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Understanding Digital Marketing and Getting it Right

Why digital media matters

Capgemini Consulting conducted a joint study with Havas Media seeking to highlight some of the proven results of digital media, as well as its contribution to a multimedia plan. In this paper, we highlight why marketers must pay close attention to digital media and how it can help them achieve higher ROI by complementing traditional advertising. We conclude with a set of actionable recommendations on getting digital marketing right.

Understanding Digital Marketing and Getting it Right

  1. 1. Understanding Digital Marketing and Getting it Right Digital Media is taking the world by storm ROI generated in a Web/TV By 2017 campaign launched by Havas Media for a food sector client digital advertising is estimated to be worth $170 Billion 170 Vs 100 This represents 70% increase from current levels Web campaign TV campaign Adoption of Digital Media is still in early stages 70% of campaigns carried out in 2011-2012 by Havas Media invested < 10% of their budget in digital media Digital Complements Traditional Media Reinforces Targets Better communication In campaigns where, Expands Reach For the AB+ population, 62% Vs 100% budget Vs 20% budget Coverage of the campaign increases by 5 percentage points Offline advertisement drives online search for 62% of smartphone owners ROI higher by 20% Factors impacting digital’s proportion in media mix DIGITAL’S PROPORTION IN MEDIA MIX Target audience profile Saturation point in traditional media Required Impact -short/long term Cost per impression Campaign budget Reach of digital media How to Get Digital Marketing Right? 1 3 4 Focus on content and channel Identify saturation point in traditional advertising 2 Use digital in campaigns where traditional media hits saturation point Determine the correct allocation of digital in media mix 5 Measure ROI with enhanced conversion models Reach out: Interested in reading the full report? Head to Follow us on Twitter @capgeminiconsul or email