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Utilities     the way we do itUtility Mobile IT AdoptionGoing Mobile Is SmartOverview                                  cos...
service territory in Ontario,              even touch on the immediate benefits         Why Go Mobile?Canada—is being enab...
Utilities     the way we do itMobile technology facilitates two-                  n Improve visibility into work status   ... vendor’s development framework        With years of global experience and                ...
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Utility Mobile IT Adoption


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Going Mobile Is Smart

Utility companies are quickly adopting mobile technology to drive efficiencies.

This is because mobile solutions present countless opportunities to improve employee workflow, maximize the quality of data in back end systems and cut paperwork from everyday processes.

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Utility Mobile IT Adoption

  1. 1. Utilities the way we do itUtility Mobile IT AdoptionGoing Mobile Is SmartOverview costs, improve productivity andAlthough utilities have greatly make better decisions throughoutimproved back office operations, they their organizations.are still feeling pressure to increasethe efficiency of routine activities. A The mobile solution described in thewide range of drivers is fueling this following Advanced Meteringpressure. Deregulation is making the Infrastructure (AMI) case study wasindustry increasingly price developed by Capgemini incompetitive, while government and collaboration with Hydro Oneindustry compliance requirements are Networks, one of our many clientbecoming ever stricter. As partners in the utility industry. Thetransmission and distribution challenge was to deploy an Advancedinfrastructure continues to age, so, Metering Infrastructure (AMI) thattoo, does the workforce. Qualified spans a geographical area twice thepeople are getting harder to find and size of Texas. Capgemini was asked tomore expensive to hire.Customers are develop a robust set of processes anddemanding 24/7 availability, tools to enable the mass meter changeenvironmental awareness, accurate operation, and in response, webilling, and quick fault resolution. In designed the Meter Change Automationaddition, utilities wish to be better (MCA) approach. MCA is a leadingprepared for unexpected incidents industry example of how ansuch as power outages. industrialized process—specifically, a mass replacement of over 1.2To help meet these challenges, million electrical meters acrosscompanies are looking to adopt Hydro One Networks’mobile solutions to further control
  2. 2. service territory in Ontario, even touch on the immediate benefits Why Go Mobile?Canada—is being enabled through the of employee and customer satisfaction, Utilities know they need to increaselatest mobile technology and tools. or the long term benefits such as productivity and find cost savings, butThe result will be significant cost record updating, long term equipment they may be unclear about howsavings to the client. monitoring, superior forecasting of raw mobile technology uncovers those materials, and during an emergency, the benefits. At Capgemini, where we areWith our global AMI project expertise rapid dissemination of instructions. completing live deployments inand the collective intelligence of the utilities, we can confidently say that aworld’s leading utility companies The New Mobility mobile solution adds value in virtuallybehind us, Capgemini is in a position The definition of a “mobile solution” has all parts of a utilities provider’s valueto offer advice on what to look for evolved. Phase one, wireless e-mail and chain.when considering mobile solutions Internet access, enabled employees toand to provide leading practices for communicate with co-workers and Two key capabilities offered by goingtheir implementation within the utility access information remotely from their mobile stand out above the rest.industry. In addition, this report looks cell phones. Phase two was the creationat the “new” mobility, and outlines of industry-specific applications, such as Mobile solutions allow repetitive,several high-payoff mobilization those designed for utilities. The third time consuming activities to beareas that all utility executives phase saw the improvement in the actual done faster and accurately.should consider. mobile device, as witnessed by today’s The AMI Case Study began with an handheld or “pistol grip” mobile units existing process to replace meters,The AMI Case Study that are designed for field work, working which was cumbersome and errorConsider this scenario. Hundreds of consistently without losing connectivity prone. Back office clerks generatedfield workers travel to individual or draining battery power too quickly. work orders, and field staff visitedhomes and businesses across Ontario. And today’s devices come with a locations carrying printed installationTheir mission is to convert over 1.2 “whatever you choose” selection of orders on which they hand wrote theirmillion conventional electric meters to options: GPS information, bar coding, reports. Back at the office, clerks oncesmart meters. The initial estimate for voice applications, signature capture, more copied the data into theeach end-to-end change was two tothree weeks to complete. But these imaging, printing and pairing with customer service system. Often, theyfield workers carry small, wireless, calibration tools to name just a few. couldn’t read the handwriting andhand held PDAs and tablets that stopped to verify an address or locateenabled the change to be completed The most recent phase delivered vast missing information.the same day. Rugged and adaptable improvements in mobile applicationto extremes in climate, the devices security. This changed the whole Equipping our client’s mobile fieldmanage every step of the process, paradigm for how mobile technology force with mobile PDAs, with afrom creating the initial paperless can be used. Companies now trust the custom built Work Managementwork order to documenting the meter technology with information that application, is like giving eachchange and changing the customer flows not just back from the mobile member of the team a small computerover to a new billing system. device, but out of the enterprise. to carry on their belts. The device Organizations are able to use mobile provides a paperless solution thatMeanwhile hundreds of miles away, units to bring information into reduces installation times by allowingsupervisors back at the project office enterprise applications such as the mobile field force to download/uploadmonitor the installations as they take Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), their work orders by batch from theplace, in real time. Of particular Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), office or field each day or as required.importance from a customer service Customer Information System (CIS) Whether they are repairing,point of view, are exceptions where and Supply Chain Management inspecting, installing or reading ainstallation cannot be completed. (SCM). This advancement is meter, most of the information alreadyThese issues are quickly resolved by particularly important to utilities, is recorded on the device. If theon-site changes to the work order, and where rapid incorporation of installer makes an error entering data,if additional equipment or services are information from the field allows the device corrects mistakes on-site,required, both are dispatched quickly companies to optimize power such as address inconsistencies orto the site, plus recorded in inventory. generation, transmission and missing data. New information is distribution through improvements recorded in real time in the customerA strong return on investment is only in planning, scheduling, inventory service system, which streamlines thethe beginning of the bottom line management, logistics and process for verifying installation orresults. In fact, a strong ROI doesn’t other processes. dealing with customer inquiries.2
  3. 3. Utilities the way we do itMobile technology facilitates two- n Improve visibility into work status applications, whichstore pertinentway exchange of information. n Enhance safety and security data and logic on the device so it canConsider the technician on the job n Reduce compliance and reduce be used even when connectivity is notin a northern community, miles from available, offer a great advantage to regulatory finesthe main office. He needs to review employees in the field. n Increase responsiveness particularlypast repairs on equipment that ismalfunctioning, plus check the status during an incident like a power outage Solution Architectureof parts in inventory. By being able to As a result, employee and customer and Integrationquickly review asset conditions and satisfaction increases dramatically. Utilities Mobile solutions are generally gearedhistorical repair data with confidence also report that the overall life of their toward getting data in or out of backthat it is updated, accurate assets is extended because engineers and end systems and integrating it withinformation, he is able to make a technicians now have the time to do exchange information. The best preventative maintenance. Easy access to mobile solutions are able to integratedecision in the field and then clear his seamlessly into multiple systemsdecision with his manager hundreds historical records improves first time fix immediately in order to provideof miles away that afternoon. rates. Finally, extending core back end employees with all of the information systems to mobile devices helps they need as a part of a singleThe ability of today’s mobile devices to companies get the most out of their application, and to allow workersflow information into an organization’s investment in these applications. to simultaneously update severaldata banks and enterprise applications Mobile solutions that integrate into systems based on information existing enterprise systems means that captured in the especially beneficial to electrical sophisticated systems, like projectcompanies. Data from the utility either management and GIS, are now Technology Capabilitiesresides outside of the enterprise What depth of functionality and extended to as many employees as(meter readings, asset condition, etc.) possible. technology capability does a solutionor is needed but otherwiseinaccessible require? More is not always the field. Selecting the Right Mobile Over-engineering a mobile application Solution: Leading Practices may diminish performance andIn the AMI Case Study, the mobile Suppose it is known which areas of usability, and can make the mobilesolution did far more than just the business need to be mobilized and device difficult and expensive toconvert traditional meters to smart a strong business case for mobile maintain. It is, however, importantmeters. The mobile solution was deployment has been presented. How that a mobile vendor addresses thedesigned so that workers replacing old does one select the right solution? following areas to ensure that ameters were able to electronically solution has the flexibility to meetgather other important data such as Usability long term needs: No matter how brilliant the underlying n Does the mobile solution support ameter numbers, meter reads, GPS technology or tangible the business benefits, broad range of devices?coordinates, and customer premise will the mobile solution be easy to n Does it provide integration withdetails. This information is critical in use, durable and dependable? Suchthe next phase of the project’s other mobile applications? features greatly reduce frustration forimplementation because it provides an n Where and when do employees need the front line users of the mobile hardware.interface for a paperless meter When equipping the mobile field force for wireless connectivity, and how willdecommissioning process. It will allow smart meter installation, Capgemini helped this be met?for the recycling of conventional the client select durable mobile devices that n Is the vendor able to easily -meters and a method of cost recovery. could withstand field conditions of weather integrate new technology and and location, with battery life that ensured additional peripherals?Mobile Benefits Beyond Cost usage over a long period without n What security measures are availableSavings and Productivity interruption. at what levels, and can these beMobile technology creates a wealth of adjusted over time?direct and indirect cost benefits. In It is important to also look for Flexibility and Future Upgradesaddition to increased productivity and intuitive workflow that reflects the way workers actually perform tasks. It is critical to understand how areduced costs related to streamlined Inquire about solutions that don’t vendor develops and upgrades itsoperations and administration, labor, always depend exclusively on software. Find out how and wherescheduling and inventory handling, connectivity. “Thick” client based changes and updates are made, and ifmobile technology can:Utility Mobile IT Adoption: Going Mobile Is Smart 3
  4. 4. vendor’s development framework With years of global experience and Capgemini simplifies enterprise wideallows for inexpensive custom unmatched execution expertise deployments with a leading strategicapplications or modules in the future. serving hundreds of customers, architecture for one or more mobile Capgemini helps organizations with applications while you concentrate onLong Term Mobility mobile workforces who must business processes. Capgemini alsoFinally, consider the long term streamline workflow and improve sets the standard for adapting tomobility strategy. Does it include productivity. Capgemini delivers quick rapid change.deploying a single application or ROI by delivering rapidly deployablepotentially mobilizing several areas of mobile solutions built on athe business? Evaluate vendors on configurable mobile agentry platform.their ability to provide ready-to-deploy applications for multiple areas Capgemini SMART MCA Suitein the company’s value chain. Such includes multiple tools for the fastestsolutions dramatically reduce project path to mobilize enterprise systems.times and save companies significant Unlike other mobile solutions,resources in application development,integration and customization. Smart Energy Services—Experience Reduces RiskIn SummaryCompanies in the utility industry are Capgemini’s Smart Energy Services (SES) provides the full spectrum of smart metering,quickly adopting mobile technology smart grid, smart home and smart analytics solutions through leveraging best practicesto drive efficiencies. Whether your developed over the last 10 years working alongside the world’s leading utilities. Ourcompany owns several steps of this team has extensive utilities industry experience with an unequaled track record forprocess or concentrates on a single successful innovation and delivery. We are helping over 43 million utility customers byarea, mobile solutions present delivering sustainable energy efficiency and environmental solutions—transformingcountless opportunities to improve utility operations and the customer experience. Our commitment is strong with moreemployee workflow, maximize the than 8,400 professionals dedicated to the utility sector. More information is available atquality of data in back end systems cut paperwork from everydayprocesses.To fully achieve these benefits, ensure About Capgemini ® ®that you select mobile tools that areeasy to use, versatile, durable and With around 120,000 With EUR 670 million revenue in 2011scalable. Understand that the solution people in 40 countries, and 8,400 dedicated consultantswill change over time, both in size Capgemini is one of the worlds foremost engaged in Utilities projects acrossand in scope, and look for a solution providers of consulting, technology and Europe, North & South America andthat will accommodate this. Above all, outsourcing services. The Group reported Asia Pacific, Capgeminis Globalthink strategically about mobile as a 2011 global revenues of EUR 9.7 billion. Utilities Sector serves the businesspart of the overall IT infrastructure, Together with its clients, Capgemini consulting and information technologysecurity profile and back end creates and delivers business and needs of many of the world’s largestsystem environment. technology solutions that fit their needs players of this industry. and drive the results they want.Finally, seek advice from mobile A deeply multicultural organization, More information is available atspecialists and companies that have Capgemini has developed its own way of multiple solutions similar to working, the Collaborative Businessyours at companies like yours. ExperienceTM, and draws on Rightshore®, its worldwide delivery model. Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini Gord Reynolds Alon Gat EUC_UTLMOBFLR_031809_012 Smart Grid Operational Services Leader Utility Industry Specialist / AOS +1 416-732-2200 +1 416-930-7405 Copyright © 2012 Capgemini. All r ights reserved.