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Cuestionarios Colonizacion I


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Cuestionarios Colonizacion I

  1. 1. 1.Differences and similarities between the Spanish, the English and the French colonizers in America. This has to be elaborated in a Comparison table to be projected on SlideShare.Com; table has to include variables such as: religion, geographical settlements, intentions, methods of settlement(war to give an example).<br />ESPAÑOLESFRANCESESINGLESES   RELIGIONCHRISTIANCHRISTIANCHRISTIAN GEOGRAPHIC ASSESMENTAfter many several attempts to establish colonies on the north coast of Hispaniola, he finally settled the first permanent settlement in the New World: Santo Domingo, set on the south coast. After Attempts of stablish many colonies in the north coast of Hispaniola, the first stablish finally it peranent asessment in the new world: santo domingo, stablished on the south coast.In america the europena assesments are realized constructing big assesments over the ruins of the great capitals of the ancient empires (Tenochtitlan, now Mexico DF, Cuzco, Cajamarca, Quito, etc.) settlements also conveniently close to the big natural resource explotation as the Villa Imperial de Potosi on the slopes of Cerro Rico sprawl which gave birth to the largest city, rich, full and cluttered the seventeenth century. There is also the example of aztecs in Mexico and Ouro Preto in Brazil. En América los asentamientos europeos se realizaron construyendo grandes asentamientos sobre las ruinas de las grandes ciudades capitales de los antiguos imperios ( Tenochtitlan, actual México D.F., Cuzco, Cajamarca, Quito, etc.), también asentamientos convenientes cercanos a los grandes centros de explotación de recursos naturales como la Villa Imperial de Potosí a las faldas del Cerro Rico cuyo crecimiento desordenado dio nacimiento a la ciudad más grande, rica, poblada y desordenada del siglo XVII. También está el ejemplo de Zacatecas en México y Ouro Preto en Brasirl.Guayana, Surinam, algunas Antillas Menores, este de EEUU y CanadáINTENTIONSThe life in the colony was centralized in the economic interests whose main purpose was to accumulate wealth to the motherland and for your self. Meztizaje.Los accepted, and led the Spanish conquest and colonization began crusading spirit, a desire to annex new territories to the crown Espain.America was never considered " the country" to the Spanish who still reside there permanently. The emigration from Spain to America do not derive from persecution. State control was total. Hispanic America is formed dependent on the metropolis.the colonization of america that take with the one end to extract all the rich that they can take it to metropoli in form of booty of war in one start, like benefits of successful companies of explotations of natural resoursess and free handwork and slave, like Crown tax (famous royal fifth and tenth of the church) or turn spoils of the pirates from Britain, France and Holland that struck the American coast and the Atlantic Ocean during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The English who colonized America in search of a new " homeland" , they migrate for reasons of religious and political rights. Thus, the English colonization had two distinct sides: on one hand the southern colonies, based there with the agreement and encouragement of the crown and the north, composed mainly by religious dissidents fleeing persecution. State control is not absolute: They originated two types of colonies: royal: under the authority of the British crown, letters, on the basis of agreements between individuals and the crown: It forms an Anglo-America: more open, more democratic and participativeSOLUTION METHOSWAR,slavery, obligatory convertion and submission to the christianism   Correct food broblems. The war was their way. <br />2. Basic concepts on which this critical view stands up. For example Land of freedom, and New World clearly express the contradiction between the views of the Natives, the views of the Europeans, and the views of the Africans, for which America meant slavery, human degradation and no return to their ancestral heritage and culture; how are these two concepts developed over the essay in order to present a clear picture of the contradictions that underwent America in order to be colonized<br />The text show us the intentions in which Spain and France search the colonization of America that in principle went to search the new world or misnamed the land of liberty and never think that they are going to found one earth populated by Indian tribes rich in gold and silver, but also they found a worker community in which they convert in a slaves. With this base the originals intentions was disappear and replaced by a terrible ambition that miscegenation provoked I mean the union between Spain and Indian. <br />3. What are the primal factors that would help the Europeans in taking control over the Native Americans; develop each one of them<br />The primary factors that help the Europeans in the take of the control of the American natives was the impulse of establish the trade with the Indian people and conquer new lands and also the impulse for spread the Christianity, the settlers hoped to find land and cultures that could be exploited for personal gain With the subjugation of the Indians to Christianity, the Spanish were able to obtain and submit their wealth.<br />4. Why is religion a basic force in the colonization of America? <br />The religion was the start of one primordial goal for the Spains. Colon want to convert all the people in Christian people for this he are going to do all that is necessary and in this form help the Europeans in the final crusade for crush Islam and reclaim Jerusalem. Everything was like colon want to be but colon did not know was that find a new land full of riches that attract other nations like France and England and provoke a series of wars that would dispute all the riches <br />5. Why is profit a basic force in the colonization of America?<br />The Spanish who were the first to reach America conquered America with " the cross and the sword." Sometimes the religious Catholics were linked solely with the native people, getting involved in their problems and abuses suffered by some conquistadores and commissioners, transmitting the injustices to the authorities of the peninsula. In many cases the Catholic missionaries used the American languages, including Quechua, Nahuatl and Guarani, contributing to preserve to be equipped with writing systems.<br />The conversion to Catholicism of the American population by the Spanish Empire was largely successful and today half the world's Catholics live in Latin America.<br />Moreover, Latin American Catholicism took unique forms derived from the phenomenon known as religious syncretism, in which the old religions and beliefs were integrated pre-Columbian and African Christianity.<br />6. Religion and profit come together into a devil’s pot; it is evident that in pursuing to conquest peoples and lands, religion was only a moral shield to what became a looting and hacking of our wealth and customs to the Europeans settlers. Are you in agreement with this statement or are we better off by being conquered by a more advance culture; state your assessment in a composition<br /> I’m agree with that assessment although religion was the original purpose and apparently was all he wanted the settlers, apparently when they met with so much wealth gold Silver religion and slavery became the famous shield under which they made all those activities they wanted to see as good.<br />Carlos Arturo Orjuela Torres <br />