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EAW Photo Contest


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EAW Photo Contest

  1. 1. “Sunrise”Sunrise on Haleakala Mountain: Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but Marcia Trein
  2. 2. “Scale.”Understanding our works impactby Emil Cuevas
  3. 3. “Waking the Second City”A city waking; layers of infrastructure reveal commuters by car, train and bicycle. Treesand shrubs stretch to the morning sun from cracks in the hard fabric of the Second Timothy Swanson
  4. 4. “Seasons”Enjoying the seasonal change ofcolor and temperature on afamily hike from the top of MadRiver Glen to the bottom.Experiencing the expanse of thenatural setting from long rangeviews east toward the WhiteMountains to the moss andnewly fallen multicolored leaves.Soon well ski where we arewalking in yet another Peter Hourihan
  5. 5. “All About Water Usage”Can you imagine this happens in your neighborhood? It is REAL Shanghai.It is also in Tianzifang. Several families are sharing the only one sink in the narrow publicarea. These faucets above this only one sink are controlled by respective meters.Space is limited! Water is precious!by Yihuai Hu
  6. 6. “Here’s Looking at You”When observing nature, sometimes others are observing us just as much as we are Natalie Petzoldt
  7. 7. “Strength, Energy, and Power are in the hands of the beholder.”by Joe Lombardo
  8. 8. “Hideout”The fern leaf has yet to completely uncurl - yet a spiderhas already made its home in it. The fern provides aplace where the spider can rest and hide frompredators, and the spider in its time may keep the fernclear of parasites. The whole story has yet tounfold, but it does not end there. Symbiosis - life inactionby Marcia Trein
  9. 9. "SOL"Natural Lightby Herson Lopez
  10. 10. “No Dryers”Traditional way to dry the clothes inShanghai. This picture was taken in Tianzifangwhich is not far away from the office.There are lots of trendy restaurants and barsin this block. But still, the local people thereare living with their own life Yihuai Hu
  11. 11. “Vancouver is a beautiful place!”These photos were taken from downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. It rained allweekend and ended with a beautiful rainbow. When the clouds cleared the first snow ofthe season was reviled!by Troy Ransdell
  12. 12. “The Survivor Tree”Persist despite impossiblecircumstances.(This tree survived 9-11 at Ground Zero.)by Trish Beagle
  13. 13. “The Strange Effects of Air and Water”I shot this while flying over Kansasby Carlos Amato
  14. 14. “Wind Rods in Heukewalde, Germany”Pastoral fields in Germany with Wind Rods represents "Life in Action"through the peace and tranquility. Looking at this photo, I also hear theconstant movement and whir of the rods as the blades turn round usingmother nature at her best to fulfill their energy needs. Very relaxing as lifepasses by in Natalie Petzoldt
  15. 15. “Global Warming is real - pleasedont cook the kids...”by Jill Bergman
  16. 16. “Who Left the Shower Running?”Conserve water and other resources. Use onlywhat you Patricia Beagle
  17. 17. “City of Dreams”Mumbai, where thousands come to live their dreams,can the city make each of them true?by Kaustav Gupta
  18. 18. “Daily Lunch & Reusable Containers”Life in Action: Every morning we pack up lunch bags. Both of my kids’ schools require packed lunchesto be trash free (100% in reusable containers). It has changed the way we think about food, buyfood, plan ahead, think and eat healthier, and of course, limit excess trash in our home and at Jill Bergman
  19. 19. “Looking for Venus”A little girl looking for friends to play ring-around-the-rosy, finds the statues of children at Town Hall. In an almostPygmalion attempt, she grabs onto their hands, hoping to unite the circle so they might Holly Charbonnier
  20. 20. “Muddy Waters”Protect what is still Patricia Beagle
  21. 21. “Oops…”Life in Action: because some daily life accidents are messy, some are pretty,and some are pretty messyby Jill Bergman
  22. 22. “Old Fort Niagara”Every window has a greatview, no matter how dark Joe Lombardo
  23. 23. “Balance.”Un-Natural/Natural: Restore the Balance(Lake Erie from Above)by Emil Cuevas
  24. 24. “Barriers”As time goes by, what was once built by man to divide land slowly wastes away, being taken overand reclaimed by nature. The fencepost leans precariously and the barbed wire no longer keepsanything in or out, but serves as a reminder about distant days. Memory - Life in Marcia Trein
  25. 25. “Bird in Flight”No matter how dreary of a day, we can all find strength to take flight!by Joe Lombardo
  26. 26. “Future – For Whom?”Mumbai - where life is all about action and future.The question is: Whom should we build for, theclass, or the mass?by Kaustav Gupta
  27. 27. “Behind the Curtain”Searching for solutions?Look from a different Patricia Beagle
  28. 28. “Sunset in Paradise”Because we can become rich in two ways - either by earning more, or needing Marcia Trein
  29. 29. “Cycling in a Sunny Afternoon in Shanghai”Cycling is probably the most sustainable way to explorethe city in Shanghai.More and more people are biking to the office whichmakes the Shanghai office a sustainable office in a Yihuai Hu
  30. 30. “Remote Life”Grinnell Lake, Glacier National Parkby Jason Meyering
  31. 31. "A Walk Through History - Portuguese Architecture"Because to be sustainable, we need to take care ofhistoric spaces and value Marcia Trein
  32. 32. “Snowy Cabin”I took this photo on a recent vacation to appreciate the low impact of our cabin on thesurrounding Celeste Pratt
  33. 33. “What Comes First?”Mumbai - a city dying for infrastructure, yet dreams of extreme urbanization.What comes first in our lives?by Kaustav Gupta
  34. 34. “One of the most environmentally friendly houses in China’s countryside”Sun-dried mud brick wall + straw roof will dissolve into nature without Jinqing Huang
  35. 35. “Feed the Future”My kids and their friend enjoying kettle corn at the Chicago Botanic Garden FallFestival. I looked at this image afterward and it reminded me how hungry forknowledge they are as well. We have the both the privilege and responsibilityof feeding them Stu Brodsky
  36. 36. “Milu Deer on Ice”Milu deer are threatened with extinction! The boy inred seemed care about it a lot.It was taken in an exhibition in MOCA Yihuai Hu
  37. 37. “Alternative Transportation”Morning commute on the Chicagolakefront bike Stu Brodsky
  38. 38. “How an Island Grows”The eternal battle of water vs land - land wins in this instance as the volcano spews lava into the Marcia Trein
  39. 39. “Nature - Life – Action”Monsoon weekend. Isnt this a life (and action) we long for?by Kaustav Gupta
  40. 40. “Shoes in Mud”What happened on earth? It is time to take action! by Yihuai Hu
  41. 41. “Some days…”Some days..... the wholeWorld seems upside downby Nick Cameron
  42. 42. “Portrait of a City 1”Streetcars create beautiful spaces evenwhen Jayashri Deshmukh
  43. 43. “Portrait of a City 2”A dialogue between built and Jayashiri Deshmukh
  44. 44. “Scenic Missouri Playground”One of my favorite ways to spend a day - ancient granite warmed by the sun, sandstonebluffs and my children’s laughter mingling with sounds of the creek. I wonder whatadventure is playing in their Teresa Hanselman
  45. 45. “Is this the future of transportation? Are we ready it? Are we committed?”by Edwin Hamlin
  46. 46. “Compost Lasagna”Making a "Compost Lasagna"by Nick Cameron
  47. 47. “Wooden Bridge”Every time I look at the old bridges hidden in the remote villages in Southern China, I marvel athow perfectly they are integrated into the Weiwei Kuang
  48. 48. “Water, in Action (1)”Water and life in Kaustav Gupta
  49. 49. “Water, in Action (2)”Water and life in Kaustav Gupta
  50. 50. “Power Line”Mingus Mill built in 1886, and now a partof the Great Smokey Mountain NationalPark. 200-foot-long wooden flumebrings water to a mill’s turbinegenerating 11 horsepower of Stu Brodsky
  51. 51. “Life Big and Small”It takes all of us, big and small, tomake the world a beautiful Natalie Petzoldt