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Intelligent automation appian sathya srinmivasan cwin18-utrecht


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No cloud integration, RPA with Blue Prism, Use cases

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Intelligent automation appian sathya srinmivasan cwin18-utrecht

  1. 1. Intelligent Automation with Appian Sathya Srinivasan | Principal Solutions Architect
  2. 2. Intelligent Automation 4 Business Process & Rules Management Integrated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) AI-driven Agent Recommendations Enterprise Integration
  3. 3. Appian Process Modeler 5 • BPMN Standards Based • Intuitive Low-Code Design • Extensible Library of Actions • Support Any Process Pattern Possible
  4. 4. Appian Process Analytics • Real-time Workforce Analytics • Flexible Report Design • Track by Agent, Task or Process • Detailed Audit Trail of Process Actions
  5. 5. No-Code Integration to Cloud AI Services 7
  6. 6. Appian RPA with Blue Prism • Low-Code Design for Building Robotic Process Automation • Integrate Seamlessly with Appian Automation • Manage Robots and Handle Exceptions
  7. 7. app HELP DESK app FIELD SERVICE app QUOTE TO CASH app STORE MGMT app LOAN ORIGINATION app GDPR COMPLIANCE app CUSTOMER ONBOARDING app CONTACT CENTER AUTOMATION Build significant new apps up to 20x faster.1 * According to Forrester study. Connect and enhance existing applications.2 *
  8. 8. Governance, Risk & Compliance Master complex compliance requirements and manage global risk. Customer Journey Deliver superior customer engagement in sales, marketing, and support. Business Operations Drive operational efficiency, maximize employee productivity, and optimize business decisions. How Our Customers Use Appian
  9. 9. Use Case - Intelligent Triage and Routing • Apply AI to Understand Intent of Inbound Requests • Auto-Route to Appropriate Process, avoiding manual triage. • Faster Processing Time • Eliminate Manual Triage • Improved Customer Satisfaction What is done Value Delivered
  10. 10. Use Case - Robotic Process Automation and OCR • Utilize RPA to automate repetitive human tasks • Native OCR in BP extracts data from PDF, Images, etc. • Apply RPA to auto load data into target systems • Eliminate Human Errors • Improved Data Quality • Greater Efficiency What is done Value Delivered
  11. 11. Summary - Benefits of Intelligent Automation • Efficiency - Get More Done with Less • Quality - Less Errors, Better Data • Customer Satisfaction - Handle Requests Faster • Compliance - Ensure processes are always compliant • Human Capital - Reduce costs / use humans more effectively
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