Collaborative Customer Interaction Management


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Collaborative Customer Interaction Management

  1. 1. Collaborative Customer Interaction Management
 Powered by IBM Case Manager David Caldeira - IBM Scott Siegel - Capgemini Director, ECM Products and Strategy North America Delivery Leader, Enterprise Content & Online Practice
  2. 2. New market demands for achieving better business outcomes require new approaches ▪ Higher customer service level expectations ▪ Increased costs and risks from unpredictable processes ▪ Greater demands for productivity amid complex decisions ▪ Limited ability to respond to market dynamics ▪ Departing and diminished workforces …in all industries
  3. 3. What Capabilities Facilitate Complex Customer Service Resolution? Complaints Disputes Incidents Requests Feedback Complex customer service requests can take multiple forms and span beyond a phone call, demanding the participation of multiple business areas and spawning numerous tasks to achieve the right business outcome Case Ownership Case Information Owner and team assignment including appropriate data/ documentation Interact with external systems and applications (e.g., CRM, IVR, commerce, ERP) for required data exchange Task Management Guidance Drive tasks, manage approvals, combine human and automated actions, or even split cases based on current status Customer Communications Generate and receive communication with the customer Service Levels Help guide and suggest appropriate actions and tasks to customer service representatives to optimize outcomes Audit progress, provide real time risk and business metrics, and retain the decision path taken to achieve the outcome Escalate Complete History Deep Insights Enable escalations that may either increase the priority of the issue or reassign the issue and management of the case Maintain a history of the customer’s issue – including integration with customer records Analyze information within customer cases to derive insight and detect patterns that can help identify causes of service issues 3
  4. 4. An Advanced Case Management Solution for Better Customer Service: IBM Case Manager Support Knowledge Work Optimize Case Outcomes Information to Make Better Decisions Business Can Take Control
  5. 5. IBM Case Manager
 Information to Make Better Decisions • Capture and activate information in the context of a case • Comprehensive, configurable case infrastructure • 3600 view of all case information • Content is critical for decisions, as evidence in the case and a source for deeper insight • Persistable with lifecycle management. Available for audit, compliance or legal review
  6. 6. IBM Case Manager
 Support the Way Knowledge Workers Work • Knowledge work that in decision intensive - content supports decision making • Dynamic and unpredictable work (emergent processes and ad-hoc tasks) • With authorization, case can be accessed and acted on by anyone at anytime from anywhere • Collaborative and social activities • Supported by enterprise processes and rules Creative Work: Creative thinkers observe, experiment, take risks, communicate…content, like art, is often the result of a creative process… but it’s how it is used, perceived and interpreted that brings the value.
  7. 7. IBM Case Manager
 Focus on the Case Outcomes • Visibility at the case level • Patterns across all cases • Dashboards and reports • Insight from content (content analytics) • Guidance or recommendations for successful outcomes
  8. 8. IBM Case Manager
 Business Can Take Control of their Case Solutions • Business-driven solutions • Rapid time-to-value • Agility and flexibility to adopt to change • Accelerators and templates • Business and IT collaboration • IBM and Partner solutions
  9. 9. IBM Case Manager 3600 View of Case Investigations Analytics Solutions
  10. 10. A Teachers Retirement Benefits Provider Improving customer intimacy and services levels The need • Enhance customer intimacy and streamline service requests • Improve customer service across pensions, insurance, brokerage, and trust areas The solution • IBM Case Manager provides flexibility and integration for Institutional Plan Management • Integrates with existing rules and enterprise Benefits content management investments •Increase effectiveness by providing knowledge workers information to make • Incorporates a single design tool, allowing quick decisions business analysts to interact with the LOB •Visibility and flexibility in responding to customer requests • Provides visibility into transactions through •Improve speed-to-market for new products role-based mashups •Optimize existing investments
  11. 11. Collaborative Customer Interaction Management © 2013 IBM Corporation 11
  12. 12. Who Delivers the Customer Experience? Aberdeen Next Generation Customer Experience Management Benchmark, 3/1/2013 12
  13. 13. What Drives Customer Experience? Aberdeen Next Generation Customer Experience Management Benchmark, 3/1/2013 13
  14. 14. The challenge • Constant pressure to improve Customer Service in a very competitive environment. ! • Difficulties to have a comprehensive and actionable vision of the always more abundant data of a customer. ! • Customer expectation to be treated as an individual, not a profile. ! • The pace of the market increases, forcing companies to improve their responsiveness to change to keep their customers.
  15. 15. Solution at a glance • • Capgemini Collaborative Customer Interactions solution makes Customer Service more efficient, flexible and centered on business value. Built using the IBM Case Manager platform, it offers a complete set of accelerators to handle business processes and documents related to customer relationship management
  16. 16. Mains Use Cases • Identification ! • Enrollment ! • Scope extension ! • Service requests ! • Loyalty management ! • Customer retention
  17. 17. Features • Connectivity with CRM legacy systems – such as Siebel, MS Dynamics, SAP, Coheris ! • Completeness check – to verify that information required to handle tasks within a case is available ! • Customer interaction scripts – to guide the knowledge worker in case handling, through standard scenarios applying to the case context
  18. 18. Features • Access to archived customer documents – to allow knowledge workers to retrieve customer related documents that may not be attached to the case ! • Multichannel interaction management – to interactively compose, update and archive correspondence documents
  19. 19. Features • • • Complaints analysis – semantic analysis of the unstructured data composing a complaint, detection of trends, correlation and patterns – to help Customer Care Manager to gain insights on their customer, products and services Activity monitoring – dashboards and KPI aligned with process templates – to help supervisors manage Customer Service Front and Back Office activity Solution templates – Prebuilt, configurable and extensible – Data and security models – Process templates – UI and dashboards
  20. 20. Who Can Benefit? • Companies providing high-value goods or complex services to a wide base of consumers (returning customers) ! • Business Roles – – – – Customer Care Service Manager Customer Experience Manager Marketing Product Management ! • Industries – – – – Consumer Package Goods Telecommunications Utilities Transportation Financial Services Banking Insurance Local government
  21. 21. Solution Demo
  22. 22. We appreciate your feedback. Please don’t forget to fill out your evaluation • Go to <<<>>>> from your mobile device or log on to <<SmartSite>> at any Kiosk at the event: • Select the Survey icon • Complete the surveys for the sessions you attended • Submit your feedback Thank you for joining us! © 2013 IBM Corporation 54
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