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SMPS Marketer - December 2013


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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SMPS Marketer - December 2013

  1. 1. 36 marketing communications awards A Way with Words: The 2013 Feature Writing Winners W ords take shape within emails, brochures, and tweets to help firms meet their marketing goals. But oftentimes, there’s a need for longer, more substantial content, such as articles and white papers, to meet objectives and gain audience awareness. As part of the Marketing Communications Awards (MCA) Program, SMPS recognizes, in the Feature Writing Category, firms that have created this type of content in print or online. Here, we’ve featured the projects that won first, second, and third place in this category during the 2013 MCAs. Theresa Casey, FSMPS, CPSM, whose firm On Target Marketing & Communications won first place, says, “Studying winning entries in the SMPS Marketing Communications Awards has provided invaluable insight to continually improve my work, and it positioned me to place three times in the Feature Writing Category. ” “Transforming Brownfields into Healthfields” On Target Marketing & Communications/ Cardno TBE, Columbia, CT 1st Place, Feature Writing Category Goals. Theresa Casey ghostwrote “Transforming Brownfields into Healthfields” for her client Miles Ballogg of Florida-based Cardno TBE. The article, which appeared in the November 2012 issue of Brownfield Renewal magazine, explained the developing trend of bundling health-focused federal funding with brownfield renewal funding to redevelop abandoned buildings, while reducing healthcare gaps in underserved communities. The goals of the article included using the healthfields concept to create a new niche for Cardno TBE’s brownfields services and to expand these services beyond Florida, building on Cardno TBE’s brownfields work to springboard the firm’s growth in the healthcare market, and strengthening ties with clients and referral sources. Society for Marketing Professional Services Target Audience. Current and future brownfield grant recipients were targeted, as well as medically underserved communities, healthcare providers, developers, and state and federal funding agencies. Brownfield Renewal magazine was chosen because it is the authority on trends in the brownfield industry. Research and Planning. Secondary research for the article included reports such as the 2011 National Health Disparities Report, published through the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which showed health disparities are a major driver for large government healthcare spending. Also, according to Plunket Research, U.S. healthcare expenditures were estimated to be $2.7 trillion in 2011 and expected to rise to $3.5 trillion in 2016, making it one of the best-funded markets in the country. “Transforming Brownfields into Healthfields, an entry from On Target ” Communications and Cardno TBE, won first-place in the Feature Writing Category of the 2013 Marketing Communications Awards.
  2. 2. 37 Message. Casey believes feature-length writing is key to telling a firm’s story. She and the Cardno TBE team set out to galvanize the concept. They synthesized, organized, and formulated the information into the message “Transforming Brownfields to Healthfields,” which coined the term healthfields for the first time. Due to the article’s success, the term became the topic of six conference workshops. Results. Landing the cover story was very useful in convincing management that healthcare was a viable market and to put Cardno TBE’s brownfields group in a lead role. The article also helped secure speaking opportunities at conferences with national EPA and community development staff. Cardno TBE developed and strengthened relationships with key clients and referral sources and secured work for brownfields and other service areas, due in part to the strategic position garnered from the article. “Modern Art: Instituto Nacional de Cancer” CannonDesign, St. Louis, MO 2nd Place, Feature Writing Category Goals. The primary purpose of the article “Modern Art: Instituto Nacional de Cancer” was to demonstrate CannonDesign’s expertise and global presence in healthcare design and planning. The “INCA” story, published in the October 2011 issue of Healthcare Design, discussed CannonDesign’s work on one of the largest healthcare projects in South America—one that will provide a healing and supportive environment for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Target Audience. The target audience included all existing and prospective clients and allied professionals in the built environment, as well as CannonDesign’s staff of more than 1,000. Healthcare Design’s readership includes architects, designers, administrators, facility managers, and constructors responsible for designing, building, and renovating healthcare buildings—an important sector served by CannonDesign. Research and Planning. Having established a solid relationship with the editorial leadership at Healthcare Design, CannonDesign’s communications team submitted a draft from the firm’s global healthcare practice leader, Michael Pukszta, and design principal, George Nikolajevich, for consideration. Content was developed by Pukszta—an expert in designing and planning for cancer care, with accompanying narrative by Nikolajevich, who has devoted his career to the design of buildings for learning and healing. After notice of acceptance, interviews between the publication’s editorial team, the communications team, and Pukszta and Nikolajevich took place. Second place in the 2013 Feature Writing Category was awarded to CannonDesign for its entry “Modern Art: Instituto Nacional de Cancer. ” Message. In 2007 on its 70th anniversary, INCA, the national cancer institute for Brazil, began planning for its new campus in Rio de Janeiro. INCA sought out CannonDesign to assist it in transforming its physical environment into a world-class oncology center. The project scope included removal of older buildings on three city blocks adjacent to the existing hospital and almost 1.5 million square feet of new construction, as well as renovation. The article addressed the scope of the design program, the architectural heritage of Brazil, the uniqueness of working in the country, and the importance of building relationships across cultures. It also offered design commentary with unique conceptual sketches from Nikolajevich. Results. In addition to reaching the publication’s subscribers, a reprint was purchased from the publication’s vendor and distributed to all 15 CannonDesign offices, profiled in the firm’s newsletter, and posted on the firm’s web site and blog. The reprints will be used in qualification packages and proposal responses, and as a direct-mail piece accompanied by a personalized note, for the next few years. “Complex Data Center Build on an Abbreviated Timeline” JE Dunn Construction, Kansas City, MO 3rd Place, Feature Writing Category Goals. One of JE Dunn Construction’s public relations goals for 2012 was to establish its Mission Critical Group as a leader in the data-center-building vertical market. Although the Mission Critical Group was ranked among the top 10 in the country, it had never published or presented on its thought leadership. The goal was to be published in the leading data-center publication, 7x24 Exchange International magazine, which is read by the group’s target audience. Marketer/December 2013
  3. 3. 38 marketing communications awards Target Audience. The primary audience was decision-makers for data-center developers and co-location data-center providers. Research and Planning. JE Dunn researched data-center publications, as well as the types of articles editors were looking to source from subject-matter experts. Through JE Dunn’s targeted editorial calendar and media relations plan, it identified 7x24 Exchange International as the leading publication to reach its target audience. Working with the company’s Mission Critical operations lead, the JE Dunn team created an article outline that would be a perfect fit for 7x24 Exchange International. Message. JE Dunn wanted to communicate that its Mission Critical Group is a construction industry leader with innovative building solutions for clients’ data-center needs. The team knew the best way to reach the audience was to tell a “real-life” story about solving the problems faced in building data centers. JE Dunn identified a completed project in which it had overcome these hurdles with success and wrote in detail about solving the problems. To differentiate themselves, the team didn’t write the piece in a case-study format but as an article, with even a little humor. This provided a level of distinction and established the author as not only a thought leader but part of a problemsolving team. Start preparing your entry now! The 2014 Marketing Communications Awards are right around the corner. Discounted Entry Deadline: March 3 Final Entry Deadline: March 17 Winning firms will be honored and their entries displayed during Build Business power:play, the SMPS Annual Conference, July 30–August 1 in San Antonio. Visit for details on competition categories, submittal requirements, and entry fees. Results. The JE Dunn team secured a two-page article with byline and credits in 7x24 Exchange International. As a direct result of the article, the publication asked the Mission Critical Group to lead a panel for the next 7x24 Exchange International conference—the premier event for JE Dunn’s target audience. At this event, several key meetings were arranged with attendees, and at least one resulted directly in new business. Additionally, JE Dunn was asked to continue to write for 7x24 Exchange International, securing future editorial. When it comes to business development, more and more firms are seeing the value of content development to reach target audiences. Has your firm supported content development as a public relations tool? Have you seen results from one of these initiatives? If so, consider entering your work in the 2014 Marketing Communications Awards. Learn more at Society for Marketing Professional Services JE Dunn Construction won third place in the 2013 Feature Writing Category with its article “Complex Data Center Build on an Abbreviated Timeline, published in 7x24 Exchange International. ”