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How I Began Performing In Lingerie ShowsMy husband and I have been spiced up our lives for years using lingerie. We were m...
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How i began performing in lingerie shows


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How i began performing in lingerie shows

  1. 1. How I Began Performing In Lingerie ShowsMy husband and I have been spiced up our lives for years using lingerie. We were married very young,and neither one of us had much experience with others of the opposite sex. I started buying interestinglingerie several years after our marriage as a way to keep things in the bedroom a little more excitingfor both of us. After about a year of performing private lingerie shows for my husband in the privacy ofour home, he confessed to me that he’d been attending lingerie shows at a place downtown on anaverage of about once a month.At first, I was a bit upset that my husband was going to a place that featured other women wearingproactive lingerie, but my anger didn’t last very long. I was more curious than anything, and wonderedwhat sort of outfits the girls wore, what they looked like, and other details of the shows. He told methat they were specifically geared towards men and that he had never seen any women there as part ofthe audience.I was disappointed to hear this because I wanted to attend one of these shows with my husband. Itmade no sense at all that they wouldn’t allow other women to be a part of the audience. Because I’m adetermined person, I decided that one way or another, I was going to get into see one of these shows. Ithought about dressing like a man and sneaking in, but because I’m quite short as well as beingextremely well-endowed, I doubt that I could fool anyone no matter how hard I tried.I decided instead to see if I could get hired as a model by the place that put on the lingerie show. Aftersome discreet nosing around, I found out their location and gave them a call to ask if they were lookingfor models who were comfortable showing off their bodies in revealing lingerie. I soon had anappointment to speak with them.When I arrived at my appointment, I was encouraged to see that the place wasn’t seedy or shabby inany way. It was clean, if a little plain. I talked with the owners for several minutes and they explainedto me that they were part of a lingerie store and that the shows were the best way that they’d ever foundto encourage men to buy sexy items for their wives. We quickly agreed that I would participate as apaid model in their next show.I decided not to tell my husband about my secret but rather let it be a sexy surprise for him. Thelingerie store had some stunning outfits and I was free to choose the ones I wanted to model. I began tolook forward to the show with a delicious anticipation.When it was my turn to model my first lingerie choice, I carefully kept my back to the audience for thefirst few minutes in order to enhance the element of surprise for my husband. After I slowly andsuggestively turned around, I loved the look in his eyes when he realized that the exotic, barely dressedfemale in the lovely lingerie was his wife.We had the best sex of our marriage when we returned home that evening. I still participate in thelingerie shows every chance I get, and no one knows that I’m married to a man in the audience
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