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Dutch ministry of infrastructure and the environment leads the way in crisis response

In order to respond effectively to a large-scale disaster or crisis, public sector organizations must share accurate information seamlessly and securely with all the relevant parties who have a role to play in the response.

Capgemini and Gemnet, a Dutch communications services provider, worked together on a proactive initiative to develop the Information Pool, a nationwide facility for the exchange of information on disaster management and crisis control between all relevant parties.

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Dutch ministry of infrastructure and the environment leads the way in crisis response

  1. 1. in collaboration withDutch Ministry of Infrastructure andthe Environment Leads the Way inCrisis ResponseThe Information Pool from Capgemini and Gemnethelps Dutch government agencies and the privatesector share real-time information on emergenciesThe Situation to the crisis, potentially with seriousIn order to respond effectively to a large-scale consequences.disaster or crisis, public sector organizationsmust share accurate information seamlessly The Solutionand securely with all the relevant parties Recognizing the pressing need for a solutionwho have a role to play in the response. to these issues, Capgemini and Gemnet, aThis often includes government bodies at Dutch communications services provider,local, regional and national levels, police, worked together on a proactive initiative toemergency services, incident rooms, and develop the Information Pool, a nationwideprivate sector organizations. facility for the exchange of information on disaster management and crisis controlIn the Netherlands, cooperation between between all relevant parties.agencies involved in disaster responsehas been improving continuously, but Compliant with Diginet and Digikoppelingchallenges in sharing information across technological standards, andorganizational boundaries remain. The making use of national referencecurrent crisis management and incident architectures such as NORA, the Informationroom systems of the emergency services, Pool works on the following principles:authorities and private organizations who n a common language: Ipool makes itplay a role in crisis control and disaster possible for agencies to exchange datamanagement are often not connected. Each using a consistent semantic andparty uses its own sources of information technical language, basedand conceptual framework, and shares onlylimited data. This can give rise to differencesof interpretation, confusion and delayswhich hamper the response
  2. 2. Public the way we do it on Safety Sector Information Capgemini’s in-depth knowledge of Once an organization has joined the pool Architecture domain crisis management proved and subscribed to the information relevantn a single link: participating organizations invaluable, as did its close working to them, that information becomes accessible can link their information systems relationship. The team used this in three ways: through existing applications, to the pool to share and receive the knowledge to design and build the through the Ipool basic viewer which required information; there is no Information Pool for the public’s safety. allows for read-only access, and through an need for agencies to develop multiple Ipool was developed to comply with enhanced viewer which allows for read-write interfaces to each other’s systems, Diginet and Digikoppeling, Dutch access and information sharing. and the information is also accessible government technological standards for directly via a web interface the interoperability between information The information currently available in then a messaging system: Gemnet’ messaging s systems and networks. pool includes incident data and impact system routes the right information assessments, weather information, aerial to the right people according to How the Information Pool is photos, street maps and transport positions, predefined logical rules used in the Dutch Public Sector location coordinates and risk charts. Then a secure network: the pool provides and beyond value of the Information Pool will increase a virtual bridge across separate When joining the system, organizations as more organizations join in future. The applications and offers a 24/7, reliable decide which aspects of their information pool will soon include new types of content, and secure means of sharing potentially they will publish to the pool, and what such as real-time traffic reports, licensing sensitive information. information from other organizations they information and victim profiling, as well wish to subscribe to in the event of a crisis. as new functionality for decision making,The Result A subscribing party reaches an agreement response planning and announcements.The Information Pool has been running as with a publishing party over the exchange ofa 24-hour operational facility supported information, which is itself registered in the If you would like to find out more aboutby Capgemini and Gemnet since 2010. pool and determines how information will this project, please contact:The Ministry of Infrastructure and the automatically be relayed during an incident. success.story@capgemini.comEnvironment (I&M) joined the pool whenit launched, along with the Ministry of About CapgeminiPublic Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS),the Royal Netherlands Meteorological ®Institute (KNMI), the National Institutefor Public Health and the Environment With around 120,000 people A deeply multicultural organization,(RIVM), the Port of Rotterdam Authority in 40 countries, Capgemini is one Capgemini has developed its own way of of the world’s foremost providers of working, the Collaborative Businessand the Dutch Land Registry Office, consulting, technology and outsourcing ExperienceTM, and draws on Rightshore®, itsKadaster. By the end of 2011, ten services. The Group reported 2011 global worldwide delivery model.organizations will be linked via the pool, revenues of EUR 9.7 billion. Together withand thereafter further local, regional and Learn more about us at its clients, Capgemini creates and deliversnational bodies will continue to join. business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want. Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to CapgeminiBefore the Information Pool, the processof exchanging information during a crisis Capgemini Netherlands Approved byoften took several hours, which made it Public Sector Ruud de Krom, Crisis Coordinator for Thedifficult for agencies to co-ordinate a rapid Business Information Management Ministry of Infrastructureresponse. Now, information can be shared Martin van den Berg, Project Manager,within seconds, empowering agencies to Capgeminirespond quickly and minimize damage. In collaboration with is Melanie Schultz Van Haegen. I&M’s policy, implementation and inspectionHow Ministry of Infrastructure sections and support agencies are committedand Environment and Capgemini to improving quality of life, access andWorked Together The Ministry of Infrastructure and mobility in a clean, safe and sustainable Environment (I&M) is one of eleven environment in the Netherlands. TheThe Ministry of Infrastructure and the ministries which form the national Ministry strives to create an efficient networkEnvironment chose Capgemini because of of roads, railways, waterways and airways, government of the Netherlands. It wasits long-term partnership with the service formed in 2010 through the merger of effective water management to protectprovider. Capgemini helped optimize the former Ministry of Transport, Public against flooding, and improved air andI&M’s crisis advice processes and built a Works and Water Management and Ministry water quality.system to manage their crises efficiently. of Housing, Spatial Planning and the More information is available at PS_290212_IN Environment, and the current minister ©2012 Capgemini. No part of this document may be modified, deleted or expanded by any process or means without prior written permission from Capgemini. Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini.