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Advocating for breakfast program in schools ppt


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Advocating for breakfast program in schools ppt

  1. 1. Advocating for Breakfast Program in Schools Group members:Aihua Yu ,E ,J ,J va Khalil ohn Davis osephine Calderon ,
  2. 2. AgendaVideoStakeholdersWhich stakeholder we partnered withBenefits of breakfast programInvestigationRoad BlocksAction PlanWhat’s next?
  3. 3. Video Music by John Patrick Mckenna
  4. 4. StakeholdersStudent Nutrition ProgramGrocery FoundationBreakfast Club of CanadaBreakfast for Learning
  5. 5. Partnership with ……Breakfast for LearningMandate: “Breakfast for learning is national charitableorganization that educates and empowers communitiesacross Canada to start and sustain nutrition programs inorder to enhance learning and healthy development ofchildren and youth.”
  6. 6. Who are they?First and biggest charity in Canada that helps schools to nourish childrenThey have been helping schools to keep breakfast, snack and lunch for about 20 yearsBelieved that children must have proper nutrition in order for them to be successful in their education and be able to reach their full potential.
  7. 7. The Importance of BreakfastProgram for ChildrenBecause……..Health and Nutrition:Provides the children the nutrients and energyAlso creates healthier eating habitsPrevent health problems such as Gastroenteritis and Obesity
  8. 8. Cont…Social/emotionalBetter relationship with other childrenChange behaviourHelps to boost self esteemAcademic performanceHelps children to concentrateBetter in understanding the content of their subjectsLess tardiness
  9. 9. Result of the BreakfastProgramchildren said82% of thehaving the breakfast keptthem from feeling hungry74% said they improvedtheir health70% said it boostedtheir energy levels66% said it helped the www.tumblr.comfamily save money
  10. 10. cont…72% more likely to achieve high standard grades64% of children who eats breakfast is more likely toreceive “excellent” or “good” on their report card forhomework completion61% of students who ate breakfast on most days at schoolachieved or exceeded provincial standards in reading (School breakfast programs boost student performance, TAMARA BALUJA, The Globe and Mail, 2012
  11. 11. InvestigationSome of the schools we contacted and their responseGlen Dhu P.S. Whitby, Ontario- Not RequiredSir Samuel Steele P.S. Whitby, Ontario- No needFallingbrook P.S. Whitby, Ontario- Not necessaryBaycrest Public School North York- Have breakfast program but parents have to paySt. Maria Goretti Elementary School Scarborough, ON- Have no breakfast program www.softicons.comSt. Madeleine school, Scarborough, ON- Not interestedCrestwood College- They have morning snackFenside Public school, Scarborough, ON- They have morning snackDonview Middle school, Scarborough, ON- They have morning snackRene Gordon Elementary School, Scarborough, ON- Have breakfast clubForest Manor Public school, Scarborough, ON- Do not have and not interestedAlbron Height Junior Middle School Toronto, ON- Does not have breakfast programOntario Early Years Center- Use to have but it was remove due to lack of funding
  12. 12. SurveyResults of over 25 people surveyed:25% of surveyed knew about a breakfast program67% thought having a breakfast program in school isnecessary13% surveyed did not have breakfast in the morning83% thought having breakfast in the morning isimportant
  13. 13. Road BlocksHad a school but backed out last minuteFundraising outcomeContacting more than 15 schools
  14. 14. Action Plan Volunteering at St. Isaac JoguesVolunteering Volunteering at Roywood public elementary shool Eva preparing to serve Josephine, Eva and Sookhee assisting with preparing breakfast
  15. 15. Action PlanFacebook Page Like our page on facebook
  16. 16. Action PlanLetter to the MPP
  17. 17. Action PlanFundraising “Moving to the Street”Action plan selling chocolate door to door and raise awareness in the community by explain about the breakfast club in schools Total: $ 22 and counting
  18. 18. Where will the money raised goto?All the money that is raised through our fundraising will go to ….. ONTARIO EARLY YEARS CENTRE
  19. 19. Who are the OEYC?OEYC is a place for children from ages 0-6 years, their parents and caregivers can take part in the centre’s programs and activities.It’s a place where parents are able to find information about the development of their children, resources available in the local area for their needs.Use to have snack program, due to lack of funding from the provincial government they stopped.
  20. 20. ReactionOEYC Scarborough Southwest center is interested to have the breakfast program again, and they are asking for more information and updates about the breakfast program. After the giving out the information to the OEYC Scarborough Southwest Branch
  21. 21. What’s Next?Continue to work with OEYC and breakfast learning programKeep in contactHelp us spread the word.
  22. 22. What We Learned Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day Eating breakfast has positive affects for children, school and for their development Breakfast helps boost self- esteem Many schools in Toronto provides a breakfast program Parents are willing to support of