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2012 Third-Party Logistics: Results and Findings of the 16th Annual Study

Discovering and exploring 3PL trends, issues and opportunities is the overall objective of the 2012 Third-Party Logistics Study. A web-based survey, desk research, focus interviews and workshops provide a well-rounded, diverse sampling of attitudes, ideas and results experienced by 3PL users, non-users and 3PL providers. Each year the study results also suggest trends that warrant closer examination.

Included in the 2012 study are special topic reports on emerging markets, the electronics industry and talent management. The study also provides some perspectives on what shippers and 3PLs are doing to improve and enhance their businesses and their business relationships.

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2012 Third-Party Logistics: Results and Findings of the 16th Annual Study

  1. 1. The State of Logistics Outsourcing – Results and Findings of the 16 th Annual Study 2012 16 th Annual Third Party Logistics Study
  2. 3. Survey respondents represented wide range of geographies and industries + 697 Survey respondents from 3PL provider firms. Industry % Shipper industries represented 1. Manufacturing 16 2. Consumer Products 10 3. Automotive/Transport Equipment 9 4. Electronics 9 5. Food and Beverage 8 6. Healthcare 7 7. Chemical 6 8. Retail 5 Additional Industries (10) 18 Other 12
  3. 4. Changes in Use of 3PL Services Shipper Trends
  4. 5. Emerging markets
  5. 6. A substantial 80% of shippers conduct business with or within an emerging market Shippers based in mature markets indicated China, India, Brazil and Mexico as top emerging countries. Based in a mature market, but conduct business with or within an emerging market
  6. 7. 3PLs can play a critical role in both the planning and execution of shippers’ entry & growth in emerging markets <ul><li>Provide shipment visibility </li></ul><ul><li>Providing expertise on the latest global trade regulations </li></ul><ul><li>Managing and optimizing shipment routing based on free trade agreement knowledge </li></ul><ul><li>Managing and validating import/export documentation </li></ul><ul><li>Proactive compliance consulting </li></ul>In selecting an Emerging Markets 3PL Partner, more than half of the shippers say the ideal is to find a global player with strong local knowledge.
  7. 8. Electronics
  8. 9. Supply chain visibility, security and reverse logistics are the top services desired by the electronics companies from 3PLs
  9. 10. Talent Management
  10. 11. Talent Management – Opportunities for tomorrow
  11. 12. Strategic Assessment
  12. 13. Some key trends impacting change and innovation in supply chains and the 3PL sector What are the emerging drivers in decisions to use or not use outsourced logistics services? What are the growth prospects for this innovative way to achieve supply chain visibility? Global Trends in Outsourcing / Insourcing of Logistics Services What do you think are some additional key trends and issues for future consideration? Supply Chain “ Control Towers” What factors drive decisions as to what “shores” are most attractive for future economic activity? Emerging “ Near-Shore” Markets How will social media “weave” itself into the fabric of supply chain, logistics, and outsourcing activities? Leveraging Social Media in the Supply Chain
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