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Are European Public Services Helping Realise the Digital Single Market

Infographic outlines whether European government services are prepared for the digital age.

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Are European Public Services Helping Realise the Digital Single Market

  1. 1. 0 Are European public services helping realise the Digital Single Market? knowledge-based A Digital Single S°¢i9tV Market can create up to 340 billion euro in additional growth How could online public services boost the Digital Single Market . I To support the Internal Market. governments should develop ‘seamless’ services for entrepreneurs to not up and run a business anywhere in Europe and allow individuals to shady, work, reside, receive health can and retire anywhere in the European Union. g 1 . ‘ I / I , 5? Where does Europe stand at the moment I "an Electronic Barriers prevent seamless service experience for foreign users. Cross-border mobility benchmark is at 48% not even halt way. Businesses are slightly better oil. An illustration. Starting up a business in another EU country involves: Ieietering your eelnpenyr e fully online in 13 countries; , I e just information online in 14 countries: e in 6 countries the mystery shopper was even i unable to find and understand information. $33555 Language Lack of Face-2—face Document eDocLment Authentication issues intomiation visit required translation required required not possible Qtelnleg terr ilenflloden number and/ or VAT nunrhec e Fully online for foreign businesses in ‘ only ‘/4 ol countries. I lll Good practice; cg-°ss-b°rder Asgpart of the eSENS large scale pilot and supporting elDAS implemen- _ _ tatlon. Sweden has developed an efficient technical solution for foreign company Veg lstfatlan entrepreneurs that want to register in Sweden. It reduces burdens in Sweden for the entrepreneur and saves costs for the public authority that can process the application digitally.