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Chris Arnold presents Ethical Marketing @ Canvas8


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Chris is a creative strategist specialising in ethical marketing. He was integrated Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi before setting up a new model advertising agency - Creative Orchestra. A champion of ethics, he is author of Ethical Marketing and the New Consumer.

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Chris Arnold presents Ethical Marketing @ Canvas8

  1. 1. www. Chris Arnold
  3. 4. Survey - 1200 shoppers across the UK
  4. 5. If you were offered two identical products…
  5. 6. People 69% Planet 31%
  6. 7. <ul><li>TNS (World Panel Fashion) </li></ul><ul><li>Growing concern with ethics and fashion </li></ul><ul><li>To be ‘ethical’ </li></ul><ul><li>No sweatshops used </li></ul><ul><li>Child labour NOT used </li></ul><ul><li>Decent wage </li></ul><ul><li>4. No environmental damage </li></ul>
  7. 8. Do you trust green/ethical claims in ads? Yes 27% No 73% Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  8. 9. US Survey - Burst Media only 17% - trust ads only 14% - trust green ads Burst Media online survey in US about perception of environmental marketing
  9. 10. Do you trust green/ethical claims on packaging? Yes 63% No 37% Consumers don’t understand logos.
  10. 11. Will consumers pay more for ethical products?
  11. 12. 65% - would pay 20% or more 29% - 30% or more 11% - 40% or more 9% - 50%
  12. 13. 1. Fairtrade (46% pay 20p or more) 2. Donate to charitable causes (43% pay 20p or more) Environment (32% pay 20p or more)
  13. 14. Who do you feel is responsible for saving the planet?
  14. 15. Us the people 41% Politicians & Corporations 59%
  15. 16. Is this your idea of appealing to the ethical consumer?
  16. 17. Is this your idea of the ethical consumer?
  17. 18. G R E E N T Y P E S
  18. 19. Forget green, think people Forget A,B,C1, think mindsets Chris Arnold 2008
  19. 20. The Reds The Global Fund to Fight Aids in Africa by selling RED products Chris Arnold 2008
  20. 21. A few examples of ethical consumer types Eco warriors Lives it , breathes it. Radicals. Will join a protest. Rebellious. Needs to make a social statement. Spends little. May be a social isolate. FREEGANS (dumpster diving) Chris Arnold 2008
  21. 22. A few examples of ethical consumer types Ethical Idealists (evangelists) Believes it’s right, sees it like a soft religion, tends to seek to convert others. Knows their stuff. Noisy! Probably has a blog. Talks a lot. Reads the Guardian, Ecology magazine and visits all the websites. Influences others. Ecoworld Chris Arnold 2008
  22. 23. A few examples of ethical consumer types Good Lifers Romantics. Back to nature, love organics & fair trade Big on sustainability and local. Rebels against corporates - loves ‘ anti-preneurial and Blackspot brands’. Older 45+, empty nesters. Chris Arnold 2008
  23. 24. A few examples of ethical consumer types Conscientious Consumer Protecting the next generations heritage. Feels responsible for what we are doing to the planet and people. Strong values, especially family values. Feel they should do the right thing. Values a better future. Two key types: Family with kids Grandparents Chris Arnold 2008
  24. 25. A few examples of ethical consumer types Seen to be Green Into the image of it all. Self aware. One type is shallow, trend followers, very image conscious - Ethics is fashionable. The other sees it almost as status, keeping ahead of the Jones. Like’s to advertise their greeness. Chris Arnold 2008
  25. 26. A few examples of ethical consumer types Informed Consumer Common sense ethics. Rational. Converted by the facts. Intelligent. Influential - opinion formers. Very rational. Knows their stuff. Sees the logic of why we need to be ethical but also feels it’s right thing to do. Example: someone who works in CSR. Chris Arnold 2008
  26. 27. A few examples of ethical consumer types Suburban Off-setters Wants the nice life, with minimum change but prefers to offsets their guilt. Likes the image of it, by spending money on ethical products and services at M&S or Waitrose they feel they can excuse driving a Chelsea Tractor. They are ‘doing their bit.’ Image key. Big on recycling. Ironic - have long haul trips, drives a lot, lots of electronics left on standby. Chris Arnold 2008
  27. 28. A few examples of ethical consumer types People & community types Believes in community values. Buys local. Supports social enterprises like Fairtrade. Supports charity. Animal welfare important. Family values important. May be religious. People before planet. Andrew Thornton
  28. 29. A few examples of ethical consumer types Health & body conscious Ethics is an extension of their healthy lifestyle. Exercise a lot, probably gym members. Like outdoors. Into activities and sports. Cares about their bodies - inside and out - so care about what they put into it - big buyers of healthy options and organics. Hates McDonalds. However, it’s all about them so less concerned about others. Chris Arnold 2008
  29. 30. A few other consumers: Ethical intent: Would buy ethical if affordable. Low income so can’t afford ethics. Slobs: Don’t care about themselves, let alone others or the planet. Like fattening food, TV, football, fags and Have few values. Eats hamburgers, crisps and cares little for the healthy option. Low incomes. Holiday at Butlins.
  30. 31. • Honesty (trust) • Health • Supply chain - people • Data • Environmental issues •  Ethos Ethical Reputation Index
  31. 32. ASA ruling against ad. Voted one of the top greenwash ads.
  32. 33. The power of the consumer - Birth of Brand Terrorism. “ The consumer is using their beliefs to pick brands and are using the pound in their pocket to make a point, not just a purchase.”
  33. 34. WHO DO YOU TRUST MORE? Ben & Jerrys or Nestle Virgin or BA M&S or Walmart Body Shop or Olay
  34. 35. We trust people more than corporations…
  35. 36. What the new consumer wants is simple…
  36. 37. HONESTY
  37. 38. DON’T LIE
  38. 39. Any questions? www.