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  1. 1. ISPO 2008 National Student Design Competition High End Jewelry Inc. is an industry leader in fashion-focused precious and semi-precious jewelry. The company serves the upper five percent of United States households by offering a unique selection of high design, high quality, and world-class jewelry. This store design reflects the excellence of the company and its’ merchandise through a clean and contemporary experience. A juxtaposition of quality products are tailored to the demands of sophisticated clientele and offered within a comfortable retail environment. Customers walking by HEJ are immediately drawn into the space by the bold design and elegant products. Once inside, warm lighting, soft neutral colors, and unique jewelry display cases allow customers to enjoy this sophisticated shopping experience.
  2. 2. Concept Development
  3. 3. The Client -Sophisticated -Metropolitan -Savvy -Classy -Wealthy -Chic -Accomplished The Store -Clean -Contemporary -Interesting -Organized -Neutral tones -Shinny -Modern -Bright The Product -Unique -Gold -Precious gems -Diamonds -Fashion jewels -Pearls -Collectibles -Cultural jewelry
  4. 4. Design Process
  5. 7. The storefront is comprised of fifteen ft. tall vertical glass panel windows. The material on the storefront panels alternates between clear glass and compressed recycled glass. By incorporating one of the stores ideal themes of verticality, and using similar materials inside and out, the storefront and the store work in harmony to attract attention and sell merchandise.
  6. 8. Strong vertical and horizontal elements create a consistent procession starting from the storefront and continuing to the back lounge area of the store. From the subtle alternation in the color of the travertine floor, up the vertical wall cases, and onto the ceiling beams, these elements help to create a clean and contemporary feel. Warm and cool lighting, soft neutral colors, polished flooring, and unique display cases all work together to create a modernly, comfortable atmosphere for HEJ clientele.
  7. 9. Each vertical wall case is two feet deep and two feet wide. The cases provide space for merchandise to be displayed effectively against a neutral background. To the customer passing by, these wall cases are visible through the large storefront windows, and the interesting sight draws potential buyers into the space.
  8. 10. Custom floating jewelry cases are another unique element that contributes to the clean contemporary concept of the jewelry store. The cases also keep in line with the overall horizontal aspect. Each floating case is suspended by thin vertical wires attached to the corners of the case. The wires are secured to the ceiling above and the floor below to prevent swaying of the cases while customers move about the store.
  9. 11. Procession through the merchandise eventually leads the serious shopper to the lounge area, where the sit-down diamond case is located. The narrow store opens up another four feet in both directions, wall cases and ceiling beams disappear, and the customer finds himself/herself in a more relaxed atmosphere and ready to purchase.
  10. 12. Materials and Finishes In keeping with the minimalist concept of the store a monochromatic color scheme was chosen. A neutral background of whites and creams creates an ambiance which highlights HEJ merchandise without distracting the buyer from the product.
  11. 16. Leah Fuerst Sophomore Studio Spring 2008