Boronia West - 2012 Archos


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Boronia West - 2012 Archos

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Boronia West - 2012 Archos

  1. 1. THE ARCHOS PROFILE Canstruction 2012Bailey Tiah Brynlee Harry Nathaniel
  2. 2. TIANA HYNES Tiana Hynes 12 years of age My Canstruction Goal:To get better with working as a group and to help me improve mymaths. I would like Canstruction to help me be a good team leader and cooperate with others. Strengths I’d be able to offer the team:To be able to work well in a group and get along with each other.
  3. 3. CALLAN DAVIES Callan Davies 12 years of age My Canstruction Goal:To be able to cooperate with my team to be a great leader. Strengths I can offer the team: I can fluently use Google Sketch Up.
  4. 4. TIAH CADDY Tiah Caddy 11 years of age My Canstruction Goal: To work more cooperatively with my team mates. Strengths I can offer the team:That I have pretty good team work skills and I have built lots of things before.
  5. 5. NATHANIEL LEWIS Nathaniel Lewis 12 years of age My Canstruction Goal: To be able to co-operate with the others. Strengths I can offer the team:To get all the measurements right and get the build done before the end of the second day.
  6. 6. CHLOE FALVEY Chloe Falvey 12 years of age My Canstruction Goal:To be able to create things using different objects to make big things. Strengths I can offer the team:I am a very artistic person and I can help design and make the structure.
  7. 7. COURTNEY RYAN Courtney Ryan 12 years of age My Canstruction Goal:To be able to work with new people I have never worked with before! Strengths I can offer the team: I am very creative with tape! 
  8. 8. BROOKLYN VIRGONA Brooklyn Virgona 12 years of age My Canstruction Goal:To be able to work with all my team and cooperate with them. Strengths I can offer the team: I’m good on computers. 
  9. 9. BRYNLEE KILPATRICK Brynlee Kilpatrick 12 years of age My Canstruction Goal:To help the homeless people and to work better with people I don’t know that well. Strengths I can offer the team: I am good at helping others. 
  10. 10. HARRY LEONHARDT Harry Leonhardt 11 years of age My Canstruction Goal:To be able to work together as a team. Strengths I can offer the team: I’m good at sticky taping stuff!
  11. 11. BAILEY GALE Bailey Gale 12 years of age My Canstruction Goal: My goal is to finish the Canstruction item. Strengths I can offer the team:I’m good at building and I’m good on computers.
  12. 12. History of Archery The archery board is one of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Archery dates back around 10,000 years and was first used for hunting and warfare before it was a competitive sport.Archery made it into the Olympics in Paris 1900. It was dropped from the programme after the London 1908 Games, and then returned for asingle appearance in 1920. After a 52-year gap, the sport was back in theOlympics at Munich 1972 and has remained on the Olympic programme ever since.
  13. 13. At our next meeting we had to find out all of the calculations and the size of anaverage can. It took a while but we found out all of the calculations. We had towork out have many cans we would need to build the archery target.In our next meeting we had to work out some of the things we would need tobuild the archery target. Then we had to find out how many of each colourcans we needed and what colour can we needed to get. The colour cans thatwe needed was, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, White, Green, Aqua Blue and Orange.We had to get the school involved with then getting the cans for us. We had abook week and we had to come dressed up as one of your favourite bookcharacters. The next time we had to get cans we had a free dress day. We gotclass’s to bring extra cans for a prize of a container of lollies. The class thatbrought the most cans were 5/6D.When we were ready to build we had to put paper on a board. Then we sortedthe cans in the colours that we needed.We started to build on the 3rd of September. We started to build and it wasgoing really good. We spent the day building. We had lots of fun building andworked well as a team. We had 2 people cutting the sticky tape and 3 peoplebuilding, we had 1 photographer and the rest of the people were on thecomputers.
  14. 14. TEAM GOALS The teams goals were to achieve to work welltogether in a team. We did work well together, andwe achieved the goal of working well together. Wehad lots of fun as a group and we all helped eachother out. Are group was made up of Tiana, Callan,Nathaniel, Chloe, Brynlee, Brooklyn, Bailey, Courtney,Tiah and Harry. The people in our team got along welltogether and enjoyed working together as a group.
  15. 15. ROLES Builders Photographer 1 Sticky Tape Person2 builders 5 computer people1 photographer,1 person who cuts the sticky-tapeWe had two days to complete the build. We Started it Afterassembly on Monday and continued it after recess all the wayto Lunch. The roles worked well and we all got a chance tobuild and go on the computers. People on computers
  16. 16. MaterialsThe materials that we used in our build were sticky tape. Weused the sticky tape to hold all of the cans in place. We used aboard that the archery board was built on.Some of the materials that we could of used were:Sticky tapePly woodWire
  17. 17. The Process
  18. 18. BrainstormAt our first meeting we discussed what our team would want to build. The theme was theOlympics. Our ideas were…• Olympic Podium• Olympic Torch• Cup of tea and crumpets• Medals• The Queen’s Dog• One of the Mascots for 2012 Olympics• The Queen’s Crown• The Queen’s Crown on a Podium• Big Ben• Swimming Pool• Running Track• Archery Target• The England Flag• Olympic Podium with a cup of tea and crumpets• Olympic Podium with one of the 2012 Olympic Mascots on topWe finally chose an archery target with an arrow coming out of the side. We chose the archerydesign because we thought it would be a challenge and it would be fun to experiment withcolours and cans. Miss Dawson then helped us decide how our Canstruction Design would be setout. We decided it would look like this:
  19. 19. Archery Design
  20. 20. Coloured cans we neededThe different coloured cans that we needed was:Green- Odd shaped cans for the grass and 3 for the feathers onthe bow.Yellow- The inside of the targetRed- the second middle colour for the targetAqua blue- The blue colour on the targetBlack- The second outside colour on the targetWhite- The outside colour for the targetOrange- The arrowDark blue- The background colour
  21. 21. How we got cansWe had a book week at school and on the Friday we had adress up day. We had to dress up as one of our favourite bookcharacters. It was a gold coin donation and a can.We had a free dress day to get some more cans. The schoolcame in free dress and it was a can donation.
  22. 22. The Mathematics of our designTo find out how many cans we needed we had to seehow many cans went across the bottom of the board,which was 16. We then we found out how many canswent on the side which was 16. Then we multipliedthem together (256).We had to find out the average size of each can. Thesize is 200 x 308.
  23. 23. Building We had two days to build the archery board. First DayOn the first day we started to build. We put down the cans onthe bottom and then we built it up. We had to take a photo eachtime we placed a can. To put the cans in the right places we hadto follow the design that we had. There was three peoplebuilding and a photographer. There was someone getting thesticky tape ready, the rest of the group was on the computers.
  24. 24. Building Second DayOn the second day we built up from where we left it. We placedeach can and then took a photo. After a couple of photos wetaped it all together. When we getting close to the top we had tobe careful because the cans were three above the board. When Iwas all done we had to put the grass down. We played aroundwith it so we could get them in a good place. When we finishedit looked really good.
  25. 25. COMMENTSTiana- Canstruction was a lot of fun. The build was lots of fun, but it was a bit difficult to get the cans inthe right spot. We worked well as a team and got everything done quickly. Getting the school involved ingetting the cans for us was a lot of fun.Harry- Over all I think we went very well during all of the sessions and I think we all had a good time.Nathaniel- I think it was successful but we did do the wrong calculations. We worked well together andcommunicated better than other teams.Chloe- The whole build was a fun and very difficult thing to do. Getting all the cans to stack up in theright spots was difficult. Overall it was an awesome time.Brooklyn- Canstruction has been AWESOME!! The build was difficult, but overall it has turned out great.Wish I could do this again!! Bailey- Canstruction was a fun experience for me. I had lots of fun. I would like to do it again. Courtney- Canstruction was really fun! I really enjoyed being with all my friends, and with new people!Wish I could do it again Brynlee- I really enjoyed doing Canstruction and it was a difficult task. Overall it was an amazingexperience!!! Callan- It was fun and it has been a great experience for me.Tiah- Canstruction has been an awesome experience for me. I had heaps of fun. I hope I can do it againnext year.