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Improving Global Performance with a new core banking system


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Capgemini Success Story

Capgemini streamlines international IT systems and provides region, language-specific solutions for a top 10 major global bank

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Improving Global Performance with a new core banking system

  1. 1. Financial Services the way we do itImproving Global Performancewith a New Core Banking SystemCapgemini streamlines international IT systemsand provides region, language-specific solutionsfor a top 10 major global bankThe Situation For these reasons, our client set outFor leading financial services firms, to standardize the IT systems ofstrong international growth can bring key subsidiaries in Europe, Africa,challenges as well as benefits. In the the Mediterranean and other globalcase of our client, one of the top 5 regions. The company soughtmajor banks in Europe1, the issue a partner that could manage awas multiple IT systems in use across centralized service center to support40 global retail banking subsidiaries. the implementation, and couldWith so many platforms in use, our collaborate with its teams for the fullclient was unable to achieve optimal length of the project in each localtransparency into its business, language and specific geographic area.standardize best practices around theworld, and gain from the efficiency Capgemini was chosen for thisof all subsidiaries speaking the same significant role for four importantIT language. Even more important, reasons: our strong commitmentharmonizing its core banking system to support the bank, intimatewould make it easier for the bank understanding of the bank’sto comply with a growing array of requirements, provenbanking regulations, as well as reduce expertise within theits maintenance and support costs.1Ranking based on Forbes Global 2000 for2011,
  2. 2. banking sector, and an industrialized In Ghana, the bank’s goal was toapproach to program implementation. replace the existing core banking solution with Delta to reduceThe Solution maintenance and support cost asCapgemini has played a leading role well as streamline and cleanse datain helping our client implement used by the system. As a first step,a new core banking platform to Capgemini worked closely with ourboost standardization, efficiency client to understand the subsidiary’sand effectiveness in key geographies current systems and processes. Thisaround the world, beginning with enabled the team to gather detailedGhana, Croatia and China. The first requirements for the plannedstep was to create a dedicated service system, and configure it for and project team in India with Capgemini teamed with the systema unique set of skills, encompassing vendor to implement it, includingbanking sector knowledge, a comprehensive testing strategy tosoftware package integration, ensure high quality and functionalityproject management expertise and levels. Data migration and cleansinginternational rollout experience. Next, were also emphasized by the team,the team designed all the necessary since much of the data in use by theprocesses and procedures, making subsidiary was unclean.sure it could replicate these in allthe bank’s subsidiaries. Capgemini Capgemini’s implementation of thehas also deployed mobile teams with new platform in Croatia was similarlyglobal talent to implement the new IT tailored to that subsidiary’s specificsystem in each subsidiary. goals, which included reducing maintenance costs, improvingThe Result support, ensuring integration withCapgemini has supported our client’s legacy systems, boosting regulatoryinternational growth by optimizing compliance, and standardizing keyits cost base while strengthening the operational processes. The team begancoherence of IT platforms serving its with detailed requirements gathering,employees across the globe. Expected mapping each business line to capturebenefits are increased net bank existing product features, processesincome, the sharing of best practices, and dependencies, and identifying alland improvements in products, risk potential performance and service quality. Capgemini also tested the newHow We Work Together system’s performance againstOur client’s new platform is requirements, including intensivecomprised of two solutions: Delta integration and user acceptanceBankTM for small-to-medium sized tests. As in Ghana, the team ledsubsidiaries and Finacle BankTM for comprehensive change managementlarger ones. To date, these solutions and training efforts to ensure thehave been introduced successfully bank would derive maximum valuein Ghana, Croatia and China, with from the new platform, and fostered aadditional implementations planned smooth go-live by providing supportin coming months. in migration, data cleansing, training, and system stabilization.
  3. 3. In China as well, Capgemini began Following the success of thiswith in-depth user interviews and first phase of core bankingworkshops to gather requirements for implementations, Capgemini isthe new system, and worked with the continuing its global collaborationvendor to ensure these requirements with our client, enriching the servicewould be reflected in the system’s center’s range of offerings to accelerateconfiguration. Capgemini also the roll-out of the new core bankingprovided implementation and project platform and specialized businessmanagement expertise, including applications around the world.issue tracking and resolution, project Furthermore, Capgemini has extendedstatus updates, risk identification its delivery model to encompassand mitigation, and communication the entire life cycle of applicationsmanagement. In addition, Capgemini requiring functional and productionprovided in-depth testing services and support, upgrade testing andmigration support, and helped define additional development. Capgeminiinterface requirements across multiple delivers these new services from thefunctional areas and applications. offshore location once the delivery responsibility has been transferredCapgemini‘s approach to knowledge from our client’s subsidiaries tomanagement also adds significant Capgemini’s service center. Globally,value. By running implementations the service center teams now addressin several different countries in over 30 countries where the globalparallel, each team shares knowledge bank has offices.dynamically and learns from eachother. Indeed, the India-based If you would like to find out moreKnowledge Manager works closely about this project, please contact:with each of the mobile teams, success.story@capgemini.comcapturing knowledge from onelocation and storing it centrally.Capgemini can thus effectivelyaddress any knowledge gaps at otherlocations.This approach of deploying mobileteams that can re-use knowledge-backed up by a service center inIndia-has been critical to the successof this global program. Capgemini’sService Center Manager in Indiaensures the effectiveness of thisapproach by permanently monitoringand tuning the services and theoperating procedures with a strongindustrial perspective. The overallorganisation is headed by a programdirector located near the bank’scorporate headquarters in Europeto design services aligned with theclient’s strategic orientations for itsinternational IT systems. Not onlydoes this give our client greater valueat lower cost-it also enables the bankto speed up time-to-market and winmarket share.
  4. 4. About Capgemini ® With around 120,000 people Capgemini has developed its own way of in 40 countries, Capgemini is one working, the Collaborative Business of the world’s foremost providers of ExperienceTM, and draws on Rightshore®, its consulting, technology and outsourcing worldwide delivery model. services. The Group reported 2011 global revenues of EUR 9.7 billion. Together with Learn more about us at its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini their needs and drive the results they want. A deeply multicultural organization,Capgemini France Approved byFinancial Services Herve Meunier, Program Director, Core Banking Practice, Capgemini Financial Services 130412_IN©2012 Capgemini. No part of this document may be modified, deleted or expanded by any process or meanswithout prior written permission from Capgemini. Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini.