Dreamforce Debrief - One small step for man.. One giant leap for TeliaSonera


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Dreamforce Debrief - One small step for man.. One giant leap for TeliaSonera

  1. 1. “One small step for man…One giant leap for TeliaSonera”Dreamforce @ CapgeminiMichael Løytved
  2. 2. Who are we? TeliaSonera operates in 18 countries 7th biggest Telco operator in the worldCamilla Katkjær Jørgensen Business Development Manager Working on business development for B2B Capgemini operates in 40 countries Premium global SFDC partner, #1 in ScandinaviaMichael Løytved Heads Capgemini Denmark Cloud Center of Excellence Working on Social CRM, Customer interaction & Cloud vendor orchestration Business Consulting in collaboration with 2
  3. 3. The Situation …Fierce and ever changing competition Ever changing customer needs TeliaSonera Business Challenges & SituationSeparate organizations & processes Lack of full customer overview Business Consulting in collaboration with 3
  4. 4. The Complication Business Consultingin collaboration with 4
  5. 5. The AnswerCloud based – Sales Harmonized High energy Rapid processes based on Cloud from SFDC Solution Workshops Best Practice Right staff – deep sector insight, SFDCAgile development, experts and Collaborative team SCRUM experienced work in all phases Business Consulting in collaboration with 5
  6. 6. Capgemini & TeliaSonera Denmark Norway Lithuania International CarriersLong track record from numinoussuccessful projects on BSS, OSSetc Next steps include elements Truly Collaboration from Capgemini Immediate • Mobility & Broadband and further developments on • B2B & B2C the Force.com platform • Capgemini as a group Business Consulting in collaboration with 6
  7. 7. Your Checklist to Success! BEFORE DURING AFTER Partner up with consultants who can  Construct a communication plan so  Organizational change management enhance and accelerate the solution that all relevant stakeholders are is essential to endure high user and your business informed during the different phases adoption Secure top management and IT  Secure participation of key resources  Management need to be active in all buy-in and that they have allocated time phases – especially also after implementation Appoint your change agents and use  Involve future Super Users early. them throughout the project Also for UAT + training Prepare before the WS – alone or in  Ensure effective transfer of cooperation with your consultants knowledge between the project team  Use agile development methods and the organization Involve a broad spectra of interested  Don’t underestimate the time and parties and experts to the workshops  Application Maintenance and support complexity in integration to legacy of SFDC to be done by Who? When? Make a Phased and Iterative systems. And How? approach  Be open for new ideas  Capture new ideas and functionality  Be ready to and have the authority to requests? By who?, prioritize?, Consider a POC and/or Master Data take shift decisions development? Management analysis prior to  Have your governance structure in  Partner up with someone who can implementation. place orchestrate multiple cloud vendors – Don’t spend unnecessary time on not just SFDC and who can enhance major requirements list and penalty and accelerate the solution and your contracts business Build on trust and that all parties sincerely wants to succeed. Business Consulting in collaboration with 7
  8. 8. Don’t …. Don’t try to solve every business challenge in one project … Business Consultingin collaboration with 8
  9. 9. One Company logo Michael Løytved Managing Consultant Capgemini Danmark A/S Delta Park 40, DK-2665, Vallensbæk Strand Mob: +45 5218 9757 michael.loytved@capgemini.com www.dk.capgemini.com