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Paris, France: Maternity Hospitals In Paris
Gaizka Pujana
Choosing Your Maternity Hospital. Unknown to many, there are...
Find the accommodation in Paris you are looking for. All our apartments are very well located near
the hotspots of the cit...
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Paris, France: Maternity Hospitals In Paris


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By: Gaizka PujanaChoosing Your Maternity Hospital. Unknown to many, there are American hospitals in ...

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Paris, France: Maternity Hospitals In Paris

  1. 1. Paris, France: Maternity Hospitals In Paris By: Gaizka Pujana Choosing Your Maternity Hospital. Unknown to many, there are American hospitals in Paris. That is assuring if you are a westerner accustomed to western medical service. The presence of American hospitals in Paris should end your anxieties about the type of maternal services available here. American hospitals are run American doctors and staffed with trained midwives and nurses. These hospitals have cutting-edge equipments to ensure safe delivery of babies and the health and safety of mothers. However, Paris has its set of maternity hospitals. Yet it is best to get a private hospital because many of the government-funded maternity hospitals are short of staff. To get more ideas how Paris maternity hospitals are run and evaluated visit the health bureau website. Mothers who want to give birth to their babies in France can also get the services of experienced midwives. Actually, this is recommended only for women who have no problems during pregnancy or complications that can endanger the baby's and mother's health. Prior to the birth, midwives and doctors go through the important routine of asking about the family history. Blood tests are also taken to find out if there are health risks or diseases that might affect the baby. The doctor eventually recommends a gynecologist who is going to attend to you before, during, and after the birth of the baby. But you can choose your gynecologist if you have someone in mind or if the doctor back home has suggested someone who has a good track record and who can speak English. There are maternity hospitals in the city and in the quieter and lovely countryside. To save on hotel and hospital stay after giving birth, you can opt to rent a holiday apartment that would be your home until you are fit to return back to your country. Baby's Citizenship. If your baby is born in an American hospital in Paris, your baby can be registered as a French citizen. The French citizenship must be registered at least three days prior to the baby's birth. After the birth, the baby is registered according to the parents' citizenship. As a result, the baby has dual citizenship. Whatever your citizenship, having a baby in an American-run maternity hospital in Paris eases your mind about the language barrier and of course you feel at home in familiar hospital management. Accommodation. Book a holiday apartment online - a nice cozy place to bring baby to after your hospital stay. Holiday apartments are modern homes or remodeled old homes and are beautifully decorated to suit different tastes. Online booking is faster and convenient and you can get discounts too. About the Author:
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