen a lot and some short term recovery not ruled out this week. SOYABEAN (APRIL) DAILY CHART SOYABEAN (APRIL) TECHNICAL VIEW: TREND: MIXED TO BEARISH RESISTANCE 2:3405, RESISTANCE 1: 3395, SUPPORT 1: 3370, SUPPORT 2: 3350. STRATEGY: SELL ON RISE
  4. 4. DAILY AGRI COMMODITY REPORT CHANA Chana futures traded on a negative note on decresed demand on Monday(5.00PM). Chana April contract lossed -1.31% to 3624 levels. recovery could be noted for Chana as rains in the growing states continued to pressurize market sentiments. Rains in growing areas in Rajasthan, MP and UP are reportedly beneficial for the standing crop. CHANA (APRIL) DAILY CHART CHANA (APRIL) TECHNICAL VIEW: TREND: MIXED TO BEARISH RESISTANCE 2: 3690, RESISTANCE 1: 3660, SUPPORT 1: 3600, SUPPORT 2: 3580. STRATEGY: SELL ON RISE
  5. 5. DAILY AGRI COMMODITY REPORT DHANIYA The NCDEX Dhaniya April futures shooted up by 1.40 % in the last trading to close at 6514 level on Monday. Sentiment weakened further as speculators reduced their positions on the back of sluggish demand in the market. Dhaniya is common in South Asian Middle Eastern Central Asian Mediterranean Indian Tex-Mex Latin American Portuguese Chinese African and Scandinavian. DHANIYA (APRIL) DAILY CHART DHANIYA (APRIL) TECHNICAL VIEW: TREND: MIXED TO BEARISH RESISTANCE 2: 6770, RESISTANCE 1: 6640, SUPPORT 1: 6335, SUPPORT 2: 6170, STRATEGY: SELL ON RISE
  6. 6. DAILY AGRI COMMODITY REPORT DISCLAIMER The information and views in this report, our website & all the service we provide are believed to be reliable, but we do Company not accept any responsibility (or liability) for errors of fact or opinion. Users have the right to choose the product/s that suits them the most. Use of this report in no way constitutes a client/advisor relationship, all information we communicate to you (the subscriber) either through our Web site or other forms of communications, are purely for informational purposes only. We recommend seeking individual investment advice before making any investment, for you are assuming sole liability for your investments. Capital Stars will in no way have discretionary authority over your trading or investment accounts. All rights reserved. CONTACT US MOB: +91 92000 99927 PHONE: +91 731 6662200 Email: CAPITAL STARS FINANCIAL RESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED PLOT NO. 12, SCHEME NO. 78, PART II VIJAYNAGAR INDORE 452001 (MP)