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Salesforce and Origamo


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Salesforce and Origamo

Published in: Technology
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Salesforce and Origamo

  1. 1. DreamForce Demo Journey - 1 - Origamo Video and Explanation What it will say: • Reinforce the key messages from the video (building real human loyalty) • Conceptual view of the overall solution • Play it back as a framework (the wheel) and the introduction of a hypothetical journey How will we show it: • Prezi zoom out to show the whole journey • To show an example - we’ve developed a StyleList brand to show the story through the 5 stages • Using a lot of Salesforce tech What does it look like: Video - to set the scene of the Future of Loyalty 1 Slide to set provide more info about the work behind Origamo EXPERIENTIAL ONBOARDING PERSONAL CURATION INSPIRATIONAL EXPLORATION DREAM PLANNING REWARDING EXPERIENCES
  2. 2. DreamForce Demo Journey - 2 - Facebook Sign Up Review the StyleList Facebook page explaining the membership programme Converse with the chatbot on Facebook Messenger to sign up for the programme What it will say: • We are able to allow a customer to register for the membership programme in a simple and compelling way • Move away from a customer needing to fill in a long web form and are able to gather more interesting customer data (for example their interests from Facebook, their music tastes from Spotify and capturing a selfie) which can all be used in future contact and campaigns How will we show it: • Within ‘Experiential onboarding’ on Prezi • A customer using Facebook Messenger to sign up for the membership programme by conversing with the personal stylist chatbot (and signing up with a selfie) • Talk about what we’re doing with the data and what we are able to gather from Facebook and other networks (e.g. social profile, using selfie to fill in questions (e.g. age)) - we didn’t ask for a lot from the chatbot but got a huge amount of interesting data What does it look like: Mockup of Facebook page +
  3. 3. DreamForce Demo Journey - 3 - Data Visualisation of New Customer What it will say: • As a new customer is created in Salesforce we are able to capture a huge amount of ‘interesting’ customer data and capture this within Salesforce How will we show it: • Within Personal Curation on Prezi • A starburst diagram will show the build-up of the data in real time for a new customer • (This diagram will continue to update throughout the rest of the story, as the retailer gathers even more data on the customer) • Talk about how rich the data is - could use different areas to start to build different campaigns • Show the welcome message to the customer - with personally curated products and content from StyleList based on what we know about them What does it look like: • The Starburst diagram will grow as the customer data is gathered Salesforce view and Data Visualisation to show customer being created
  4. 4. DreamForce Demo Journey - 4 - Endless Aisle and Data Viz What it will say: • The Endless Aisle is a way to inspire customers in store, whilst gathering new types of customer data • Customers will be able to browse a number of products on the screen at the end of an aisle. As they browse, their emotional reaction to each product will be measured. The customer’s emotional reaction will be used to suggest the best next product to show them How will we show it: • Within Inspirational Exploration in Prezi • Animation to show a customer within a store interacting with the Endless Aisle application on a touch screen (with real screen shots) • In the animation, female is using the screen to look at handbags, then a man walks up - shown man-bags. He is recognised and is shown products targeted to him specifically • Screen takes into account external context (e.g. showing summer bags) • This data feeds back into the Salesforce view and the starburst diagram What does it look like: Video showing the Endless Aisle and how it brings personalisation to the store environment. Video also shows backend updates in Salesforce and customer being added to marketing campaign +
  5. 5. DreamForce Demo Journey - 5 - Life Events (Mobile App) + Data Viz What it will say: • The mobile app is used as the core of the membership proposition • Here, the app is used to entice the customer to share upcoming life events (i.e. going to a wedding, starting a new job) • The customer is able to use the app to share the event coming up and is instantly rewarded How will we show it: • Within Dream Planning on Prezi • Customer using the app will click to state they have a wedding coming up • This data will then feed back into the Salesforce view and the starburst diagram will update to show the new information known about the customer • Voice over to talk about how we’re able to understand the upcoming events of the customer and use this to target them with personalised products and campaigns What does it look like: Adding a life event on the mobile app which updates the recommended products +
  6. 6. DreamForce Demo Journey - 6 - Campaign through FB Messenger + App What it will say: • The retailer can combine customer data about upcoming life events with online/app and in store data (from the endless aisle) about the customer • The retailer now knows that the customer has a wedding coming up, so will be added to a campaign to try and suggest wedding-specific products • The app will update to show wedding-related products on the home page • The Facebook Messenger chatbot will then suggest a blog post to read regarding the latest shopping looks How will we show it: • Within Planned Rewards in Prezi • Voice over of how the retailer knows that the customer has been browsing at bags in store earlier (endless aisle) and can combine this info with the event info to suggest products • The customer will also receive a Facebook message regarding a blog post related to their upcoming event and 10% off a relevant product/experience (e.g. spa day for wedding, sunglasses for holiday) What does it look like: Facebook Messenger Bot provides an offer through the campaign + +
  7. 7. Prezi / Video Look & Feel The Prezi can be based on the 5 circles of the Origamo model -As each of the parts of the customer journey relate to one of these Origamo areas, the Prezi could zoom into these sections to tell each part of the story. Within each section there can be a relevant slide / screenshot / video / animation, depending on the content to be shown (for example the Endless Aisle would require an animation with the inclusion of screen shots) Any animations will ideally have the same look and feel of the recent Capgemini ‘CooC’ videos (see example screenshots below) and include real screenshots of the products (e.g. Facebook Messenger chatbot) where possible