Boronia West - 2012 Gold Medallers


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Boronia West - 2012 Gold Medallers

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Boronia West - 2012 Gold Medallers

  1. 1. -Daniel The -Tarshi -Monique-Sasha- Gold Medalers -TaylorStacey -Mathew- -Aastha Charlotte-Julez
  2. 2. Profiles
  3. 3. Daniel BleeName: DanielAge:12Strengths I can offer theteam: Responsibility, MathsSkills and Good EngineeringCanstruction Goal: To learnthe ways of engineering
  4. 4. Sasha ElmerName: Sasha ElmerAge: 12Strengths I can offer theteam: Math skills and Teamwork.Canstruction goal: To bemore helpful and to shareall of the jobs around sothat everybody gets a shotat everything.
  5. 5. Stacey DavidsonName: Stacey DavidsonAge: 11Strengths I can offer theteam: Responsibility andLeadershipCanstruction goal: To bemore creative and work wellwith a lot of people
  6. 6. Aastha AgarwalName: Aastha AgarwalAge: 12Strengths I can offer theteam: Encouragement,team work and friendlinessCanstruction goal: be morehelpful and work well withmy class mates
  7. 7. Julez PhanName: Julez PhanAge: 12Strengths I can offer to theteam: Teamwork, MathsSkills, and EncouragementCanstruction Goal: To bemore cooperative with newpeople
  8. 8. Tarshi IrshadName: Tarshi IrshadAge: 11Strengths I can offer theteam: Helpfulness andTeamworkCanstruction goal: To getbetter at helping others
  9. 9. Monique GallaniName: Monique GallaniAge: 11Strengths I can offer theteam: TeamworkMy Canstruction Goal: Towork on my teamwork skillswith new people.
  10. 10. Taylor VirgonaName: Taylor VirgonaAge: 10Strengths I can offer theteam: maths skills andencouragementCanstruction goal: To bemore helpful.
  11. 11. Mathew MaxwellName: Mathew MaxwellAge: 11Strengths I can offer theteam: maths skills andteamworkCanstruction Goal: To workbetter with other people
  12. 12. Charlotte EagleName: Charlotte EagleAge: 11Strengths I can offer theteam: Teamwork,HappinessCanstruction Goal: To beable to become morehelpful when building.
  13. 13. History
  14. 14. History of Medals The ancient Greeks, whose Olympiads can be traced back to 776 B.C., didnt give out medals but gave out olive wreaths upon their victors. The medal tradition began with the first modern Olympic Games in 1896,where winners got silver, seconds got bronze and thirdplace got zip. In the intervening 112 years, the coveted awards have been rectangular, ridged, doughnut-like,gilded and for the 1972 Sapporo Winter Games, shaped like a blob. At the 1900 Paris Games, some events forwent medals in favour of prizes: one pole-vault runner-up won an umbrella.
  15. 15. The Process
  16. 16. BrainstormingThe ideas we had for Canstruction are:• The 3 Medals• The Olympic Rings• The Podium• The Mascots• Big Ben• The Queen’s Crown• Buckingham Palace
  17. 17. PreparationFirst of all, the teachers hadorganised the 2 teams. We hadheaps of meetings to workeverything out. We organised allthe fundraisers to get enoughcans or money to buy cans. Thefundraisers we had include FreeDress Days, Book Week… All themoney was used to buy cans. Wehad to figure out how many canswe would need and the diameter.We had to plan a lot of things tomake it all run smoothly. Weplayed around with the cans andthe plywood to figure everythingout.
  18. 18. The Maths of our DesignWe figured out the diameter and howmany cans we would need for eachmedal and all 3 medals together. Thediameter of one medal was 67cm. Foreach medal, the bottom layer and thenext 2 consisted of 26 cans on each row.The top row had 70 cans on top of theplywood. Altogether we used 444 cans tocreate the 3 medals.
  19. 19. BuildingThe teachers had sorted out thecans into different piles so wewould know which can to use inwhich place. We traced around theplywood to make 3 circles so weknow where to place the cans. Wemade the silver medal firstbecause it was on the side. Wedecided that we would sticky tape3 cans together vertically andplace it on the inside of the outlineof the circle. Then we placed theplywood on top of the ring andplaced the cans all over theplywood. We did this with the goldand bronze medal as well. We allhad a go at building each. Wethink the medals look really good.
  20. 20. The RolesThe roles were:• 1 sticky-tape person: The sticky-tape person would have to sticky tape cans together.• 2 or 3 builders: The builders would have to build the medals.• 1 Google SketchUp person: The Google SketchUp person would make a Google SketchUp of the medals.• 1 photographer: The photographer would have to take photos of each can being placed.
  21. 21. Thanks To…The Gold Medalers would like tothank:• The 2 teachers, Miss Dawson and Miss Harris, for organising everything and for taking time out of their day to go buy 250 cans for us• The whole school for supplying cans and being supportive to the teams• The other team, The Archos, for being supportive during our building sessions