Customer centric digital platform for utilities: Process to value


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New digital technologies like smart metering and smart
homes, together with the rise of mobile connectivity and
social media, are playing a major role in transforming
how utilities and customers interact

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Customer centric digital platform for utilities: Process to value

  1. 1. Utilities the way we see itCustomer centric digitalplatform for utilities: Processto valueNew digital technologies like smart metering and smarthomes, together with the rise of mobile connectivity andsocial media, are playing a major role in transforminghow utilities and customers interactThe Need for a Customer Utilities in deregulated markets needCentric Digital Platform to have effective marketing, sales andUtilities are going through major service processes in place to acquire,changes with deregulation, grow and keep the profitableunbundling, competition and customers. Market and customersustainability as key drivers. In order intelligence can be dynamicallyto face the challenging market and gathered and analysed - with socialregulatory environment in media as an important source - forcombination with changing customer instant identification of customerpreferences and behaviour, utilities demands and to deliver the best ‘nextneed to rethink their customer action’ in every interaction whateverstrategy, transform their business the channel.models, redesign and streamline theirbusiness processes and build a more Energy conservation can beflexible, agile and integrated powerfully addressed through theapplication infrastructure. introduction of digital technologies like smart meters and smartThe critical consumer needs are homes. Consumers have hugenowadays customer satisfaction, expectations from thesereduction in energy expenditures and smart energymitigating the environmental impactof power consumption.
  2. 2. services. However, the majority of applications that are linked together including social mediaconsumers have limited awareness by a complex web of relationships, n Personalising interactions andabout the extent of their own active bringing together divisions and information to address customer-involvement in energy management. departments, connecting key specific needsUtilities need to promote greater processes, and managing entry and n Legacy systems and processes thatcustomer involvement by improving exit points between the core hinder business agility to launchinformation flows to consumers enterprise and customers using a wide campaigns or new products andthrough trusted and preferred range of channels. services (including those related tocommunication channels. sustainability) over different Utilities have made significant efforts channelsThe Customer Centric Digital Platform to build front-office desktops and n Shift to lower cost channelsneeds to seamlessly connect customers customer portals providing access to preferably handled by customerswith the utility’s front & back-office their multiple back/middle-office themselvesprocesses, providing a personalized applications and information n Disconnected internal processes,multi-channel experience. However, repositories. But all too often, leading to lack of visibility into thethis platform also needs to leverage the customer representatives are lost end-to-end process, particularly atinformation and processes residing in among too many redundant, an enterprise levelexisting IT investments in a ‘wrap & disjointed applications and n Process optimization andrenew’ strategy to reduce overall information. At the same time they are improvement to adapt to changinginvestments required for this digital expected to lower their time spent per business scenarios and continuoustransformation. The benefits are high interaction with each customer. In improvementcustomer satisfaction, a seamless addition time-to-market for new n Multiple systems and platformsmultichannel experience, maximum products and service could be within the organization that areoperational efficiency with minimum improved, while the benefits of siloedadditional investment, and the process optimization are not realizedleveraging of existing IT investments to due to long time for change. The new digital technologies requireddeliver new products and services. for smart energy have made the existing Some of the key challenges faced are: IT infrastructure incapable of handlingThe existing landscape n Connecting across the overall value the new smart services expected byIn most cases, today’s utilities have a chain (including customers and consumers. In addition it is unable tolarge number of individual partners) via preferred channels cater for digital consumer technologies.Figure 1: Existing Landscape Organizational Silos Marketing Sales Operations Cust Services Sys Admin Campaigns CRM Back Office Contact Center Apps Product Catalogs Applications Silos Customers are lost in the maze The organization is wasting Lack of ability and reactivity to of offerings and interaction time and resources, generating business or regulation changes channels productivity losses2
  3. 3. Utilities the way we see itHigh Level Customer Journey segments. At the same time, as more recent home energy managementTo meet increased customer customers are drawn into online, email systems (HEMS) to present customersexpectations, utilities want to build an or social networking modes, then the with a seamless experience.end-to-end relationship with consumers old and conventional modes such asright from on-boarding to exit which mail (post) can be completely abolished. The Customer Centric Digital Platformwill increase customer satisfaction and This would not only help cut down cost streamlines and automates yourcreate a collaborative relationship with but would also have a positive impact processes to enhance productivity andthem. The entire meter-to-cash process on the environment and ‘go green’ customer value. It also combines thewill continuously involve and empower initiatives. power of process management,consumers to manage their energy workflow orchestration and intelligentdecisions. It will also tell you how Intelligent BPM (iBPM) based decisioning to:consumers want to interact, and what Customer Centric Digital n Tailor your offers and servicestheir expectations are for self service, Platform n Respond better and more quickly tosocial media and other non-traditional Capgemini’s Customer Centric Digital customerschannels, at each stage of the customer Platform is based on intelligent Business n Provide a great cross-channeljourney. The content of the Process Management (iBPM). It can experience to customerscommunication might range from help utilities maximize their return on n Enhance your productivitypromotional contents, new tariff plans, investment (ROI) by giving them abilling information or any other forms single platform to unify their customer- Key Benefitsof transactional communication. facing business processes with their An intelligent Customer Centric internal operational processes. The Digital Platform improves productivityIn the channel and service mix, the Customer Centric Digital Platform and efficiency by automaticallyevolution of new channels will look unifies your customer facing contact orchestrating the people, processes,similar to figure 2 which shows that the centers, social media apps or mobile/ technology, data and the policies.rapid emergence of smart phone/tablet web channels with your internal n Increase operational efficiencyapps, and other social networking business processes such as meter-to- across the service chain & thechannels could soon make them the cash. It is a platform that spans the multiple rolesmost used and effective modes of cross customer information system (CIS), Improve the productivity andchannel communication. Especially as meter data management system efficiency of customer salesthese are sustainable and flexible (MDMS), service delivery system, meter representatives by gaining the real-enough to cater to the different service communication network (AMI) and the time visibility and control over the processes n Anticipate customer behavior toFigure 2: Channel & Services mix, and the evolution of new channels deliver the next best action Successfully align products & services with the customers, Channel Online Phone - Smart enabling you to deliver the right Social Conventional E Mail Account & Website IVR Contact Center Phones Apps. / iPad Media Post response to the right customer Services n Deliver a consistent experience Billing over the multiple channels Enhance customer experience and proactively deliver notifications via Information online and social media/channels n Accelerate time-to-value & Transactional maximize agility of the overall process Promotion Enhance IT-business collaboration and revise processes to respond to organization or regulatory changes – Community in days, if necessary n Lower operational costs Billing - Any activity dealing with sending, receiving Transactions - Any activity that involves to and fro Relevance: Channel to Services and processing of bills and bill amount communication in terms of information sharing, financial transactions and account related issues. Automate routine tasks to improve HIGH Informative - Anything that is not billing or MEDIUM transactional, but has information that pertains to Promotional & Community - Any activity that deals with reliability and predictability while ones account, connection, the company in general, promotion of brand, services or offerings, Community includes LOW energy saving tips etc. using the social networking/ community mediums to communicate with account as well as non account holders minimizing the need for human interventionCustomer centric digital platform for utilities: Process to value 3
  4. 4. 3: Customer Centric Digital Platform Customer Centric Organization Marketing Sales Operations Cust Services Sys Admin Promote new Deliver Provides Acquire new Product products and Products and Customer customers Operations offerings Services Service Customer Centric Digital Platform Campaigns Product Catalogs CRM Back Office Contact Center Apps Customer Centric Solutions / Architecture Collaborative, consistent and efficient business operations leading to fluid customer interactions, enhanced productivity and better risk managementWhy Capgemini? the leading BPM vendors in the solution development and R&D,Capgemini is your perfect partner to market including Pegasystems, Oracle discounted training and acceleratedimplement BPM in your business. and IBM. Capgemini and its partners access to support helpdesks.Capgemini’s deep industry knowledge regularly work together on clientand delivery capabilities are backed pursuits and solution crafting andby proven BPM implementation delivery. These global alliances also 1Gartner, Inc., “Market Share: IT Services, 2011,” Kathrynexperience, with sustainable results provide Capgemini with ready access Hale et al, 9 April, 2012delivered across companies of all sizes. to the latest product versions forCapgemini can be the end-to-endprovider of services to re-engineerand transform your processes, enable About Capgemini and theprocess improvement initiatives, Collaborative Business Experience ®automate manual processes, connectinternal processes with the extended With around 120,000 people With EUR 670 million revenue in 2011enterprise and help leverage your in 40 countries, Capgemini is and 8,400 dedicated consultants engagedexisting IT investments. Capgemini one of the world’s foremost providers in Utilities projects across Europe, Northhas worked on various engagements of consulting, technology and & South America and Asia Pacific,with leading utilities across the globe. outsourcing services. The Group reported Capgemini’s Global Utilities Sector servesCapgemini’s unique combination of 2011 global revenues of EUR 9.7 billion. the business consulting and information Together with its clients, Capgemini technology needs of many of the world’scredentials is demonstrated by: creates and delivers business and largest players of this industry.n Deep industry knowledge: technology solutions that fit their needs Capgemini is ranked and drive the results they want. More information is available at #1 in utilities in EMEA for IT business services providers, based on A deeply multicultural organization, 2011 revenue1. Capgemini has developed its own way of #3 in utilities worldwide for IT working, the Collaborative Business services providers, based on 2011 ExperienceTM, and draws on Rightshore®, revenue1. its worldwide delivery model. Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgeminin BPM implementation experience: As a leading BPM practitioner, Capgemini has the advanced service CALORIE Michel Van Zutphen delivery, program management, Solution Center for Energy and Utilities Vice President, Energy & Utilities process domain, enterprise Capgemini Netherlands architecture, and transformation skills necessary to support most BPM projects. Ajay Verma Tanmay Deyn Leveraging alliances and Enterprise Architect, Smart Energy Services Analyst, BPM GSL partnerships: Capgemini India Capgemini India We have strategic partnerships with © 2012 Capgemini. All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be modified, deleted or expanded by any process or means without prior written permission from Capgemini.