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Keeping TABS: Global Mindset


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Global Mindset is one of sixteen TABS inside Canvas8's third edition of Keeping TABS. Keeping TABS is available to purchase on

Keeping TABS is Canvas8's biannual round-up of the most important behaviours for brands to be aware of when engaged in strategic planning.

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Keeping TABS: Global Mindset

  1. 1. Keeping TABSCanvas8 is a behavioural research agency that works with leading agencies and brands toprovide them with the insight needed to underpin their strategic decisions.We are delighted to introduce the third edition of Keeping TABS, our biannual summary of the keyglobal changes impacting consumer attitudes and behaviour.!TABS connect and illustrates the major developments within global culture to provide a uniqueinsight into the mindset of the modern consumer. Through expert analysis, recent case studies andcommercial thinking, we provide the in-depth understanding that brands need to connect withfragmented, time poor audiences.New TABS include Alternative Currency, Preparedness, Self & System and Global Mindset.Keeping TABS in ContextThe Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street movements speak of the desire for genuine, grassrootschange – and a belief that it might actually happen. There’s a citizen uprising spanning the globewhich just wants things to be fair. For everyone. Traditional economic systems are being subvertedin increasingly sophisticated ways, and Alternative Currencies are emerging. Rules, systems andpeople are being hacked to make them better, physically and emotionally. And people arecollaborating on this massive remix with a Global Mindset that underlies the constant connectivityto others’ world views.
  2. 2. Global MindsetGlobal Mindset is one of eight new TABS we have identified.People are adopting a patchwork of global identities - a Global Mindset.The contrast of global and local is a defining feature of the 21st century, which is characterisedby an unease with the foreign, and an affinity with the local. Paradoxically, globalisationdefines our everyday lives, as have notions of dynamic mobility, whether through travel orconnectivity.A growing faction of consumers no longer express their identities in relation to a single place, butin relation to multiple places, cultures, beliefs and ideas. Young people, travelling more than anygeneration before, are adapting to and feeling comfortable with foreign cultures. This new kinshipis creating a demand for more authentic and less ‘touristy’ expressions of other cultures, as well asgreater sensitivity, respect and curiosity.
  3. 3. Global MindsetThe Global Mindset attitude is most prevalent amongst the young people and digital natives.Young people travel more than any other generation before them and find it easy to adapt to,and feel affinity with, foreign cultures. “Millennials, more than any generation are eager to understand perspectives that are different, event antithetical, to their own, rather than push them away” Torrey Taussig; Strategic Communications, Glover Park GroupIn stats:Global Mindset will accelerate with our desire to travel: by 2020 we will make 1.6 billion tripsaboard.And, when we travel we are increasingly seeking local immersive experiences: in just three yearsAirBnB users have booked 1.9m nights across 184 countries.It is more than just travel and local experience, there is a real appetite to explore and learn: 78%of millennials have stated a strong preference for learning something new when they travel.
  4. 4. Early signs include: PackabookPackabook encourages people to explore the world through fiction. It’s a free website whichallows users to discover novels set in locations they intend to visit.
  5. 5. Early signs: Conflict KitchenConflict Kitchen is a politically motivated NYC takeaway restaurant that rotates cuisines andidentities every four months to highlight a different country the US is in conflict with.
  6. 6. These signs are gaining traction: Life in a DayLife in a Day is a user generated film by Ridley Scott and Kevin MacDonald that encouragedpeople to upload video footage of their lives on July 24. 4,500 hours of film was submitted.
  7. 7. Signs are emerging commercially: Smirnoff Nightlife ExchangeThe Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is a series of global events in which people define theirquintessential local nightlife and share it with sister cities around the globe.
  8. 8. Signs are emerging commercially: Prada ‘Made In’The ‘Made In’ campaign exposes the global narratives behind Prada products and offers insightinto changing perceptions; ‘Made in India’ comes to mean interesting, not cheap.
  9. 9. Exploring moreIf you enjoyed Global Mindset, there are fifteen other TABS to explore in Keeping TABS.In a world of dynamic and rapid change, understanding the motivations behind people’sbehaviour is essential when developing new ideas, products or communications.Helping you deliver great strategy, Keeping TABS is available to purchase from Canvas8 for just£495 or complimentary for Canvas8 subscribers.Alternatively, if a member of our team can meet with you and provide a personal andcustomised briefing for £1,195.For further information on Keeping TABS, TABS Briefings or to learn more about how Canvas8 canhelp your business, please contact or call +44 (0)20 7392 2201.