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Infographic: Digital Demands Reshaping the Wealth Management Industry

According to the World Wealth Report 2014 from Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management, digital has become the new wealth management industry mandate for meeting client expectations, providing integrated client experiences, reducing flight risks and increasing profitability. Regardless of age, wealth level, geography and need for advice, high net worth individuals are demanding digital capability from the wealth management industry and two-thirds would consider leaving their wealth management firm if an integrated experience is not provided.

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Infographic: Digital Demands Reshaping the Wealth Management Industry

  1. 1. Source:WorldWealthReport2014,CapgeminiandRBCWealthManagement;Capgemini,RBCWealthManagement,andScorpioPartnershipGlobalHNWInsightsSurvey2014. Shithebusiness mindsettoviewdigitalas centraltoaseamless clientexperience DevelopanROImodel thatengagesalllevels oftheorganization Implementquick wins Developbigdata opportunities Makebuildversus buydecisions Accessingportfolioinformation Obtainingadvice 61% 49% Executingtransations 53% 62% 53% 62% EventhewealthiestHNWIs expectalargelydigitalwealth managementrelationship. MorethanhalfofHNWIsaged40+would considerleavingtheirfirmifan integrated channelexperienceisn provided.  Myth: Digitalisonlyforyounger HNWIs Myth: DigitalisonlyforHNWIsinlowerwealthbands Myth: Digitalisonlyfor HNWIsdirecting theirownportfolios Evenadvice-seekingHNWIsexpect theirwealthmanagementrelationship tobeprimarilydigital.