Sharepoint 2010 implementation


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Sharepoint 2010 implementation

  1. 1. Application Services Strategic Business Unit The way we see it SharePoint 2010 implementation Don’t set out on your We also see great demand from new journey without a map clients who have already deployed SharePoint and struggle to deliver fullBy getting more out Some organisations have already value. We work with these clients to implemented Microsoft Office identify value opportunities, prioritise, of SharePoint, SharePoint Server to great effect. then deliver full value using ourCapgemini can help Others, though, have struggled to SAFER (Structure, Analyse, Facilitate, Embed and Review) reduce costs by deliver their organisational goals; others again are still contemplating 10-30% for limited where and how best to start. Choosing the right start point and end additional spend point for a SharePoint implementation The arrival of SharePoint 2010 has is critical to delivering business value. prompted renewed interest. Clients Capgemini will collaborate with you to are asking us what’s different about help you to define your goals, identify SharePoint 2010, how it can help meet how to deliver value and plot your their goals, and whether it’s better to delivery route map. implement on-premise or in the cloud. Implementing SharePoint can be a Many clients, too, are asking for our complex journey. Let us guide you help in getting more value from an straight to your destination. existing implementation. For example, some companies are seeing good user uptake of SharePoint but have not achieved their desired business goals in terms of governance, control and compliance.
  2. 2. SharePoint has more Prepare for success with power than you may think Capgemini A UK government Most organisations we talk with We can help you identify the business have yet to appreciate the depth and goals SharePoint could help you agency has achieved breadth of capability that SharePoint achieve, using features like those listed annual cost savings now provides. For example: above. Whatever those goals, it is vital to have the right road map specifying of over £9m by using n it can spearhead your application the start and end point for your SharePoint and modernisation and rationalisation particular objectives. Kofax to streamline programme its record centre capability With our global SharePoint delivery its document n delivers robust corporate records capabilities and experience, we have management management, supporting information a strong track record in helping our compliance and risk management clients design the right route map, and then in working with them to ensure n it enables efficiency savings by that they stay on the right road. implementing workflow and ensuring repeatability in business Also key to successful SharePoint processes implementations is the design of the n it can underpin a flexible, mobile SharePoint information architecture: and geographically distributed the processes surrounding information workforce (including home workers) governance, the retention policies, the n with its FAST search engine, it business rules, the site provisioning provides an enterprise-level portal and metadata design. and search capability n it delivers rich business intelligence Provide too little governance, and capabilities the implementation will run out of n it can manage your organisation’s control; make the architecture too digital assets complex or rigid, and your users will reject SharePoint. We can show n it provides a platform for you how to find the right balance; collaboration and social business, SharePoint 2010 makes it easier too. integrated with Microsoft’s unified messaging n it can be used as a portal to business-critical systems such as Success factors in SharePoint SAP, enabling user self-service and implementation unified presentation of disparate Capgemini will work with you to systems achieve: • A clear understanding of business SharePoint is excellent for all these objectives, goals and benefits purposes. It’s also more readily • The right organisational governance model and team available to your organisation than • Investment in SharePoint capability you may realise. Companies who and skills to make the solution are licensed for Windows Server sustainable (which most are) will already have a • An appropriate SharePoint SharePoint licence. The SharePoint Information Architecture – easy to platform can be accessed through govern, deploy and maintain Lotus Notes email clients, and can also • Removal of paper from your search Lotus Notes repositories. organisation • A focus on quick wins and prototype candidate solutions With all these advantages, it’s not • The right business change surprising that the installed base programme, with easily digestible for SharePoint Server will grow at training an average annual rate of over 30% for the next four years, according to analysts Radicati.2
  3. 3. Application Services Strategic Business Unit The way we see itSharePoint can do even Your SharePoint partner ofmore in combination with choiceother products Capgemini can help you:SharePoint plus Kofax – dealing ndeploy SharePoint 2010 through anwith the paper mountain on-premise solutionClients are often interested in ndeploy SharePoint Online througheliminating paper from offices the cloud (including secure privateor processes, though they may cloud) e.g. using Amazon EC2underestimate the complexity of doing services, orso. To help achieve that objective, n achieve a combination of bothwe combine SharePoint with Kofaxsoftware, which automatically Incidentally, Capgemini also operatescaptures content in any format, the greenest data centre in the world,paper or electronic. Kofax separates, referred to as Merlin.classifies, extracts and validatesinformation from varied content With the help of Capgemini, Microsoftsources (paper, fax, email, XML, PDF , and Kofax, organisations are alreadyOffice documents, and more), using obtaining tangible business value fromSharePoint as the system of record and SharePoint and, where applicable,enabling straight-through processing. Kofax business solutions.Together, Kofax and SharePoint drive Kimberly-Clarkout costs and improve productivity Needing to measure performance inby the elimination of data entry its global manufacturing and supplyand reduction in error rates, while chain management, Kimberley-Clarkdelivering improved controls and consolidated disparate reporting solu-compliance. tions across manufacturing facilities into a central SharePoint system. WithSharePoint plus SAP – enriching the one major customer, the companyend user experience realised $10m of enhanced revenuesCapgemini recognises the power of that it would have otherwise lost.connecting people to ERP solutionssuch as SAP through a single portal, BAE Systemsfacilitating self-service and data BAE Systems Global Combat Systemsconsumption from many disparate Vehicles wanted to expand its after-systems. That’s why, jointly with SAP market business by servicing the vehi-and Microsoft, we have invested in a cles it manufactures throughout theirsolution called ERP+, which connects lifecycle. Microsoft Office SharePointMicrosoft and SAP technology to help Server helped it create an informationusers maximise their assets. portal that has significantly increased the support offered to customers, andWith ERP+ in place, your staff can the resultant revenue.use Microsoft tools to increase theirefficiency and productivity in working UK Ministry of Defencewith SAP accessing a wide range of Since 2000 Capgemini has providedSAP data through Microsoft tools an online collaboration managedsuch as MS Excel: because those tools service for the UK Ministry of Defenceare familiar, training time is reduced and its industry partners to overand more people can use SAP. At the 15,000 users across 750 organisations.same time, ERP+ lets the enterprise Document management, recordcentralise data and demonstrate good management and workflow capabilitygovernance. The net result is an are based on SharePoint and operateincrease in the return on your SAP on a trusted and secure infrastructure,investment. accredited to hold information up to and including UK RESTRICTED. 3
  4. 4. www.capgemini.comSevern Trent Water Do you need to understandSevern Trent relied on email and SharePoint better?decentralised data stores for contentmanagement and collaboration, Perhaps you’re planning an investmentresulting in lengthy and expensive in SharePoint 2010, or are aboutbusiness processes. A solution based to undertake a rollout, upgrade oron SharePoint Server 2010 has enhancement. Or perhaps you’vesignificantly speeded up the process already installed it, but have yet to seeof content publication, encouraged business value from your investment.innovation and promoted a culture ofcollaboration. At the same time, you may be wrestling with an expanding setToshiba of requirements and thinking thatTo become more globally competitive, you will need to invest in specialistimprove communications across packages that you can ill afford. Youthe group and save costs, Toshiba may even feel that your business can’tdeployed Microsoft Office products afford to deploy SharePoint at theincluding Exchange Server 2010 and moment.SharePoint, replacing 48,000 LotusNotes databases. Benefits included In all these cases, it’s worth talking tobetter information sharing, closer Capgemini.collaboration and savings estimatedto be worth over $21m on server,hardware, licensing and operationalcosts.Premera Blue CrossCase managers were coordinatingcomplex patient treatment About Capgeminiprogrammes with multiple physiciansusing paper-based processes ®and multiple computer systems.SharePoint helped them develop a Capgemini, one of the to get the right balance of the best talentsystem that could set priorities, track world’s foremost providers from multiple locations, working as onework, and show outstanding tasks. of consulting, technology and outsourc- team to create and deliver the optimum ing services, enables its clients to trans- solution for clients.Benefits included a 25% increase form and perform through technologies. Present in 40 countries, Capgeminiin efficiency, a 17% increase in case Capgemini provides its clients with reported 2010 global revenues ofmanager job satisfaction and expanded insights and capabilities that boost their EUR 8.7 billion and employs aroundmanagement capacity worth $9.6m. freedom to achieve superior results 110,000 people worldwide. through a unique way of working, the More information is available atUK government agency Collaborative Business ExperienceTM. www.capgemini.comA solution based on SharePoint and The Group relies on its global deliveryKofax has delivered annual cost model called Rightshore®, which aims Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgeminisavings of over £9m. Documents arenow centrally stored, easily retrievableand accurately labelled. Employeescan quickly retrieve informationfrom a wide variety of documents toprovide better customer service. The Andy Appleby John Crosbiesolution has been rolled out to 11 Private Sector – Application Services Information Management Solutions Director Strategic Business Unit john.crosbie@capgemini.comsites. 0870 905 3310 0870 194 6843 Copyright ©2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.