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Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2010

Download the 4th edition of Capgemini Consulting’s Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey to understand the major trends and developments affecting Procurement.

This Global Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Survey 2010 shows that:

-Around 65% of the CPOs and senior Supply Chain leaders surveyed felt that the economy is showing clear signs of recovery from recession, although the mindset has not completely returned to “business as usual”.

-Over 60% of respondents confirmed that the Procurement function has emerged from the global economic downturn as a winner, with an improved image within their organization.

-Cost reduction continues to be a major focus area with savings targets increasing as they did in 2009 (over 40% of respondents have savings targets at nearly 10% for 2010).

-However, almost 80% of survey participants responded that top management expected them to improve the overall value contribution of Procurement.

-There is a continued trend towards Centralized Procurement operating models with over 40% of the surveyed companies favoring the centralized model and another 50% favoring a center-led/hybrid model.

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