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Majority World Report 2016 - Web Summit Lisbon


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What role does tech & entrepreneurship play in a post-Brexit Trump world?

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Majority World Report 2016 - Web Summit Lisbon

  1. 1. Majority World Report 2016 Post-Brexit & Trump @cape @localglobevc
  2. 2. We’ve never been more networked
  3. 3. But these same networks often only amplify our differences
  4. 4. Driving political nationalism that sells independence based on division
  5. 5. We have real visibility on amazing innovations in energy & transportation
  6. 6. We are experiencing significant breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence
  7. 7. We are ushering in a new age of human and machines
  8. 8. But the majority world is still earning less than before, while needing to spend more to stand still
  9. 9. Meanwhile the 1% minority has only become richer
  10. 10. People feel strongly about income inequality
  11. 11. Technology companies have changed the face of global capitalism in the last 15 years
  12. 12. Extraordinary value has been created at an extraordinary pace
  13. 13. Many of these emerging giants are now also being grown outside of Silicon Valley Source:
  14. 14. The Internet is now a fundamental part of Global GDP
  15. 15. $40TN of value is still locked up within the Fortune 2000 Source: Fortune 2000 (2015) & Gartner Estimated IT spend %
  16. 16. $30TN of which will be reallocated in next 10 years
  17. 17. Media Entertainment Retail $3TN already disrupted by current tech wave
  18. 18. Transport Property Food Now tech is advancing into more and more sectors Energy
  19. 19. Fortune 2000 invests $2TN a year on tech - to what end? Source: Fortune 2000 (2015) & Gartner Estimated IT spend %
  20. 20. Which part of this $40TN market will be able to fully embrace technology to innovate and grow?
  21. 21. Fortune 500 disruption matters economically as there’s increasingly less of a public sector safety net Changes in UK Parliamentary Spend (
  22. 22. We will feel even more political impact as millennial unemployment remains high in many major EU economies Source: Statista,
  23. 23. Lack of economic opportunities and austerity causing protests and unrest
  24. 24. So while luxuries may feel closer to hand, the jobs and housing which stimulate well-being don’t
  25. 25. This fear is most acute for millennials and parents
  26. 26. Unicorn FTEs Zebras 160,000+ drivers 5,000+ Roos 640,000+ hosts 6,700 2,400 800 Meanwhile a new breed of tech businesses are starting to flip the idea of income and employment on its head 46,000 8,500,000+ sellers
  27. 27. There will be many other new labour marketplace entrants
  28. 28. Source: Amplifying an already established trend of self-employment and freelancing marketplaces
  29. 29. There are now over 120m Zebras on Facebook “interested in entrepreneurship” ● Independence ● Control ● Flexibility
  30. 30. These Zebras are using new realities of self-employment to build an income and their own businesses
  31. 31. Entrepreneurs are already over 5% of world’s population
  32. 32. This isn’t a Silicon Valley thing, it’s a global phenomenon
  33. 33. How do you create an industrial strategy for the many not just for the few?
  34. 34. It’s not just about jobs - the UK is in a relatively good place for unemployment
  35. 35. It’s not just about immigration - nearly 9m migrants already part of the UK labour market
  36. 36. In fact, the UK is only G8 economy with an established entrepreneur’s visa program
  37. 37. It’s partly about how governments adapt to a backdrop of profound change and widespread new technology realities?* (list from 2011) 1. Global Internet, Local Services 2. Broadband Everywhere 3. Mobile Devices 4. Cloud Computing 5. E-Commerce 6. Social Graph 7. Consumerization of IT 8. Incredibly low cost of Start Ups
  38. 38. Tech realities which by 2016 have only accelerated and further evolved even as they repeat themselves... 1. Marketplaces & SaaS (again!) 2. Messaging & Bots (again!) 3. AI (again!) 4. Security & Privacy (again!) 5. Sharing & On-demand Economy 6. Digital Transformation 7. Zebras & NOMAD stack 8. Automation - Drones, Cars & Robots 9. Blockchain & Microservices
  39. 39. The FTSE 100 have a market capitalization in excess of $2.7 Trillion, employ over 5,580,000 people and spend well over $60bn a year on IT Source: Public company data, Gartner % IT Spend by Industry (2012) 40 FTSE 100 could see as much as $2TN of value displacement - with a real impact on employment
  40. 40. Population: 240,595 Source: Camden Profile (2015), London Borough Profiles 2016, Camden Equality Taskforce Evidence Base (*) Poverty defined as 60% of national median income – currently equivalent to about £16,500. Local economies will have to innovate or suffer as well London’s 3rd largest economy (1.6% of UK GDP - larger than Estonia) Home to 24,400 businesses including: But 15-20% households still under poverty line*
  41. 41. So now’s the time to choose something important and double down on Maslow’s web Communications Fashion Discretionary Non-Discretionary Media Entertainment Shopping Travel Energy Housing Education Food Finance Health Transport Security 1993-2003 2004-2012 2012+
  42. 42. But entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of the dark, so pick a big problem to solve
  43. 43. We are all living with new uncertainties
  44. 44. @cape ♯majorityworld