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CannonDesign is driving value and improved outcomes for healthcare organizations around the globe.

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Performance By Design

  1. 1. performance by design Healthcare
  2. 2. 1000-person firm 65 years of service 400 LEED Accredited Professionals Consistently ranked as one of Modern Healthcare’s top ten design firms Former hospital administrators, clinicians and researchers on-staff Operational facility programming and campus planning teams in-house Dedicated healthcare interior design studio Internationally recognized for project performance
  3. 3. performance by design Healthcare 4 A dvocate Lutheran General Hospital and Lutheran General Children’s Hospital he new Patient Care Tower was designed to the highest standards of patient T and staff safety, and environmental sustainability. 10 Featured Projects We create customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether it is an academic medical center or community hospital, our designs reflect our clients, not our ego. 32 Campus Planning ositioning your campus as a real estate asset, our experienced planners P can establish the “highest and best use” for facilities within the context of your strategic goals and determine current and future facility needs. 60 Operational Facility Programming Our in-house programming experts work with healthcare providers across the country to analyze volumes, increase throughput and improve operational efficiencies. 62 Healthcare Interior Design Our dedicated healthcare interior design studio is committed to creatively solving the environmental challenges of our clients and developing smart and responsible design solutions.
  4. 4. Cannon Design Healthcare Performance Focus Our facility solutions workload analysis, bed capacity analysis and focus on performance outcomes. From capital various research activities. As one of only resource allocation, space management, six of the Center for Health Design’s EDAC operations, maintenance, technology, Champion Firms, we have demonstrated a sustainability, staffing and throughput, we clear understanding of the components of the look at how your facilities can perform to evidence-based design process and base our their highest potential to help you meet your design decisions on available, credible evidence. strategic, financial, operational and clinical goals. Healthcare Interior Designers Thought Leadership Cannon Design Our interiors studio, dedicated exclusively is a member of many forward-thinking to designing healthcare environments, organizations including the Healthcare Advisory understands the complexities of healthcare Board, Center for Health Design and Planetree. spaces. We appreciate that it is necessary for As one of only a few architectural firms that are products and designs to perform efficiently, members of The Healthcare Advisory Board, adhere to regulatory guidelines and provide Cannon Design understands healthcare business long-term value. Evidence-based research has objectives and how technology will impact the demonstrated that positive healthcare spaces can future delivery of care. influence patient outcomes, reduce medication usage and influence consumer preference. Clinical Emphasis We possess in-house Calming, daylight-filled spaces with positive clinical expertise with registered nurses and distractions improve the experience for both hospital administrators on-staff. This allows patients and staff. us to challenge our clients to pursue progressive care models and measure the outcomes to Client Service We achieve the best solutions demonstrate the achievement of efficient by effectively engaging all stakeholders– delivery processes and user-centered design. administration, medical staff, facilities teams and clinical caregivers–throughout the process. In-house Programming and Planning enables us to assist our clients in improving levels of healthcare planning, including campus operations, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness master planning, detailed pre-design functional/ through high-quality, well-coordinated planning operational programming, departmental volume 2 This approach, combined with process leadership, Our multi-disciplinary team focuses on all and design. Healthcare
  5. 5. “ annon Design has created a concept C that revolves around patient needs with well-planned interior spaces, and an abundance of natural light which will serve nurses, physicians and patients well. I am confident that the Cancer Hospital’s distinct form and the way the building relates to its surroundings—particularly its landscape—will not only be received well by our patients, but will enhance the architectural quality of the city of Cleveland. ” Thomas F Zenty III, Chief Executive Office , University Hospitals Case Medical Center . Performance by Design 3
  6. 6. Advocate Lutheran General Hospital and Advocate Lutheran General Children’s Hospital The new 192-bed, eight-story LEED Gold tower was designed to be 23% more efficient than code required and 54% more efficient than an average hospital,with estimated annual savings of $190,015 and equivalent to $3,800,300 in revenue per year. 4
  7. 7. Advocate Lutheran General Hospital and Advocate Lutheran General Children’s Hospital “ annon Design provides great customer-oriented architecture C design services that have consistently exceeded our expectations. I can unequivocally recommend Cannon Design for any building or renovation project and believe they are second to none in the industry. ” Julie Schaffner, RN, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Nurse Executive, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital 6 Healthcare
  8. 8. by the numbers Bed floors have been laid out in PROJECT SIZE virtual pods with decentralized nursing – 384,000 sf addition stations to decrease noise levels 414,000 sf – 30,000 sf renovation construction Cost and travel distances. By utilizing a $374/sf “non-mirrored” approach for inpatient Service Lines room design, staff is easily oriented, General Pediatric Inpatient Unit with a standard template for care delivery, access to technology and easy supply distribution. Adult Medical / Surgical Inpatient Units Pediatric ICU Medical and Coronary ICU and Interventional Unit Oncology / Bone Marrow Transplant Inpatient Unit, Neurology / Stroke Inpatient Unit Mother-baby Unit with Newborn Nursery MRIs Public Lobby and Reception Notable LEED Gold Same-handed room layouts 93% of construction waste recycled “Why Green?” Sustainable Design Education Center Recognition Sustainable Architecture for Health Healthcare Facilities Symposium User-Centered Award key idea Use operational programming to reduce costs and increase market share Interior Design magazine Facility Care magazine Chicago Architect magazine ASHRAE Excellence in Engineering Award Illinois Chapter performance 20% reduction in material stock on bed floors through inventory control procedures managed with “just-in-time” delivery performance 50% more energy efficient than a peer inpatient facility in this climate, yielding an annual savings of $190,015 and equivalent to $3,800,300 in revenue per year Reduced noise levels and infection rate with private room environment Reduced patient transfers, staff injuries with patient lifts Reduced staff sick calls due to the “healthier building” Direct floor-to-floor integration with existing inpatient building allowed for the effective re-use of the old facility Corrected vertical transportation deficiencies in the existing bed tower with additional elevators in the addition Patient satisfaction at 73% on campus, the highest level achieved on record 23% better energy efficiency than code requirements
  9. 9. Advocate Lutheran General Children’s Hospital While achieving high marks for its excellence in pediatric care, Lutheran General Children’s Hospital sought to increase its profile. The team set to create a building that provided a distinctive branding opportunity for the Children’s Hospital aligned with the mission and values of Advocate Health and aligned with project goals. The main lobby provides positive distractions for children through its interactive moving light wall. The senses are engaged by the inclusion of art and children’s prose throughout the hospital, complementing their art and music therapy programs. 8 Left: A “wishing-well” stresses the importance of hand washing to pediatric patients and their visitors. Right: The first-floor lobby with interactive LED wall and suspended Healthcare bird sculptures creates a distinct pediatric entrance.
  10. 10. “ orking with Cannon Design was an exciting and inclusive process that resulted in high-performing and beautiful state of the art W inpatient Pediatric and Pediatric Intensive Care Units for Advocate Lutheran General Children's Hospital. The project has helped to raise the profile of our pediatric services in the region and has contributed to our increase in admissions. Since its opening we are experiencing increased satisfaction by patients, families and staff. The knowledge of healthcare operational issues and sensitivity to the specific needs of children were translated by Cannon Design into innovative and thoughtful amenities that have supported our provision of family-centered care and excellence in service.” Marilyn Eils, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Director, Operations Women's and Children's Services Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Top: A pediatric rooftop deck with playful colors, artwork and furniture provides positive distractions and a place of respite. Right: Private rooms with overnight guest accommodations foster a place where family partakes in the healing process.
  11. 11. featured Projects brigham and women’s hospital p12 Shapiro cardiovascular center UC San Diego Health System p30 Jacobs Medical Center Ministry of health of turkey – ETLIK campus banner MD Anderson King faisal specialist hospital AND RESEARCH CENTER p16 university center for advanced medicine p34 cancer center p48 barnes jewish healthcare / washington Stony Brook University Medical Center p36 Major expansion program p50 University of Arizona Medical Center South Campus, Behavioral Health Pavilion and Crisis Response Center p52
  12. 12. University Hospitals p18 NORTHWEST COMMUNITY HOSPITAL Froedtert the Medical College p22 of Wisconsin Clinical Cancer Center Seidman cancer Center p40 South Pavilion baptist medical center Northwestern Memorial Hospital p42 Kaleida Health, Clinical and Medical Research Building: Gates Vascular heart hospital at baptist Institute and UB Clinical Translational Research Center Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Center for Advanced Care p54 University of Wisconsin Cancer Center at Johnson Creek p26 Prentice Women’s Hospital p58 p46
  13. 13. by the numbers PROJECT SIZE 420,000 sf The Center enhances Brigham and construction Cost Women’s Hospital’s stature as one of the $417/sf world’s leading medical centers. Its strong Service Lines connectivity to the existing hospital and Pathology Labs Wet Labs Ambulatory ORs Recognition Building of America Award Real Estate Construction Review Associated General Contractors Build New campus is the culmination of thoughtful planning and responsive architectural articulation—striking a balance between public spaces and more intimate areas. England Award By consolidating cardiovascular services Notable into one world-class facility, the Center LEED Silver Six residential structures on site were reused and re-sited to vacant areas of the neighborhood Utilized unique Cannon Design invention: Universal Grid Theory Recycling of more than 90% of construction waste during the three-year construction schedule enhances the patient experience, yielding operational efficiencies and encouraging collaboration and communication among the specialists. performance Unique use of patient suite layout for maximum efficiency, comfort and privacy Ability for re-allocation and linking of space key idea Accommodate a flexible model of care for diversity of disease base performance Flexible and adaptable nursing model allows range of nurse-to-patient ratio to increase from 1:1 to 1:8 12 Healthcare
  14. 14. BRIGHAM AND WOMEN’S Hospital Shapiro cardiovascular center Performance by Design 13
  15. 15. “ he Cannon Design team brings talent, T skill and experience to the project, as well as the very important qualities of understanding, sincerity and commitment in working with our staff and patients.” Arthur Mombourquette Vice President, Support Services 14 Healthcare
  16. 16. A welcoming, light-filled patient room offers comfort to patients, families and visitors, along with sweeping views of Boston. The Center sets an excellent standard of patient care, that is elegant and unvarying throughout, with views of the Boston skyline and surrounding neighborhoods.
  17. 17. barnes jewish healthcare / washington university center for advanced medicine “A sucessful design for a healthcare facility strives to find a balance in all things great and small...It’s a patientfriendly ambulatory setting...great accessibility with superb functional relationships, and a logical, bold plan that fosters orientation both to patients and staff using a very large facility. ” Modern Healthcare / Academy of Architecture for Health 16 Healthcare
  18. 18. by the numbers Created a high-efficiency environment PROJECT SIZE through the use of modular space planning – 624,000 sf new concepts resulting in 18% fewer exam 744,000 sf – 120,000 sf renovation construction Cost rooms while supporting increased $239/sf patient volumes service lines Faculty Practice Private MD Practices Breast Center Endoscopy Minor Procedure Radiology Lab Surgery Cancer research Oncology center Ambulatory care Orthopedic Catheterization lab Imaging Notable Cost / benefit analysis models were used to understand the first cost premiums in comparison to long-term potential savings to determine optimal building components key idea Consolidate 32 different sites into one location Energy management savings were reviewed for their first cost versus long-term savings. Drill-down analysis was completed to determine facility operations savings as well as energy conservation strategies performance Reduced the number of exam rooms by 18% and increased volume Recognition 2001 Award of National Cancer Institute Modern Healthcare / AIA Academy of Architecture for Health - Honorable Mention Healthcare Design Citation of Merit Center for Healthcare Design - Honorable Mention AIA/AHA ASHE Vista Award Performance Design allowed cancer program to achieve the highest Comprehensive Cancer Center designation from the NCI Used staffing models to create highly efficient operational departmental configurations Levels of clinical complexity were linked with construction building types to closely manage cost Blocking and stacking of the building was melded to maximize the capital ROI
  19. 19. by the numbers PROJECT SIZE 370,000 sf This facility is dedicated exclusively to construction Cost the care of adult cancer patients and their $357/sf service lines Comprehensive Cancer Center – Research Offices – Clinical Trials – Breast Care Center – Day Hospital – Radiation Therapy – Medical Oncology Breast Center families in a protective environment that provides for staff, physician and caregiver collaboration, operational efficiency and technological development. Patients’ needs and their experiences are at the heart of interior space arrangements. Diagnostic Imaging Teaching and Conference Facilities Faculty and Administration Offices Notable CM fast-track delivery process National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center Recognition The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, American Architecture Award Green Guide for Healthcare Certified Performance Structural grid that fully integrates the present use and could accommodate a range of new future functions Consolidation and expansion of current programs into a dedicated facility designed to enhance a multidisciplinary approach of cancer diagnostics, key idea Consolidate regional programs into a single, dedicated facility that leverages expertise and resources treatment and research Uses interior solar shades to protect occupants from undesirable glare performance Adoption of the Universal Grid philosophy to fully integrate the present uses, and accommodate new future functions 18 Healthcare
  20. 20. University Hospitals Seidman cancer Center The new facility will consolidate and expand the current programs/services into a single, dedicated facility designed to enhance a multidisciplinary approach of cancer diagnostics, treatment and research in keeping with NCI recognition.
  21. 21. Clarity and simplicity of pathways, proper scale and introduction of natural light characterize the interior architecture. The Cancer Center is an architectural icon for the campus, creating a new front door. The facility houses 120 private inpatient rooms, sized and designed to promote a family-centered model of care. 20 Healthcare
  22. 22. In Outpatient Waiting, natural daylight and views of nature provide positive distracters for patients and their families–helping to reduce stress levels.
  23. 23. froedtert and the medical college of wisconsin clinical cancer center The design supports the hospital’s disease-based interdisciplinary care model and reinforces the pre-eminence of their program. Consolidating caregivers and support staff, the Center’s clinics are developed around a unique “hub” model where specialists come to the patient, increasing collaboration of care strategies. 22 Healthcare
  24. 24. key idea by the numbers Eliminate weeks of delay between specialist visits for patients PROJECT SIZE performance Improves coordination of care and decreases time to treatment by 40% through specialist consolidation and coordination 508,000 sf – including 166,000 of subterranean parking construction Cost $158/sf Service Lines Comprehensive Cancer Services: – Cancer Clinics – Research Offices – Clinical Trials – Breast Care Center – Day Hospital – Radiation Therapy – Medical Oncology Quality-of-Life Center Salon and Wellness Center Pharmacy Café Parking Notable Center for Health Design Pebble Project Quality of Life Center: Researching whether the incorporation of a center offering social, financial and spiritual support will create more awareness and use of these services Interdisciplinary “Hub” Model: Researching how organizing clinics around the patient where all specialists work in a single location will improve the timeliness of appointments, efficiency and convenience for patients and patient satisfaction Day Hospital: Researching how the variety of settings for infusion including varying degrees of privacy, abundant natural light, views to nature and socialization will influence the patterns of use and patient, family and staff satisfaction Recognition The Wall Street Journal Contract ARCHITECT Healthcare Design Chicago Architect Performance 28% reduction in energy use over baseline building Process improvements resulted in higher patient satisfaction, improved throughput and increased patient volumes Consolidated clinical support spaces reduced redundancies and decreased necessary program space size by 12%
  25. 25. “The architects, designers, and engineers of Cannon Design are able to “ I have had the pleasure of working with the Cannon Design team since 2004… articulate and actualize their promise to create effective, sustainable, The Cannon Design team provided excellent leadership throughout the and inspiring environments. At Northwest Community Hospital, we engagement. I witnessed an effective combination of organizational skills, are the benefactors of Cannon Design’s collaborative approach... and [I strategic thinking, planning, and generation of creative solutions by Cannon am] confident that the outcome will be felt by many clinicians, Design… I offer my unqualified endorsement and support of Cannon Design…” S ue Derus, Executive Director, Cancer Services, Froedtert and Community Health 24 Healthcare physicians, patients, and our community for years to follow.” Dale Beatty, Vice President of Patient Services and Chief Nursing Officer, Northwest Community Hospital
  26. 26. Infusion areas offer varying levels of privacy and natural daylight while giving patients and staff breathtaking views of neighboring wetlands. The first floor lobby welcomes visitors and engages the community by providing spaces for public education and community events.
  27. 27. Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Prentice Women’s Hospital by the numbers PROJECT SIZE 940,000 sf The 328-bed women’s hospital supports construction Cost patients and caregivers alike, enabling $396/sf Service Lines Medical / Surgical Inpatient Beds Comprehensive Breast Health Center Inpatient and Outpatient Diagnostic Services First Floor Obstetrics Triage Labor and Delivery with Well-Baby Nursery Postpartum Surgery Level II and III NICU Medical Oncology Women’s Health Education Center Auditorium a unified and comprehensive approach to healthcare for women through all stages of their lives. The design of the replacement hospital was viewed by management as an opportunity to respond to the expressed needs and preferences of women, both for themselves and their family members. Conference Space Grand Lobby with Retail Dedicated Patient Exit Lobby Restaurant Green Roof Notable key idea One of only a dozen dedicated women’s hospitals Position and brand comprehensive women’s in the country health services One of the largest medical facilities in the country to be certified LEED Silver More than 3,836 tons of debris were removed from the construction site. Of that amount, 84% was recycled (steel, copper, glass) or reused (concrete as filler for other construction projects) Recognition Metropolis Chicago Tribune Chicago Architect performance Patient satisfaction with the pleasantness of room décor increased 30 points Patient satisfaction with the healing promoted by room environment increased more than 20 points Patient satisfaction with the accommodations and comfort for visitors increased 12 points 32% reduction in total building energy cost for lighting 50% savings in lighting costs compared to the prior facility 26 Healthcare performance 30-point increase in Press-Ganey patient satisfaction scores
  28. 28. A joint venture project with VOA Associates
  29. 29. 28 Healthcare
  30. 30. Clockwise from left: Generously sized LDRs feature daybeds for family members and expansive views of Lake Michigan or downtown Chicago; a gift shop offers women-focused selections; the Level II and Level III NICU has 86 bassinets with privacy options; the welcoming public lobby. Opposite page: The main lobby has a separate and protected discharge area created to afford patients privacy and dignity while awaiting pick-up. “ MH and Cannon Design have maintained a strong relationship over the N years. The firm’s work has consistently met the budget and schedule parameters for the project. Cannon Design is always sensitive to NMH’s functional needs, and brings creativity and innovation to the process and the design.” Jim Bicak, Vice President of Campus Development, Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  31. 31. UC San Diego health System Jacobs Medical Center Value stream mapping concepts discussed during the programming phases resulted in developments including an electronic admission system and a one-stop patient intake center. The second floor Invasive Services Hub breaks down silos between surgery and procedure spaces, as well as inpatient and outpatient, maximizing throughput and leveling peaks and valleys throughout the day. A new, isolated HEPA-filtered unit allows BMT patients to maneuver around the floor. In-room webcams allow patients to interact with their families, connecting them to their lives, so that they are not only surviving but living. 30 Healthcare
  32. 32. by the numbers UCSD is transforming the La Jolla PROJECT SIZE campus into a 245-bed, LEED Silver – 436,000 sf new academic medical and regional referral 499,000 sf – 63,000 sf renovation construction Cost center focused on cancer, cardiovascular, Confidential special surgical services, and womens service lines and infant care. – Cancer Patient Rooms: – Special Surgery – Womens and Infants DT Support: – Imaging – Neurology – Pulmonary – Surgery Notable Pursuing LEED Silver Transforming a community hospital to an academic medical center Performance Value stream mapping process “Lean” planning sessions Detached central plant to accommodate long-term growth Electronic admission system One-stop patient intake center key idea Use multidisciplinary “lean” planning sessions with value-stream mapping performance Optimized processes shaped design, resulting in efficiencies that drive increase of patient, provider and staff satisfaction Invasive services hub Hepa-filtered bmt unit Webcam access in patient rooms
  33. 33. Campus Planning University of Michigan Health System Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Strategic facilities master plan for the clinical core of the medical campus that evaluates the feasibility of options to meet continuing growth on the main medical campus Campus master plan for the hospital portion of this dense urban environment that will support both the hospital’s and university’s visions for growth 6.5 million sf 3.4 million sf university of california at san diego King Faisal specialist hospital and research center Strategic campus master plan to transform the UCSD La Jolla campus from a community hospital into an academic medical center and regional referral center focused on cancer, cardiovascular and surgical services Institutional master plan and expansion at Saudi Arabia’s largest medical center featuring four landmark projects: the 360-bed, 72,000 sm King Abdullah Cancer and Liver Disease Center; a 38,000 sm National Biotechnology Center; a 45,000 sm, four-story Royal Wing; and a Powerhouse and Service Tunnel System 400,000 sf new 750,000 sf total 32 Healthcare 1.86 million sf
  34. 34. Anyone can identify problems, but we are more than problem solvers; we’re idea generators. If we think creatively about how to adapt our processes to support and encourage excellence, the question shifts from “What needs fixing?” to “What is possible?” Performance by Design 33
  35. 35. Banner MD ANDERSON Cancer center “You and your team have done a great job with the building. I am positive the patients and staff will appreciate everyone’s effort to create a warm and welcoming place.” Susan Lipka, Associate Vice President, Capital Planning and Management, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 34 Healthcare
  36. 36. by the numbers A partnership between world renowned PROJECT SIZE MD Anderson Cancer Center and - 133,000 sf new construction Banner Health, one of the largest 188,000 sf - 55,000 sf renovation Construction Cost nonprofit healthcare systems in the $360/sf new U.S., the Banner MD Anderson Cancer service lines Center begins the consolidation and - Radiation Oncology expansion of metropolitan Phoenix’s - Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging oncology services into a single - Intake Center comprehensive campus that facilitates - Laboratory a multidisciplinary approach to cancer diagnostics and treatment. Outpatient Oncology Services: - Infusion Therapy - Multispecialty Clinics Related Services: - Pharmacy - Bone Marrow Transplant Beds - Physician Offices Notable Leveraged existing services on the Banner Gateway Medical Center campus to create a comprehensive cancer center requiring only 133,000 sf of new construction, carefully sited to accommodate a controlled build-out Working in close on-site partnership, Cannon Design and construction manager DPR completed this project in a compressed schedule of 30 months, from programming to completion Used BIM live in client meetings to demonstrate key idea Process Led Design to establish ideal patient flows for the effect of design decisions, achieve consensus, document decisions in real time, and ultimately reduce change requests during construction various types of oncology services: radiation, infusion, imaging, surgery, urgent needs, inpatient care Recognition performance Featured tour at ASHE Planning, Adjacencies function well now and with future addition, complemented by creation of Welcome Center where patient navigators and care coordinators greet all new patients and facilitate care Illuminating Engineering Society, AIA St. Louis – Unbuilt Distinguished Award 2010 Design and Construction Summit 2012 Illumination Award Featured project, Medical Construction Design Best Health Care Project Southwest, McGraw Hill/ENR Performance Evidence-based design including access to nature merges high-tech world of medicine with high-touch needs of cancer patients Iconic 68-foot-tall “Lantern of Hope” uses RGB color-changing LEDs to provide a precisely controlled glow that meets energy consumption limits and Arizona’s dark-sky guidelines Innovative interior lighting scheme including daylighting, daylight sensors, and T5HO fixtures meets both owner requirements and ASHRAE 90.1-2007
  37. 37. by the numbers PROJECT SIZE 354,000 sf – 154,000 sf new construction – 200,000 sf renovation construction Cost This major modernization project provides a striking new public space from which each of the clinical areas can be accessed. $339/sf In addition, the new lobby provides a Service Lines clearer drop-off and a better relationship Emergency Department Women and Infant Center State-of-the-Art Surgical Suite to the parking area. Pharmacy NICU Imaging Obstetrics Lobby Concierge Desk Information Desk Meditation Room Conference Center Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shop Café Helipad Parking Recognition LEED Silver Eligible performance Floating blocks of clinical spaces provide key idea shared spaces to address daily shifts in Improve patient flow through campus; triple emergency patient populations More than a 20% improvement in energy efficiency above state mandates department space to expand capacity to as many as 100,000 visits per year Positioning of public and private spaces clarifies circulation while introducing flexible connections performance Yielded 20% increase of patient volume capacity in emergency services beyond planned program 36 Healthcare
  38. 38. Stony Brook University Medical Center major expansion program 37
  39. 39. Sun-filled, private patient rooms are in-touch with today’s inpatients and ease the discomfort commonly felt by patients and their families upon admission to a hospital. The revamped infrastructure and striking new entryway creates a new, modern image for the overall campus. 38 Healthcare
  40. 40. The design of the new entryway allows more efficient connections to various department areas, improves segregation and security, and significantly increases connection to existing parking facilities, while providing a new and welcoming image for the campus.
  41. 41. Northwest Community Hospital South Pavilion Since 1991, Cannon Design has been working with Northwest Community Hospital to improve their facilities and meet their strategic business objectives. “ annon Design was able to articulate and actualize their promise to create effective, sustainable and inspiring environments. At Northwest C Community Hospital, we are the benefactors of [their] collaborative approach in designing a building that works from the inside out. We engaged and immersed ourselves into the evidence-based content that exist in our industry and incorporated this knowledge into our design.” ale Beatty, Vice President of Patient Services and Chief Nursing Officer, Northwest Community Hospital D 40 Healthcare
  42. 42. by the numbers The tower’s form shortens travel distances for staff and expands the support core, providing the opportunity for in-unit procedure and diagnostic areas. PROJECT SIZE 225,000 sf construction Cost $358/sf service lines Inpatient Units Adult and Pediatric Emergency Department ICU Labor and Delivery C-Section Suite Diagnostic Imaging Notable LEED Silver Registered Registered Green Guide for Health Care project Preserves 3.37 acres of open green space 80% of construction waste diverted from the landfill 79% of wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council Cannon Design’s 34th project for the hospital Over 800,000 sf affected by Cannon Design since 1991 Performance metric tracking of over 25 clinical, satisfaction and financial metrics Recognition The Wall Street Journal key idea Provide a planning concept that adapts to higher acuity populations and their needs Medical Construction Design Achieving Business Excellence Chicago Architect First Canadian Healthcare Architecture Conference - Feature Project performance Performance Rapid design process of inpatient units reduced Work-flow process mapping yielded improved throughput in the ED and reduced time to diagnosis by 1.5 hours programming and schematic planning time by four months Reduced noise levels in patient units by 20 decibels Increased bed utilization to 95% with all-private room model Reduced total patient transfers Increased compliance with hand-washing protocols by at least 50% Reduced nosocomial infection rate Improved obstetric patient intake process and volume capacity with dedicated triage/early labor area
  43. 43. by the numbers PROJECT SIZE 203,000 sf The Heart Hospital signals Baptist construction Cost Medical Center’s leadership in $238/sf Service Lines Cardiovascular Emergency Department Pediatrics Neurosciences Minimally Invasive Medicine and Surgery Oncology Orthopaedics Women’s Health cardiovascular care and establishes a new landmark along Jacksonville’s riverfront. The 203,000 sf heart hospital, an expanded emergency department and parking garage offers patient rooms that are easily Parking adaptable to patient acuity ensuring Notable long-term flexibility in managing Certified Stroke Center AIA St. Louis Honor Award changing patient profiles. AIA Central States Region Citation of Excellence in Architecture Modern Healthcare/AIA Academy of Architecture for Health Citation for Design Excellence AIA Jacksonville Award of Commendation performance 185% increase in EP studies 27% increase in diagnostic caths 25% increase in PTCA 244% increase in AICD key idea 243% increase in ablation procedures Create a signature building that increases program 44% increase in open heart procedures awareness in the market place 53% increase in CV surgeries 56% increase in invasive surgery volumes performance Four-point increase in cardiovascular market share in first 3 years and 4,900 new patient encounters 42 Healthcare
  44. 44. baptist medical center heart hospital at baptist
  45. 45. An aerial view of the Baptist Campus, including the water-front Heart Hospital at Baptist. Warm and inviting public spaces provide comfort to patients. 44 Healthcare
  46. 46. The building itself responds to the flowing form of the nearby river, affording all patients views across the waterway to the Jacksonville skyline.
  47. 47. by the numbers PROJECT SIZE 340,000 sf The Gates Vascular Institute is a one-of-a- CONSTRUCTION COST kind facility planned as a cornerstone of $455/sf Service Lines Emergency Services Minimally Invasive Surgery Cardiac Catheterization Neurovascular Intervention Electrophysiology Peripheral Vascular Intervention Cardiac Surgery Neurosurgery Peripheral Vascular Surgery Post-Operative “hotel” Recovery Suites Collaborative Floor for Physicians and Researchers Biomedical Laboratories Biomechanical Laboratories Ancillary Services Patient Outreach a world-class academic medical center being developed by Kaleida Health Systems and the University of Buffalo School of Medicine. The facility features emergency services, minimally invasive procedures, bio-medical/mechanical research labs, operating rooms, a floor of unique pre- and post-operative “hotel” rooms, and a floor intended as a collaborative “oasis” for physicians, researchers and entrepreneurs. Teaching and Research Spaces Imaging performance Use of Rapid Care Protocol (RCP) to improve speed and quality of care key idea Create a building that becomes an incubator for translational medicine performance The “Rapid Care Protocol” effort strives to efficiently assess high-risk patients suspected of acute cardiac or neurovascular events, streamline their transition through the emergency department and bring patients to the appropriate care area in the shortest amount of time 46 Healthcare
  48. 48. Kaleida Health, Clinical and Medical Research Building: Gates Vascular Institute and UB Clinical Translational Research Center The institute will become an incubator for collaboration and interaction among staff and physicians from the various fields of vascular disease diagnosis and treatment, including cardiac catheterization, neurovascular intervention, electrophysiology, peripheral vascular intervention, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and peripheral vascular surgery. At the base of the new heart and vascular center will be a full-service emergency department with immediate vertical access to procedural suites within the facility, catering to the notion of “rapid care protocol” .
  49. 49. ministry of health of turkey – e tlik campus First large-scale project in the Turkish government’s re-imagination of the public health system. A large, shared diagnostic and treatment base punctuated by outdoor courtyards to maximize natural light within the departments. Two full levels of underground parking beneath the entire facility offer immediate access to the departments and preserve landscape views. The six specialty hospitals are designed with three ‘wings’ of rooms on a typical floor. Their shape creates a fluid exterior silhouette while their orientation offers views to the landscape from every patient room. 48 Healthcare
  50. 50. by the numbers PROJECT SIZE 5,500,000 sf Construction Cost $110/sf (in-country cost) service lines Six Freestanding Hospitals and Related Clinics: – General Hospital – Cardiovascular – Neurology – Pediatric – Women – Oncology Emergency Department Parking Notable Sustainably designed, incorporating green roofs Recognition Architectural Record Architecture Daily News World Architecture News Performance Design completed in 90 days as a result of Rapid Design Process key idea Create a hospital campus with easy access and movement between specialty hospitals and clinics with shared resources performance Balances demands of a sixhospital campus including 90 operating rooms and an emergency department that can accommodate up to 2,500 visits per day Decentralized support and nursing Modular Planning Grid
  51. 51. by the numbers PROJECT SIZE 1,862,170 sf Master plan and expansion at Saudi CONSTRUCTION Cost Arabia’s largest medical center featuring $214/sf Service Lines Biotechnology Center Cardiovascular Center Pediatrics Liver Disease Treatment Cancer Treatment Cancer Research four landmark projects: the 360-bed King Abdullah Cancer and Liver Disease Center, National Biotechnology Center, a Royal Wing and a Powerhouse and Service Tunnel System. Ambulatory Clinics 1200-Car Parking Deck Allied Health Training Unit Helipad Evacuation Tunnel Retail Space Performance Reclaims natural features by directing parking below grade Converts a suburban sprawl hospital to a vertical high-rise, reclaiming natural attributes key idea Transform a 1970s community hospital and convert to a 1000-bed, 21st century academic medical center and research institution performance Doubles the size of the medical center while integrating the highest medical technology, including biosciences, research and education with focus of advancing oncology and liver disease services in the region 50 Healthcare
  52. 52. King faisal specialist hospital AND RESEARCH CENTER
  53. 53. University of Arizona Medical Center, South Campus Behavioral Health Pavilion and Crisis Response Center A design approach consisting of parallel “bars” of served and servant spaces allows each facility to “plug in” to the common service court and mitigate potentially conflicting traffic flows of patients, staff and visitors. 52 Healthcare
  54. 54. key idea by the numbers Create a comprehensive center for behavior health services from emergent to outpatient with PROJECT SIZE appropriate services in appropriate locations 186,000 sf – 119,000 sf Behavioral Health Pavilion – 67 ,000 sf Crisis Response Center performance Increases the facility’s acute psychiatric bed count by 50% CONSTRUCTION Cost $163/sf Service Lines Acute and Sub-Acute Psychiatric Beds Court Room Psychiatric Emergency Services Medical Emergency Department Outpatient Treatment Residency Program Adult and Youth Crisis Assessment and Stabilization Notable Industrial Perforators Association Award, Honorable Mention Recognition Modern Healthcare Behavioral Health Magazine performance Decreases use of emergency departments Decrease inappropriate use of the detention facilities On-site courtroom limits patient transfers Behavior Health Pavilion and the Crisis Response Center are connected on grade through a secure connection. 50% increase in acute psychiatric beds
  55. 55. Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Center for Advanced Care A change catalyst, the building redefines the hospital’s brand image for ambulatory and cancer services and sets the tone for future growth. key idea Revitalize a 1960s-era, under-utilized building in a prime location on campus performance 200% increase in patient volumes within the first year 54 Healthcare
  56. 56. by the numbers PROJECT SIZE 136,350 sf – 39,500 sf renovated – 54,500 sf addition – 42,350 sf reutilized construction Cost $183/sf Service Lines Cancer Institute: – Radiation Oncology – Oncology Specialists / Medical Oncology – Gynecologic Oncology Advanced Imaging Center – CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, General Radiology Breast Health Center – Screening – Diagnostics – Stereotactic Biopsy AWARDS AIA National Healthcare Award Modern Healthcare / AIA Design Award, Honorable Mention American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) of the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the American Institute of Architects Academy of Architects for Health (AIA/AAH) Vista Award Healthcare Design Magazine Architectural Showcase Citation of Merit User-Centered Symposium Distinction Award Sponsored by FacilityCare Magazine in association with the Healthcare Facilities Symposium Expo Healthcare Environment Awards Sponsored by Contract, The Center for Health Design, and Healthcare Design.07 , Honorable Mention RECOGNITION Modern Healthcare Healthcare Design Magazine Health Facilities Management Contract Performance Increased clinical staff recruitment and improved staff retention
  57. 57. The existing building suffered from limited floor-to-floor heights, scarce natural light and poor air circulation; the design of the renovation and addition created an open, welcoming, and light-filled environment and leveraged the existing infrastructure to decrease capital investment costs. “ ith our Center for Advanced Care, W [Cannon Design] visualized how an old, under-utilized hospital building from the 1960s could be an award-winning, state-ofthe-art ambulatory center. It was transformational and beyond our wildest dreams. E very aspect of the development and design was a very positive experience for the many users that included staff, patients, and physicians. The Center has exceeded our most aggressive forecast for patient volumes and the patient satisfaction is in the upper quartile, unlike our previous in-hospital services.” ulie Schaffner, RN, Chief Operating Officer / J Chief Nurse Executive, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Breast Center Facility Overall Facility Patient Satisfaction Percentile Clinical Staff Satisfaction Percentile Jan-Sep 2006 vs. Jan-Apr 2007 Jan-Sep 2006 vs. Jan-Apr 2007 99 96 37 18 2006 A patient and family education center offers resources and information frequently requested by consumers. 56 Healthcare 2007 2006 2007
  58. 58. University of Wisconsin Cancer Center at Johnson Creek by the numbers PROJECT SIZE 14,300 sf Construction Cost $242/sf Service Lines Medical Oncology Radiation Oncology Clinical Trials Awards Contract Interiors Award Winner, Healthcare Category Modern Healthcare Design Award Citation Winner Buildings Magazine Project Innovations Award Recognition Contract Architectural Record Sustainable Architecture for Health Healthcare Design Magazine Medical Construction Design Performance Exceeded geographic and demographic standards Captured increased marketshare from wider area than anticipated Patient volumes increased each year key idea since opening Respond to the clients’ need for a patient-friendly environment New patient volumes increased by that can accommodate rapid growth in patient volumes 15 percent Treatment volumes increased 10 percent in radiation oncology Treatment volumes are up 20 percent in medical oncology performance Continuous annual growth of 20 percent in medical oncology and 40 percent growth in radiation therapy volumes 58 Healthcare
  59. 59. The structure defines the program both literally and metaphorically. It is a signature building that sets the facility apart from its competition and reflects how patients are treated inside–with honesty, optimism, and the latest technology. “ he Cannon Design team provided thoughtful and creative guidance to T further the direction of our mission and operational vision for the facility... Throughout our relationship, the team helped guide our vision of creating a building that served the community and also made a statement in itself... It is with great confidence that I recommend Cannon Design. ” Lynda Persico, Director, UW Cancer Center at Johnson Creek
  60. 60. Operational Facility Programming The Cannon Design healthcare practice offers comprehensive programming and planning as a mainstay of our service offerings. In addition to providing traditional functional and space programming services, our staff specializes in research and benchmarking, capacity analysis, activation/occupancy planning and process engineering. Our goal is to partner with you to create functional, therapeutic and innovative environments and to provide an appropriate level of service to most effectively enable a successful transition to your new environment. We look forward to building a partnership with you. For more in-depth information on our programming and planning capabilities, please send us an e-mail to 60 Healthcare
  61. 61. Research and Benchmarking – Primary and secondary research – White papers – Internal metric benchmarking – Hospital initiative support – Funding Assistance – Mock-up studies – Collaboration with independent national studies – Best practice benchmarking Capacit y maximization – Current- and future-state process mapping – Process improvement analysis – Resources utilization – Capital cost implications – Throughput analysis – Contribution margin impact Process engineering – Operational redesign – Throughput maximization – Workflow mapping Activation / Occupancy Planning – Early occupancy support – Programming through activation continuity – People, equipment and facilities preparation – Tasks and timelines – Framework for new care models, technologies and work processes
  62. 62. healthcare Interior Design Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center Northwestern Memorial Hospital Prentice Women’s Hospital Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital Greenbriar Outpatient Center Northwest Community Hospital South Pavilion 62 Froedtert Health Clinical Cancer Center Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital Expansion Healthcare
  63. 63. “ annon Design has done C an excellent job utilizing colors, textures, and materials that support the openness of the building, even in the treatment areas. It has been shown that where you are affects how you feel, and this building was designed to help soothe the anxiety associated with being in and visiting a hospital.” Keith Golden, Director of Support Services, Sherman Hospital Performance by Design 63
  64. 64. Cannon Design is a major international architectural, engineering and interior design firm recognized for design excellence and technological innovation. Founded over 65 years ago, Cannon Design has a staff of over 1,000 dedicated people, operating 16 offices throughout North America, Asia and the Middle East. Long recognized as one of the top ten architectural/engineering firms in the U.S., Cannon Design has planned, programmed and designed over one billion square feet of healthcare facilities in ten countries around the world. Building upon our commitment to improve the performance of facilities and to create a positive experience for patients, families and caregivers,we look to forge long-lived collaborations with our clients. As we bring you Performance by Design, we welcome the opportunity to develop a partnership with you. Services Architecture Interior Design Campus Master Planning Operational Facility Programming Engineering Sustainable Design Consulting 64
  65. 65. Among our clients Abrazo Health Care • Adventist Healthcare • Acibadem Healthcare Group • Advocate Healthcare • Arizona State Hospital • Baltimore Washington Medical Center • Banner Health • Baptist Medical Center • BJC Healthcare • Berkshire Health Systems • Bermuda Hospitals Board • BJC HealthCare • Blue Ridge HealthCare System • Boston Medical Center • Botsford General Hospital • Brigham and Women’s Hospital • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center • Center for Addiction Mental Health • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention • Centre Hospitalier de l’Universite de Montreal • Children’s Hospital of Boston • Children’s Hospital of Illinois • Children’s Hospital of New Orleans • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia • Children’s Medical Center of Israel • Condell Medical Center • Decatur Memorial Hospital • Delnor Hospital • Detroit Medical Center • Essex County Hospital Center • Fraser Health Authority • Friendship Village • Froedtert and Community Health • George Washington University Medical Center • Hauptman-Woodward Research Institute Hospital for Special Surgery • HSA | PrimeCare • Iasis Healthcare • Illinois Vascular Institute • INCA Instituto Nacional de Cancer • • Indiana University Health • Infrastructure Ontario Healthcare • Interior Health Authority, BC • John C. Lincoln Healthcare • Johns Hopkins Medical Center • Kaiser Permanente • Kaleida Health System • Karmanos Cancer Institute • King Faisal Specialist Hospital • Lake Forest Hospital • Lindner Center of HOPE • Loma Linda University Medical Center • Loyola University Medical Center • Mayo Clinic • Medical College of Virginia • Medical College of Wisconsin • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center • Mercy Hospital and Medical Center Methodist Hospital • Milwaukee Regional Medical Center • Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center • National Institutes for Health • • New Women’s College Hospital • New York Presbyterian Hospital • New York University Hospitals Center • Niagara Health System • Northern Health Authority, Prince George, BC • Northwest Community Hospital • Northwestern Memorial Hospital • North Carolina Department of Health • Oak Park Hospital • Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Services • OSF Healthcare • Pima County Hospital • Phoenix Baptist Hospital • Phoenix Children’s Hospital • Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital • Rhodes Rehab • Resurrection Health Care • Roswell Park Memorial Institute • Royal Ottawa Hospital • Rush-Copley Medical Center • Saint Anthony Hospital • Saint Francis Hospital • Saskatoon Health Region • Scripps Health • Sherman Hospital • Silver Cross Hospital • St. Anthony’s Medical Center • St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Province of Ontario • State of Virginia • Stony Brook Medical Center • Tata Healthcare Group • Tel Aviv Medical Center • United Health Services • University Hospitals • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs • University of Arizona • University of California, San Diego • University of Chicago Hospitals • University of Colorado Hospital • University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center • University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics • University of Kansas Hospital Authority • University of Massachusetts Medical Center University of Michigan Health System • University of Pennsylvania Health • System University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics • • UW Cancer Center at Johnson Creek • Valley West Community Hospital • Vancouver Island Health Authority • Veterans Administration Hospital • Village Medical Center • Virginia Commonwealth University Health System • Washington University Medical Center • Yale New Haven Medical Center • Zhejiang University Medical Center ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Barnes Jewish Healthcare/Washington University Center for Advanced Medicine: Hellmuth, Obata+Kassabaum (HOK) – Associate Architect/Shell and Core | Brigham and Women’s Hospital , Shapiro Cardiovascular 05/2012 Center: Chan Krieger Associates – Associate Architect/Urban Planning | King Faisal Specialist Hospital Research Center: Dar Al Riyadh Consultants – Associate Architect | University of Arizona Medical Center, South Campus, Behavioral Health Pavilion and Crisis Response Center: CDG Architects – Associate Architect | University Hospitals, Seidman Cancer Center: Array Healthcare Facilities Solutions – Associate Architect/Interior Designer/Corporate Architect
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